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  1. CJL is going to completely shut us down. It will be remarkably sad and I was actually hoping this game would be canceled just so I don't have to see it.
  2. Pretty sure a significant portion of this gap comes from much more revenue generating opportunities from their stadium. The offset, I think, is evident in their higher expenses (to operate the stadium) and debt service on said stadium. You would need to strip out the stadium impact for a true 'apples to apples' comparison. That being said, I don't think we have done as tremendous of a job generating revenue/donations as we could be doing.
  3. I’m aware how, but when I’m writing in crayon so you can understand, for some reason the site translates it as such.
  4. You misspelled “weak”. Weak white helmet. I fixed it for you!
  5. You must be using the same glasses as the one’s that saw mccloud as better last week than johnson.
  6. Simply put, this is the single greatest uniform combination we have ever had. If I knew how to do the gifs, I would include the 'chef's kiss'. Just electric sex right here and I, for one, cannot imagine how many ladies are going to get pregnant as a result of seeing the primal eroticism this look evokes.
  7. You should probably reserve these comments for the Trough or something. I don't really see the need to politicize a uniform thread. You seem like the kind of guy who shops at Sears.
  8. Maybe we weren't watching the same game? Noah Johnson looked like he was in a video game...it was night and day.
  9. Come on! McCloud starting again??? Was it not clear how much better Johnson was? This is ridiculous!!
  10. lol...let's hope this thread ends now though!
  11. Q's 'sulking' had emotion and he got in people's faces. McCloud just put his tail between is legs. People that are angry and emotional still have heart...they still care. People who hide and are apathetic do not.
  12. I can't opine on the impact of the new system vs. the old system on McCloud. What I can opine on is his complete lack of interest on the sidelines during each game last year. 3 and out...goes and sits on a fold up chair by himself. No fire or passion or coaching up his teammates. That is the part I can't get behind...give me a guy with a heart of a lion any day of the week. I am a Grothe fanboy all day long...but I'm sure he would admit he wasn't the biggest or fastest on the field every game. His heart and leadership elevated him and the entire team. I watched McCloud sulk on the sidelines al
  13. Just finished...was painless though the site was a bit slower. Clear instructions/directions via the emails and site. Very easy.
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