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  1. I hope he takes over as OC soon. And frankly I think he’s Strong’s successor. He’s committed to this program.
  2. How the hell did everyone miss this? First down offsides declines, TD call overturned. So it’s first down from the half yard line because the offsides.... Embarrassing coaching for not making sure we didn’t lose a down. Embarrassing and officiating crew should be fired.
  3. He will land on their PS if no one signs him to their 53. Got 4 games where he received some snaps under his belt at least.
  4. Agree with you on the season. But... this is silly. My guess is is that the difference between being ranked and unranked is probably upwards of 100k in free advertising per week. We should always want to be ranked.
  5. Punting was awful aside from the first one. Pleasantly surprised by the 41 yarder. Definitely not an asset like in year’s past.
  6. King is more than ready and I really wish we’d make the switch. To me, King is the kind of guy who feel should possibly be our next head coach when Strong decides to hang it up
  7. His stock is going to go up and up as film gets examined.
  8. Senat and Nichols at least should be invited too. They’ve been pretty unanimously our top two draft prospects. Very happy for Q, because if he didn’t get this opportunity I think it would hurt his shot at being drafted.
  9. He should be a punt returner and halfback who can make a trick pass or run the wildcat a few times a game. A smart offensive coach will make him a weapon. Saints (mentioned earlier) would’ve been perfect if not for finding Kamara. Still bet Payton would enjoy his skill set. Need an offensive genius like that and Q will shine.
  10. Illinois or Temple if you mean best we played. Only “good games” as far as excitement were losses
  11. Let’s face it- as a non P5 school, back to back top 25, double digit win seasons is not easy. Winning the bowl game would put a cherry on a solid (albeit disappointing) year
  12. Probably not best time to start a new thread about a hypothetical if this is what it is. But yes, would suck terribly.
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