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Whether it's fantasy football, baseball, basketball or cricket, you have a place to wheel and deal, brag or cry. Sports related fantasy only.

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  2. Well my team just went up in flames.....Thanks for being ****** person Kareem
  3. BrassBulls12

    College fantasy football

    I'm really not a fan of this league. Roster are way to big. We definitely need to start a TBP one for next season.
  4. BrassBulls12

    TBP AAC Games Pick em

    AAC games are much harder to pick for me.
  5. TampaThunder, aka @cophbulls, rumbles into a tie for the lead:
  6. @Gobulls90 takes over the top spot.
  7. @&rew Bull takes over first! @BrassBulls12 continues his ascent.
  8. Non-monetary betting at the TBP Betting Shop So far, for this week you can bet on the Bulls/Illinois game, the Over/Under and on Barnett's passing day. There is also the Bucs/Eagles game. Lastly, if you want a particular game posted so you can bet (with your member points) there is a "Request bet" button to ask it be put up. Please give it a try...
  9. Week One ends with @chrisdashley holding the lead!
  10. @Gobulls90 takes over the lead after Week Two
  11. After Week Two: @WoolyBully keeps narrow hold on 1st
  12. Either be online in the draft or have your autodraft list correct. Good luck! Brad
  13. chapelbull

    Money League?

    Ah, now the $21 invoice makes sense. If we did it through Paypal Friends and Family, there wouldn't be a credit card fee.
  14. Out draft order is set for Wednesday: 1. JetSweepBubb... 2. BULLS09 3. Fighting Bulls 4. Colt Forte Five 5. Chico's Bail... 6. Bullievers 7. Dolphin Mania 8. Forward Prop... 9. Bucco Bruce 10. Tampa Thunder 11. Chapel Bulls 12. BullsOnParade
  15. The Betting Shop This sort of falls under Fantasy Games since it is a betting opportunity using your member points. The bets can range from picking the winner, the Over or Under and some "prop" style bets on individual action with the game. For the upcoming weekend, we currently have: I invite you to visit and have some fun!
  16. 206BULL

    Money League?

    Sent mine last night. See yall next week for the draft.
  17. BullsWinBucsWin

    Money League?

    My payment should be in as well
  18. I think I paid for the NCAA pickem, Could you confirm?
  19. BrassBulls12

    Money League?

    payment sent.
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