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  1. By that time, they'll probably also have to explain what the Tampa Bay Rays were.
  2. Big deal. I just took the stairs for the first time in 10 years.
  3. This OC hiring process needs some fiber. It's all stopped up.
  4. Ah, the ol’ draw for 10 yards on 3rd and 15. Gilbert has taught his apprentice well.
  5. With that FG, CCS receives lifetime membership in the turtle club.
  6. My poor wife naively spent $170 on 50 yard line tickets for this trash as an early Christmas gift.
  7. I guess you could probably dip a bull into molten bronze.
  8. We need to recruit players that want to be Bulls! *Early Signing Day, Full Class* These players aren't good enough! We should work to flip better players away from other schools!
  9. The TP in the athletics building will be changed to 2-ply.
  10. This will be as effective as a sternly worded letter from the U.N.
  11. An early Christmas present for all you masochists out there...
  12. Wow. Mattox is massively over-paid and Shaun King massively under-paid. For being such fans of the HB dive, we sure don't pay our RB coach ****.
  13. Fennelly can't find a better profile picture than a DUI mugshot?
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