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Whether it's fantasy football, baseball, basketball or cricket, you have a place to wheel and deal, brag or cry. Sports related fantasy only.
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  2. It’s loaded in there already. It’s reverse order of last years standings
  3. Sunday is infinitely better than Saturday haha! I just emailed you the keepers as well as his yahoo account info for BullsOnParade. He gave me cash yesterday so I just paid for him via PayPal as well.
  4. I was thinking about Saturday, but was just reminded we are golfing for my son's birthday. How about a Sunday draft? Thanks, Brad
  5. I’m cool with next Saturday, later in the day the better. Also, will have the info for you for BullsOnParades roster and new account tomorrow; He should pay tomorrow as well. I emailed you his keepers.
  6. Thinking about a draft next Saturday in the Noon-2 eastern slot.
  7. Need @mj796 and @chapelbull keepers....give them to me here or in the IM. Once I get them, I will update and everyone will see all keepers.
  8. The exception is that 1st round picks can be kept for a 1st rounder, right? May I suggest a fairly drastic change that 1st rounders CANNOT be kept. This would also create a de facto time limit on how many seasons in a row a player can be kept as their draft round moves up 1 round each year. Perhaps implement to start next year (if others like the suggestion) to allow owners to better plan their keepers/draft picks this season. Also if two players share the same round does the second player use the round before or after? Finally, do we have some potential draft dates available?
  9. It’s one less than drafted still. Only non drafted players can be kept as a 16th.
  10. What happens if another team drafts a player and then drops him and another team picks them up via FA? Does that cost a 16th? Or one round less than the the player was originally drafted For example team A picks player A in the 10th round and then at some point drops them. Team B picks up player A from the FA wire. Does that cost a 16th pick or a 9th pick?
  11. I'm in, Keepers are set. Will send payment shortly if they can't be taken out of my 2020 2nd place winnings.
  12. All, I'm back and good to go. Brad, I will figure out the paypal thing and forward funding. bc
  13. https://paypal.me/TheBullsPen?locale.x=en_US I've sent invoices in the past, this time just use that generic link for $21 and I'll match it up. If their is a [place for you to identify your team or name that helps.
  14. Team Manager Yahoo Name TBP Handle @ Playing Again Y/N? Keepers SET? Bullievers Brad @Brad Paid Yes Bucco Bruce Dale @BullsWinBucsWin Paid Yes BULLS09 JJ @206BULL Paid YES BullsOnParade adam @BrassBulls12 Needs Owner Needs Owner Chapel Bulls Chuck @chapelbull Y Chico's Bail Bonds Bryan @brybull1970 Y NO MJ's Superheroes Michael @mj796 Y NO Dolphin Mania Jacob @jjlovecub Paid yes Forward Propulsion SC @BucsandBulls Paid YES Bull Chips Bill @Wooden Bull Paid Yes Laces Out Dan! Jim @ForestBull Paid Yes Spokane Thunder BigMatt @cophbulls Paid Yes
  15. Here are the draft results from last year. Remember, you can keep up to five players. Each will cost you the draft round above the round they were picked last season. Draft Results | Fantasy Football | Yahoo! Sports Final State for Last Season | Fantasy Football | Yahoo! Sports
  16. Please send me the PayPal link whenever you get a chance. I was able to select my keepers on yahoo as well.
  17. Hey guys, I am trying to get the rosters downloaded, not able to access Yahoo right now. I will get those downloaded and send out or posted here. We'll also need payment of $21 per. And I owe the runner up his share from last year. Coming soon, hopefully!
  18. Got the email that the league was reactivated for 2021 over night. I look forward to beating you all for the third year in a row.
  19. Today's updates: 1) First place was paid out 2) Second place needs to be paid out I'll begin Commissioner activities this weekend and get our season ready to roll. First will be communication to all owners. Then, I'll put together eligible keepers and distribute. Thanks for the inquiry. I look forward to it.
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