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  1. Tulsa 34 - 21 Ford St. Felix 299 Just not going to happen. They're going to keep us off the field with their defense and run game. Not sure we'll get 21 but trying to be optimistic.
  2. 1) Temple2) 42-133) Johnny Ford4) Randall St. Felix5) 269 Was debating Keeping 80-3 as the score. Whole lot of yikes with these guys. McCloud can't spread the field consistently, receivers still have no football sense or ability to get open in space. We'll be lucky to hit double digits today. Garbage time points?
  3. Real talk - anyone outside ray Jay and Wana try and throw me some beer over the gates?
  4. If anyone brings their setup to join near us - when you turn into Al Lopez off Himes make your first left and we set up along the Himes side of the road. Planning around 12 30! Go Bulls!
  5. Not South side but just fyi.... posted this the other day... more than welcome to set up by us and help make Al Lopez a bigger thing than it has been with just us the last few years until the lots open. Great option to kick back and watch the games all day waiting for the main lots to open
  6. No advance notice needed. Just first come first serve in the park and we all bring our tailgate setups and food/drinks!
  7. Hello All - Wanted to pass along for those interested in tailgating opportunities/location for this season and weekend... I know Ray Jay isn't allowing it but for several seasons now @TheAccountant and I have started our tailgates across the street at Al Lopez Park for afternoon/night games when the lots do not open early enough at Ray Jay. This season we'll be doing our full tailgates at this location for obvious reasons. If anyone would like to tag along and set up with us feel free to let us know and we'll keep you updated on times and location at Al Lopez. Be sure to not just bring a
  8. If that's the case then I'll be in for one hell of a drive
  9. Auburn, West Virginia, and had a blast in Memphis back in '17. so many others very hard to narrow down but figured i had to try and squeeze one more recent one here. Looking forward to Provo next year
  10. If so, so be it... Will find some place just off campus then. Will all work out. Just excited for the first tailgate of the year 'COVID' style... Sanitizer wipes for everyone! GO BULLS!
  11. I'll look a little more into their campus as well and around the stadium... Been a while since I've been. I'm sure there will be places to tailgate. We always figure it out.
  12. https://am.ticketmaster.com/fau/ism/RkIyMENPVjE=#/ Here is the link to Single Game tix at FAU for those wondering. They will refund if you purchase through here and it gets cancelled. We have a group of about 14 in 233 right now... Right @TheAccountant? Feel free to join. Go Bulls! Tailgate location TBD
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