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  1. I seriously wonder if we’ll ever see a good team again and sustain a good program for any decent amount of time.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/ucf-knights/knights-notepad/os-sp-ucf-josh-heupel-new-coach-20171205-story,amp.html
  3. Congrats UCF. We can only dream to have season like theirs. Well earned. I’m bummed out now.
  4. bullfan04

    Tampa Bay Times...Page 6?

    I respectfully disagree, however our fan base is much smaller that the big three. Either way USF is in Tampa Bay and is huge part of the community. The local media should embrace this school like they do up north. People will get on board with more support.
  5. bullfan04

    Bulls Will be Ranked Again!

    This is Texas Tech’s AD and the chairman of the CFP. He’s has been vocal about pointing out how G5 teams win’s are not equal to P5’s wins when comparing win-loss records. He’s the reason why USF and c can’t even be ranked fairly or particate in the CFP. Hopefully he’s eating some crow today.
  6. bullfan04

    Predicting the starters next year

    Agreed! I think Cronkrite will be the hammer next year and will be the starter. I’m excited to see him and think he’ll be an upgrade, particularly in short yardage situations.
  7. bullfan04

    Tampa Bay Times...Page 6?

    Agreed, but the local media continues to refuse to embrace our fantastic university. They refuse to see anything the old and tired big 3 narrative. Change is hard, especially when it involves making money. This town needs an enema.
  8. bullfan04

    Bulls Will be Ranked Again!

    10-2 Bulls team with the 10th coming over a Kirby Hocutt’s team we better be ranked.
  9. bullfan04

    Proud of this Class

    I’m so grateful for this senior class they gave us everything they had. USF should build a giant bronze statue of Q on campus, perhaps at the new football facility if/when it gets built. Every football player to aspire to have the heart that guy does.
  10. Unreal!! Q is the real masterkilla!!! These guys are too great. Thanks seniors for the memories. I feel guilty for not going now. Go Bulls!! I gotta catch my breath now.
  11. Come on offense!! We can’t let this sorry ass TT defense shut us down. Let’s go Bulls!!
  12. This is pathetic so far. Wake up fellas!
  13. bullfan04

    USF Mens Hoops wins two games in a row!

    I’m shocked we’re at .500 right now. This is great job by CBG and the players. I’d love to see us get some conference wins and maybe upset the tinmen.
  14. I feel bad for these incredible seniors. This was a frustrating season. I would’ve actually preferred St. Pete so at least people could go see these guys off. I was in Birmingham last year and it wasn’t the best. It’s kinda of a pain to get too. Legion Feild is a dump!! That place should be condemned.
  15. bullfan04

    Do we really not know our bowl?

    We play Texas Tech back in Birmingham. I’m bummed out, but mostly because I’m not a fan of Birmingham.