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  1. Horrible take...moving posts around a message board because they are the 'last word' could not be further from 'God's Work'. Just creates annoyance and consternation. If you don't like the post, hopefully your emotional reaction is strong enough to continue the conversation, hence facilitating more activity on the message board. One hand washes another...relevant now more than ever.
  2. Worst part about this is that we are talking about the **** War Flamingo BS again.
  3. Before retiring numbers, we should be adding CJL and LRS to the 'ring of honor' or whatever.
  4. I don't remember it that way at all...I remember people literally praying for CCS (I know I was!). And 'it is what it is' is not at all what this is. This is a fanbase who is energized by the hope of a new coach. Exact same fanbase that was energized by the hope of the last 3 new coaches we had. If there was an measurable support for your position, I would not have commented. This is why I asked if there was more to the story. Maybe one of the previous three coaches is a relative and you are taking it personally? I don't know, but you appear to be on your own. You have adopted this fake controversy and we are all just trying to find something, literally anything, to be positive about. I feel like you need a puppy!
  5. I feel like you continue to push this narrative with virtually no one agreeing with you...every single new coach we have had has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm. This guy is no different. I guess I don't understand why it is a problem that he has been met with such enthusiasm? Is there more to this story? Next year, after we go 6-6 or whatever, there will be just as many people asking for his head as there were for xCSH, xCWT and xCCS. He's new and shiny and has a great energy...there is so much wrong with the football program, why not enjoy a (perceived) bright spot to carry us through the next 7ish months? The water is warm, feel free to jump in with the rest of us!
  6. CR - I need to get to these events where he is speaking...I haven't heard of much. Is this an Iron Bull thing? How do I get on your "+1" list?
  7. I don't think that's what was said. 8th in the AAC is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. Hard Stop. CJS has been here full time for a month...he did not make anything worse and, comparatively to what we were looking at from xCCS, made things better. I don't think anyone should declare victory, but I am comfortable with CJS performance given what he came in with and how long he had to try to fix it. One year from today if we are 8th in the AAC, I will be calling for the coach's head. This has nothing to do with CJS, I would say the same thing if our coach was Bill Belichick. We simply should not be 8th.
  8. I don't think Puc's comments are necessarily in conflict? He is saying that our performance is unacceptable but recognized CJS did a 'fine' job with what he had to work with. I don't think these are mutually exclusive perspectives.
  9. This bickering and wanting to have the last word is actually the best part of this whole site I think? I sort of thought a fan website would always include folks with different views...some are more elegant in their arguments than others, but I like the others too (sometimes more). I find Puc to be endearing at times...if you can't admit that Puc (and others) have a valued place here, then I think you are probably one of the ones that can't admit that xCWT was a terrible X's and O's coach.
  10. And if I had a 9-inch hog I'd be married to Kate Beckinsale. At least USF can fix their problem.
  11. While I don't think their QB is bad, he's not McKenzie Milton either. The strength of that offense was their O-line. This is often overlooked unless its terrible (see: USF). They will not be able to simply reload that line. I expect 7-9 wins will become their new norm for the next few years at least.
  12. Seems like these recruits are really positive on CJS...hopefully Gatorbull doesn't scare them off by calling them 'fan boys' since CJS hasn't proven anything yet.
  13. Are you using the term 'fan boy' on a board literally for fans in a derogatory sense? Are you also aware that your username has 'Gator' first?
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