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  1. 5 players from UCF got drafted lol. Thought Sails would be a day 3.
  2. Thanks man, it’s been a tough year. Hopefully your sister is doing better now! Must be tough for her kid to be away from her for that amount of time.
  3. If you gonna go out in public, just follow the rules instead of being a Karen. Even my 3 year old kid doesn’t mind wearing a mask. A piece of cloth over your face shouldn’t bother you much to complain about a policy the stadium has. You’re just making the jobs of the security staff harder. This virus is ******* with our lives as we know it. Can’t wait til it’s over. Already lost a close friend to the virus. Hopefully 2021 is a better year for all of us.
  4. Wait were they talking about an interception? He didn’t even catch it. Maybe I’m blind?
  5. Nice. We need Joiner to keep averaging 11 ypc for the whole season.
  6. **** that is funny even though I knew what to expect before watching the video.
  7. I was excited for Noah Johnson. He’s a better runner than McCloud.
  8. Everything is so political nowadays. It’s an ongoing issue at work that I have to hear about every single day between coworkers bickering to each other from the presidential election, BLM movement, China-Hong Kong situation, etc.. after a long week I just want to sit down and watch my bulls for a few hours without hearing another political issue.
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