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  1. Took me a while to finish mine. Got very detailed. Best of luck to the poor intern that gets to read all these poor reviews of what's happened to our University over the years. Hopefully they see what our issues are by now. I focused on Campus Culture and Athletics.
  2. Just FYI - Everyone plan to battle the elements. Bring all the tents you can get and any tent side covers possible. Adjusting our plan as needed... going a little simpler with the food this week burgers and brats, hot dogs for ease of everything when battling the weather
  3. If we can have this thing ready for 2025 and commit to that, that's a massive victory for USF and this program. I think most were thinking 10-15 years from now maybe. 5 years gets us on a good track to line up for the next rounds of realignment as well. Would be so cool to get to line the streets with tailgating on campus like a traditional school. Also in regards to the berm - This is Wake Forests. We sat out here for their game the day after we played NC State a couple weeks ago. Such a cool space. Had loads of seating and they actually have sold out of this seating location as all season tickets families bought out. Only tickets available are resales on the secondary market. Popular spot for people out there. Kids all run up to the front yelling and screaming at the players too. Mini student section. Wake's stadium wasn't my favorite outside of this berm seating. The rest of the stadium was a little small and strange. I didn't like how the seating didn't connect in the endzone opposite of this. Need to fill it as a full bowl and have the berm in one endszone. If they would have just continued that stadium seating all the way around that other side this would've been a great place all around
  4. We all want us to move up and stop falling into obscurity bud. But with the current situation we've forced on ourselves this is reality. We need the best realignment for the AAC right now as possible. We can't have this conference fall below the Fun Belt or MWC. Reload this conference to the best possible, start a new ******* culture, start winning some **** football games, and we'll be back in a real league. For now. Hope we get the best programs/options possible. Sucks, but welcome to the current reality. Hopefully the school gets it together and no more empty words.
  5. East Division: USF, ECU, Temple, Memphis, Tulane, UAB, App St/someone else since they keep not being discussed West Division: Boise, CSU, AF, SDSU, SMU, Tulsa, Navy I'm all about this one
  6. That's worth it. I'd pay Boise's fee if I was AAC too. I think AAC would pay part of a few teams exit fees. If the three in our conference leave in 2023, then that's $30 mill the conference gets from them. Use some of that to attract the others. Would make sense
  7. They're one of those no brainers. Would be a solid add for the conference.
  8. Agreed. I'm more concerned and rooting against Mem/SMU for future expansion purposes. Wish Ark St. would have pulled that off last week
  9. That's what I'm saying. We could easily still be worth that, because ESPN has no deals for any of those bigger G5's on the West Coast. To them, if they want to add them to their networks and expand their coverage, it'd almost surefire be worth at least equal. That's if they really want them though to expand the reach. That's the only way those MWC teams agree to come this way. Money and the better exposure our deal with ESPN could give them. All going to come down to if ESPN really wants control of those MWC teams, and how badly. Seemingly they have a good relationship with Aresco since he's a media guy as well
  10. We won't be *too* far behind. I believe that as well. Too big of a market, and there's proof of what we can be on a bigger level. We just need to get it together. Hopefully that's happening now. Get an OCS in the next 5 years and it'll be sooner than we think. They quiet down quickly after that and give a little whatever shrug.
  11. That would be the key. If the AAC can keep their value, or even improve it with Coast to Coast impact... We're double what the MWC's deal is worth right now. It'll really just come down to TV and ESPN again. I think this one is actually possible because the MWC has CBS/CBSS. Pretty awful network and CBSS is dreadful. ESPN may have a big interest in pulling in some of those markets that they don't currently have beefing up the deal a bit? I have a hard time believing ESPN doesn't have interest in some of the bigger G5's out west and taking them in as well
  12. UCF, Cincy, SMU, Houston and USF winners Unfortunately Louisville's program has collapsed recently (They're just very good. Not that they're awful)
  13. " Air Force, Boise State, Colorado State, Sand Diego State, UAB" This list gets us to 13. So we'd likely add 1-3 more I'd take this. The only thing I'd like to add is App State but it sounds like the Sun Belt wants to stand their ground. UAB would be a good addition for an East Division in a big market. Add those west teams and we're unquestionably still the Top G5 conference.... At least in my opinion. Could make some cool road trips with these as well. Also, add Boise... then we have slots open up for UCF on our OOC schedule. If this actually happens, there's a ton to take from this
  14. Good to know... Thank you for that. That gives me something much better to go off with the space and price. Appreciate it!
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