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  1. I think this pod has some TDS figures or former figures. If so, I'll pass
  2. I've heard the 'hope' is he will be immediately eligible
  3. What it sounds like. Felix is going to be the big RB transfer
  4. I have heard Darrian Felix from Oregon is confirmed transferring to USF. He was an original Taggart commit. Same source who was right about Auggie, and mentioned Leavitt was in the running, and had a chance. Haven't steered wrong yet. Side note: Dude is freaking quick
  5. That's awesome and good to know. Hopefully we can give him the opportunity to make y'all proud like Scott down here. Interested to see what CJS can do with a short recruiting cycle here now as well. We need some help and depth
  6. For sure - That was, and he is very impressive. Pumped for him to come in and get this turned around. Also - we'll gladly borrow Chase Brice if you don't mind... I don't think you really need him .... Best of luck in the Playoff!
  7. Outside of their crew, folks have been letting the TDS people have it. It's been pretty nice to see. It's certainly warranted. 'My way or the highway' trash they always put out. Hopefully it starts to turn how some people see them more and more. They're a joke. And because I know some who believe in them/love them are on here, feel free to pass over this. I don't feel the need to argue with lunacy and narrow minded folks. Anyway - Excited for our future! Wasn't my first choice but certainly would've been 2 or 3. Looking forward to seeing how this goes, and hopefully he's down here for the next week to recruit and not worry about Clemson.
  8. Not only that, but I actually confirmed a piece myself. With someone through Leavitt. There are some holes, but I know for a fact some things I heard were true. 100%. Again, you can look through my posts. I never claimed it was going to happen, just hoped. But I know some stuff for sure.
  9. I'll refute that. Heard some real good inside info and details I had never posted. It could've happened, but went Scott. No big deal. I know some of the stuff I heard was rock solid.
  10. He mentioned it was for the USF job. That's what they're targeting. All in for it apparently
  11. Hearing things... From the same coach @TakeItOrLeavitt reported (I would think). It's legit and in play. A lot of people advocating for Jim, including this former player who would potentially join his staff. I haven't chatted with @TakeItOrLeavitt to see if it's the same guy... But it's lining up... This I can personally confirm from the guy who he's spoken with. Obviously not confirming it's all gonna happen.
  12. I know, hence why I know he's spoken to him more recently than that. There's something there and some players are behind it. It's really up to Board approval I think. No idea what's going to happen. Just hope he gets hired.
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