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  1. US Rowing Youth Nationals are often held at Benderson Park.
  2. IotaBull

    USF Love in Virginia Beach

    I live in VA and see USF stickers on cars and people wearing the gear more frequently. Unfortunately I run into the Mickey Mouse school fans too (not as often though).
  3. Rowing is a great sport that is growing, glad to see USF get into it.
  4. IotaBull

    Member Map

    I am right there with you, I have been coming to the board for close to 10 years, just signed up last year!
  5. IotaBull

    American Cup II Final Standings

    A million seems a bit high, you would think to start they could share a boat house with the club team (fairly common). An 8 person shell will run about 40K, you would need at least two plus a four and a trailer, for a starter college team. Since only women's rowing is a varsity sport it is a nice title IX offset.
  6. IotaBull

    American Cup II Final Standings

    I am personally glad to hear they are going to add Rowing, it is a great sport and Florida has fantastic facilities. My daughter is on a college rowing team and it has been a great experience for her (including the winter training trip they took to Tampa).
  7. IotaBull

    6500, Welcome new members

    For the record, I lived on Iota3 I was Iota 3, Fall 89 to Spring 91.