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  1. MSBulls


    Tulsa's was horribly rated as well..
  2. MSBulls


    Can't help but think we'll do all we can to play down and make it interesting. UCONN may do more with their Bye Week than we did with ours
  3. The American should be embarrassed by this. I can't believe how bad this is
  4. MSBulls


    Agreed. Students and Home sideline is solid. Away side needs some work but encouraging progress
  5. I HATE blaming the refs but WTF IS THIS. The dude almost threw it back to North Carolina and they're upholding a PI
  6. Or at least the only ones who would make a ton of hall of fame comparisons for the QB
  7. I have no idea.... announcers are probably better
  8. Strange they didn't put Grothe's face on the football to the left. He 'owns' that school, right?
  9. 'Wait, I don't run this thing all the time?' He's that guy on NCAA/Madden who picks his receiver before the play