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  1. NCBull where’d you get that crystal ball? I need to get one of those.
  2. Holy crap!! This is way too stressful. I hope next weekend we can win with some comfort. I need a break.
  3. Mike, thanks for being an advocate for USF. It’s so great you went right to the source. Hopefully, one day in our lifetime we’ll see USF get the same treatment UF and FSU get locally. Great job.
  4. 1.USF 2. 31-24 3. Cronk 4. St. Felix 5. 421
  5. 1. Bulls 2. 31-17 3. Cronkrite 4. St. Felix 5. 470
  6. bullfan04

    How do you assess this?

    I’m thankful we’re 3-0 with 2/3 wins against P5’s . We’ve won a though game at home and one on the road. Until we get to Houston we won’t play better competition than we just have. Bulls offensive needs to stay focused and cut out the turnovers. The defense needs to keep improving especially stopping the explosive run plays. Outside of injuries we should be able to keep winning up to th Houston game. I really feel good in game adjustments seem to be happening from the coaching staff, which I don’t remember happening here for a long time. I’m excited to see what happens and no matter what this team plays some entertaining games.
  7. 1) USF 2) 42-31 3) Cronkrite 4) Mcants 5) 468
  8. Man, awful start for Temple. Yikes.
  9. Unreal!! I can’t believe we pulled that out. I’m proud of our bulls. Great day in the Bay.
  10. bullfan04

    You did get +40

    Thanks for being a classy fan and good luck the rest of the way. I wish you guys a great season.
  11. Yes, of course. I was mixing up with Tyrone McKenzie for some reason, but Terrell is what I meant. Thanks for the catch. We have so many NFL’ ers I get them mixed.
  12. Don’t forget get about #99Tyrone “Dancing Bear” McClain. He started for the Falcons. I believe he recorded a tackle last night. It was cool seeing him on the player intro’s representing South Florida.
  13. I want this to be the case so bad. I hope CCS brings the hornet spray.