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  1. 1) SC State2) 27-243) Cronkrite4) Johnny Ford5) 324 We lose and Charlie doesn't get fired somehow tomorrow.. Bonus points lol
  2. Parking in Area 2/W02/Health Center Lot. Have a couple groups buying parking passes there to set up. We should all go there
  3. He was a linebacker who could truly do it all. He could play in, out and all over. Dude was awesome. Then we had all our other enforcers who have't been mentioned... Gets me excited just thinking about how nasty those guys played. Pleasure to watch!
  4. It was a beautiful thing to not worry about defensive depth and specifically linebacker depth back in the day. We were freaking spoiled. Fun defenses to watch.....
  5. Great question! and I agree - Should be back with them. Just interesting news with all their injuries he'll be getting back
  6. Actually may be interested. Know a couple who may want to come up with us last second. I'll keep you updated!
  7. Wisconsin has reinstated a controversial WR ahead of game week https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/wisconsin-reinstates-quintez-cephus-after-sexual-assault-accusation-acquittal/
  8. Yes - Call the USF Ticket folks or Bulls Club and they'll be able to help get you set up. Do it ASAP though before they return any allotment we have
  9. They host Auburn and UF in their first two regular season games as well I believe. Will be a big statement opportunity!
  10. I'll be there with a ton of others I'd rather not try and count
  11. Very true... I may just roll with the Health Center Lot and Tailgate there if the walk is too long but we'll see. Really was hoping to tailgate somewhere on one of the lawns and get the GT experience !
  12. Yes- If we walk to the lawn we get to set up there. I know someone who used to tailgate in the IC Lawn where I previously mentioned and he said it was a blast. The ALumni Tailgate is on the 'Tech Green' Lawn. I think as of the available lots currently - We got Tech Parkway for the 'Tech Green' or Tech Parkway/Health Center for IC Lawn
  13. So no response on the phone. It seems the Lots are listed but not up for sale currently. I think we have a few options... Wait it out and see if they release W02, or go with WO1/Tech Parkway or W01/Student Health Center. Here's another link to a ParkMobile Page: https://gatech.clickandpark.com/ With W01/TechParkway we park right on the main road and walk to the Lawn... if we get there early enough we may be closer to the 'Tech Green' Lawn by the student Center. With W01/Student Health we'll be in a lot right across the street from Area 2 and will walk across the street to find the 'IC Lawn' What do you guys think?
  14. Standby - I'll have this shortly. Getting in touch with someone! Looks like they updated their map
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