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  1. Nice. We need Joiner to keep averaging 11 ypc for the whole season.
  2. **** that is funny even though I knew what to expect before watching the video.
  3. I was excited for Noah Johnson. He’s a better runner than McCloud.
  4. Everything is so political nowadays. It’s an ongoing issue at work that I have to hear about every single day between coworkers bickering to each other from the presidential election, BLM movement, China-Hong Kong situation, etc.. after a long week I just want to sit down and watch my bulls for a few hours without hearing another political issue.
  5. Sadly more teams will probably deal with this as the season progress.
  6. That would be a huge get if true. Seems like CJS likes tall wide receivers.
  7. Sorry, I was thinking of another player, Dvario Montgomery.
  8. If KJ doesn’t make it pro, we should give him a job on our staff. Seems like he’s one of our best recruiter.
  9. He did pretty good this season. I think he has a shot to have a nice career in the NFL.
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