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  1. Seems like you should? You're an attorney right?
  2. I think a lot of schools do this...at my son's elementary school the winner paid over $7k. It was also a live auction during a casino night fundraiser with open bar so perhaps that had an impact.
  3. And you are sure he hit that student right? Because that evidence somehow exists right?
  4. You generally do not pay commission on the 're-buy' part...the seller does.
  5. Does anyone know if he has already found a new house or exactly why he is selling?
  6. Agreed, I requested 6 tickets and because one of my boys has a soccer game, only 2 of us will be going. If anyone needs 4 tickets, let me know!
  7. That's not how the Homestead Exemption works...it is designed to keep your go-forward taxes from increasing too much. When you buy a new house, your initial taxes are set based on the then current millage rate.
  8. John: I am aware it is like 5 months away, but is the current expectation that there will be tailgating available for the regular season? I'm reasonably certain that the old lady is going to make me do something with my trailer if I can't get some use out of it!
  9. This sucks man. It's hard enough to get people to show up to this...if you have young kids they generally have a mid-day nap. 2:30 was cutting it close but this changes my whole setup. Still no word on tailgating right?
  10. Yes, this is a critical element! PLEASE LET THERE BE TAILGATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm unfamiliar with that satellite (or any satellite where these people exist)...was it Sputnik?
  12. Do you still work at Taco Bell or have you moved on?
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