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  1. bullfan04

    Gasparilla Bowl

    No, that’s probably it. Thanks!!
  2. bullfan04

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Does anyone know what level ticket USF is giving to those who renew their season tickets before Dec. 15? I renewed today, but it didn’t say anything about the tickets.
  3. I’ve come to expect USF athletics to be poor to mediocre. We’ve always been an underachieving athletics program imo. It’s not apathy as much as it is the reality. I’ll still buy season tickets and root for the teams because I’m a die hard and deep down I want to believe were going to be as good as any good P5 program. I think if anything, I’m most bothered how the knats have invested in their athletics programs and passed us by. It feels like that for the moment anyway, but I don’t know if that is the actual reality. They seem to have the facilities and the wins currently.
  4. It doesn’t feel like it will ever happen
  5. NCBull where’d you get that crystal ball? I need to get one of those.
  6. Holy crap!! This is way too stressful. I hope next weekend we can win with some comfort. I need a break.
  7. Mike, thanks for being an advocate for USF. It’s so great you went right to the source. Hopefully, one day in our lifetime we’ll see USF get the same treatment UF and FSU get locally. Great job.