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  1. More QB competition is a good thing to me. Let's make these guys work for the starting job!
  2. usfdude22

    So Who's Going to B-Ham?

    I stayed in Birmingham for a University of Alabama football game. Fun town!
  3. usfdude22

    Bulls v Charlotte Game Thread

    omg we're .500? HALLELUJAH
  4. usfdude22

    Signing Day

    RB Johnny Ford just signed
  5. usfdude22

    MBB vs Stetson

    Good win. I hope Scekic can be the guy who plays defense and rebounds. A few easy dunks but I would not expect him to score much.
  6. Where is Alexis Yetna!?!?!?!
  7. What's the word on Yetna? Will he be eligible to play on Friday?
  8. usfdude22

    2017 Tulane game

    Haha, SEC champs in 1939 man. Anyway...I really enjoyed Tulane. They have a really beautiful campus that is tucked in between some neighborhoods. The Tulane fans were very welcoming. Plus there were a lot of USF fans there which made the atmosphere great for me. Go Bulls!
  9. usfdude22

    NOLA BOUND!!!!

    Thanks! I never got the email. Leaving Pensacola shortly...see everyone there!
  10. usfdude22

    NOLA BOUND!!!!

    Any idea where the will call for tickets purchased through USF will be?
  11. usfdude22

    Tulane Tailgating

    Yeah, I'm arriving by myself so It would be nice to find a bulls tailgate somewhere...
  12. usfdude22

    NOLA BOUND!!!!

  13. a 40k stadium that is packed could be a raucous environment for opposing teams.
  14. usfdude22

    NOLA BOUND!!!!

    Driving in on Saturday! See you there.