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  1. Bullgang

    Position change for ...

    6'4 DB? I remember doing this in NCAA games.
  2. Nichols ran a 4.3? Mighty impressive
  3. Bullgang

    McCants Thread for next year

    thats exactly what i was thinking. he knew it might be his final college game
  4. Hes by far our best receiver. Good hands, blocks, run people over.. Hoping for a huge season by him and Saloman next year
  5. Bullgang

    Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    anyone know which coaches Frost took with him?
  6. I don't understand why these young men make dumb decisions like this. You have an opportunity to make something out of yourself and now its gone.
  7. Bullgang

    Blocked Kicks Allowed

    I've never seen a team as bad as this team at protecting kicks/punts
  8. The higher they are ranked the better when we beat them.. If we do..
  9. We'll stay at 16 if not drop maybe 1 spot. Our 2nd team defense effing sucks. This started once the sub came in. Strong is too effing conservative and have no killer instinct at all. He's not a young hungry coach like Taggart or Frost.
  10. Fans on Colts reddit are upset with Mack not getting enough carries. 2 carries is insane especially after he carried the team to victory last week.
  11. Bullgang

    Sanchez' Interception

    I called an interception before the play happen. Was ecstatic to be a pick 6!
  12. Bullgang

    What are Your Bye Week Saturday Plans?

    Probably watch a UCF game and root against them.
  13. I hope Q makes it to the NFL and make a good living so he can help out his family and give his daughter a good future. Seems like he really really wants to take his family out of the area he grew up in. He is such a humble, kind, and hardworking person, so I know he'll do great at whatever he wants to do in life. I hope nothing but the best for him. He help turn around our football program and so I will always be rooting for him in life and whatever team he makes it to at the next level. I have to give our coaches credit for keeping our star players out of trouble (Mack, Flowers, Adams, Nichols).
  14. Bullgang


    Not too worried about our RB rotation next year.