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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. Tell me more about these shoes! Pic? Also, Puc...Jesus man. I feel like you need a puppy.
  2. Probably the most anti-Tampa statement I have ever read. This description could be substituted for any parade, Bucs game, Lightning game, etc. Gasparilla is not just a parade, its a celebration of the city's heritage and marked by a parade in the middle of the day down one of the world's truly beautiful waterfront streets. I cannot even imagine having such a negative take on something that Tampa should wear as a badge of honor. It's one thing to not like to drink and avoid the area because the celebration isn't for you...it's another thing to call one of the best know traditions a 'blight on the city' and saying you are not proud of the celebration. This is something I expect to hear out of Puc or a UCF fan. I am truly offended.
  3. That's a terrible take. Gasparilla is a source of pride for the community and something that should be embraced more substantively.
  4. And yet Martin Fennelly somehow still has a job...
  5. I saw this at a game, very cool and pretty amazing that they built it! Unfortunately, the bull itself is not my favorite design. Thanks Faza! Utters are a bit too lifelike for me...not to mention the $13k price tag;)
  6. Does anyone know where you can get a life-sized Bull statue?
  7. Nope, not mad. $99 season tickets aren't breaking most alums given they have a college degree and if you just want to go to one game, it's not hard to find a $15 ticket. While I agree we should be trying to do anything we can to welcome back alumni on Homecoming, especially former players, its a bigger issue that they are not already season ticket holders. One would think they would have the tightest connection to the team?
  8. This is just fake news plain and simple. I sit in section 125 and have been there for 14 years. I know the nipple guy, he's near us in the 2nd or 3rd row. East side as well. I've literally never noticed someone in row M or really anyone beyond maybe row D or E there on a consistent basis and no one with any sort of presence that is worth self-proclaiming themselves as the 'mayor'. There are some loud and wild people in the first 3 or 4 rows of that section and everyone behind us is a wet blanket. The nipple guy is probably the most entertaining and appreciated guy in the area. He's been there as long as I have and he's gotten crazier and wilder every year. If anything, THAT guy is the Mayor of the section. That's the kind of guy we want in the stadium. If you aren't throwing the party and getting as wild as you can...making opposing fans as uncomfortable as possible...then stay home. Go to any other major college football stadium and let me know how well behaved their fans are. I want rabid, hungry fans that leave the game with no voice. If you want to go enjoy a tasteful midafternoon garden party these game should not be for you. Seems like you and puc should watch the game from an Applebee's or something.
  9. I was there and on the 'USF corner' and I can tell you it is the loudest I have heard USF fans in a stadium since I think the WVU game 10 years ago. It might have been partially due to the stadium design that is a bit more compact on the lowest level and partially covered but there is no question the support and enthusiasm was there. Several Illinois fans around me remarked about how well we traveled. It was one of the top 3 live experiences I have ever had as a USF fan. I assume the experience made puc question his existence.
  10. I live in Nashville! Going to T-town for this game though and Chicago for next week.
  11. I cannot believe this support for Charley's. It is without question the worst high-end steakhouse in Tampa. It reminds me of the type of place that would have been hot in 1992 and has not changed a bit. I agree there is a unique sort of wood-fired smokiness to their steak, but the rest of the menu, ambiance, service, etc. are tragic. I can name 10 steakhouses in Tampa that are better and sadly more than half are chains: 1. Bern's 2. Ruth's Chris 3. Capitol Grille 4. Fleming's 5. Rococo 6. Armani's (I agree a bit of a stretch as a pure steakhouse but incredible steak and well pronounced on their menu) 7. Dempsey's in the Saddlebrook Resort 8. Shula's 9. Council Oak 10. My Weber Also, Bern's is an experience not just a steakhouse. They do things a bit differently but to say it is 'terrible' is a travesty. For people that appreciate what they focus on, its incredibly unique and absolutely something Tampa should be proud of.
  12. +1 on the Wen. Been awesome for me, a little annoying to add oil, but other than that it was super cheap and starts up on the first pull every time. Had it for ~2 years and tailgated every game with it last year. It's a rebranded Yamaha, which is highly rated and they can be paired with a parrellel kit.
  13. Wtf? Listen, seriously...grab this puc character and run far, far away before you infect other people with this ridiculous mindset. I hope this thread gets shut down immediately and deleted from every server on the planet. Excitement doesn't build and tickets don't become hotter commodities when people post on a public forum that they are becoming more apathetic. What this does is create a conversation where people (hence some of the follow-on posts) feel more comfortable being apathetic because some 'brave' soul had the 'courage' to publicly share their apathy. Then they are going to tell their buddy "hey man my heart's just not in it anymore" and then their heart is going to be less in it. Please, any mods...remove this negative propaganda immediately. Anyone remember those years of sell-out crowds for the Lightning when they were at the fairgrounds? I'm sure it was apathy from the broader bay area faithful that turned the Lightning into consistently the hottest regular season sports ticket in the city. The only way the stadium gets full is because people are interested. People are interested when other people are interested. Interest, shockingly, is contagious. So is apathy. Your energy can be used for something positive...like getting someone, anyone, everyone to join you at the game or creating a completely unnecessary thread on a public comment board about how sad you are as a USF fan. And again, take this puc clown with you. We lost 2 games last year... and barely for both of them. Your hopes were dashed. I must be in the twilight zone! It was arguably the greatest season we have ever had! You have illusions of grandeur because 10 years ago there was super bright spot with a #2 ranking...the good ole days weren't always that magical (we once lost to Army on homecoming) and the future is a hell of a lot brighter than you think. There are going to be ups and downs, just like anything else in life. When its down, that's when you push harder. Our relationship with our alma mater is like a marriage. When you were 25, your Tri-Delt girlfriend had a tight body and perky t*ts. Now you're 40 with 3 kids...haven't had your undercarriage serviced in weeks (months) and those g-strings she used to lay around in somehow turned into white cotton Hanes. You getting out? You giving up? You stop 'buying your tickets'? Hell no. You jump in the car, hope to hell Frederick's is still open in the University Mall, grab a 6-pack of wine coolers and fall in love with the mother of your children like its homecoming all over again (not the one when we lost to Army). The last thing you do is be like this puc moron and turn to TBP to make everyone else feel like **** bc their wives also have saggy t*ts and haven't had a wax in so long it will cost you double if she ever jumps back in the stirrups. You need a tissue, grab a box from Publix...and get some cranberry juice and Midol for your friend puc. This ain't a site for therapy...its the fan home of the USF Bulls and if you don't want to be a part taking our team (school) to the moon then get the hell out of our way because the future is today and our destiny is real. With every single win, loss and weird new jersey, I get more proud and more determined to be a Bull. You need faith? Find a nun. You need a hug? Call your grandma. When our heads get down, our horns are in the perfect spot. You better move your ass because I'm coming for it. Make USF Great Again! (and fk off puc!)
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