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Whether it's fantasy football, baseball, basketball or cricket, you have a place to wheel and deal, brag or cry. Sports related fantasy only.
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  2. I’m grabbing a couple drinks with Prolific tomorrow after work. If Outlaw responds he wants it before hand it’s his, otherwise his keepers will be set before the new deadline of Wednesday.
  3. I don't have a strong feeling either way, but I will say that an injured slot could have a larger impact in a dynasty/keeper league because you can now stash a guy away for a whole season who may have been drafted low due to injury. I kind of tried to do this last season with Deshaun Watson (decided not to keep him anyways this year), but at least I had to waste an active roster spot to do it all year.
  4. @Outlaw will be in if Prolific is out. Because of late adds, I extended keepers deadline to Wednesday. Let's try to get Prolific/Outlaw figured out. It is based on last years finish: Dolphin Mania Bulls09 Bull Chips Prolific Chico's Bail Bonds Bucco Bruce Laces Out Dan! Bullievers Fat Sun Dolls Tamap Thunder Chapel Bulls Forward Propulsion
  5. Do we have the draft order set yet? Is it based on last years standing?
  6. “Prolific” told me he tried to login and set his keepers but couldn’t find the league so he assumes he was kicked out. He’s born and raised out here in Vegas so I’m not gonna say he’s the brightest bulb. Anyway @Outlaw; you appear to be next on the list. If you want his team it’s yours if not then I will find an afternoon to grab happy hour with Prolific and get him squared away. But, tbh I only invited him last year since there wasn’t anyone here that wanted to join the league at the time.
  7. For Payment, please utilize this link for the $20 entry fee: Pay TheBullsPen.com using PayPal.Me Go to paypal.me/TheBullsPen and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries. Please get this in before draft...thank you.
  8. Since we added @00Bull a little late in the process, I am extending the Keeper deadline to the 17th. Draft Day remains the same.
  9. I thought I asked this already too, but apparently not. I would like to add a Injured slot that teams can move a guy to and seek out a FA or trade. I've played in leagues with the injured roster spot it gives a little more flexibility needed in a 12 team league. If you disagree with roster change, please say so! Thanks!
  10. If any of you psychos want to try your hand at college fantasy there's a small (so far only 4 teams) league on fantrax that is American Conference only. I'm just a member not the commish but here is the link, it's a 25$ buy in. Fantrax Fantrax, The Home of Fantasy Sports
  11. Brad, you saw CHICO's message on the league site? "Since I am unable to reply via The Bullspen, I will be back to defend my 8th place finish from a year ago! Brad, I have locked in my keepers."
  12. As your commissioner, it is incumbent upon me to keep the game current with the times, but also improve its fairness and financial well being along with its fan base. In the past, the league has allowed a #1 to be kept as a #1, but then there is no room for the #2 to be kept. Technically, then the #1 doesn't cost a "one round up" selection. So beginning in the 2022 drafts, first round draft picks from last year, cannot be kept as a first round this year. First rounders every year would not be keepable. I think this makes sense and followers more directly the cost of "one round up" for keepers. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you. Commissioner Brad
  13. Thanks for the invite. Deferring to Monktified for first selection. FWIW, long time fantasy footballer, pretty good track record (minus ******** the bed last season), and never have abandoned a team. Looking forward to some new competition.
  14. Teams Available Our League Page: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/182886?pspid=782200945&activity=league Team 1: Current Team Name: Chapel Bulls (finished 2nd last season). Has one pick in each round of the 2022 draft (traded no picks last season). Will select 11th in 2022 draft. Current Roster Pos Player QB Patrick Mahomes  Final L 31-34 @ Cin WR Stefon Diggs  Final W 29-15 vs Atl WR Cooper Kupp Final W 20-19 @ Bal WR Tyler Boyd Final W 34-31 vs KC RB Cordarrelle Patterson Final L 15-29 @ Buf RB Chase Edmonds Final L 3-34 @ Ten TE Mike Gesicki Final L 3-34 @ Ten W/R/T Jordan Howard Final W 20-16 @ Was K Harrison Butker Final L 31-34 @ Cin DEF San Francisco - DEF Final W 23-7 vs Hou BN Boston Scott Final W 20-16 @ Was BN Mark Ingram II Final W 18-10 vs Car BN Duke Johnson Final W 29-15 vs Atl BN Dare Ogunbowale Final L 7-23 @ SF BN Jaret Patterson Final L 16-20 vs Phi BN Kansas City - DEF Final L 31-34 @ Cin Team 2: Current Team Name: Chico's Bail Bonds (finished 8th last season). Has 2 first rounders, 2 third rounders, no 15th or 16th round picks, all other rounds - one pick. Will select 5th in 2022 draft Current Roster Pos Player QB (Empty) WR Brandon Aiyuk  Final W 23-7 vs Hou WR (Empty) WR (Empty) RB (Empty) RB (Empty) TE (Empty) W/R/T (Empty) K (Empty) DEF Tennessee - DEF Final W 34-3 vs Mia BN Rob Gronkowski Final W 28-24 @ NYJ BN Mark Andrews Final L 19-20 vs LAR BN Devonta Freeman Final L 19-20 vs LAR BN Najee Harris Final W 26-14 vs Cle BN Marquez Valdes-Scantling Final L 31-34 @ Cin BN Mike Williams  Final W 34-13 vs Den BN Lamar Jackson Final L 19-20 vs LAR BN Keenan Allen Final W 34-13 vs Den BN Trey Lance Final W 23-7 vs Hou BN Derrick Henry  Final W 34-3 vs Mia BN Mac Jones Final W 50-10 vs Jax BN Alexander Mattison Final L 10-37 @ GB BN Chris Godwin  Final W 28-24 @ NYJ BN DeAndre Hopkins  Final W 25-22 @ Dal If you can access this, this is last season's draft. It will help you determine what round players on your roster will cost you in the 2022 draft. If you cannot access, I will add it in. Draft Results | Fantasy Football | Yahoo! Sports Reminder: New Owners come in on first come first serve meaning @monktified reviews and selects the team he wants to take over. @00Bull has second choice. IF after reviewing league and team info, either decides against joining the league, we'll go to @Outlaw, then @Friscobull. Please ask any questions you have here or PM me. I'd like to help you where I can and now is the time. I'd like to get uss ettled in on keepers, etc. before mid August.
  15. Couldn’t figure out how to respond to the email from Yahoo earlier but I’m in and already set my keepers a couple weeks ago when yahoo sent some random email. I’ll check with Fernando aka Prolific at work tomorrow.
  16. Team Yahoo MGR TBP User Playing Again Y/N/Paid? PAID? Bullievers Brad @Brad Y Y Bucco Bruce Dale @BullsWinBucsWin Y Y BULLS09 JJ @206BULL Y Y Prolific TBD Drew N/A @Outlaw No contact/N Y Y Chapel Bulls Crown Me Champion Chuck Ryan @chapelbull @00Bull No contact/N Y Y Chico's Bail Bonds Bryan N/A Y Y Fat Sun Dolls MichaelJ @mj796 Y Dolphin Mania Jacob @jjlovecub Y Y Forward Propulsion @BucsandBulls Y Y Bull Chips bill @Wooden Bull Y Y Laces Out Dan! Jim @ForestBull Y Y Murphy Thunder BigMatt @cophbulls Y
  17. Hey I have sent the second league email and am sending a board message. Please confirm if in for 2022! Thank you. Brad Looks like @ForestBull is a solid Yes! Good to hear!

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