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  1. Sweet Jesus! What an amazing web page...thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!
  2. Agreed...this War Flamingo thing is just pointless. Some kind of Dollar Tree version of War Eagle I guess?
  3. My drives are similarly 2/3 minutes long...but effective.
  4. Given they are Independent...they only have non-conference games.
  5. Debating the uniforms vs. saying we should spend less time on them and more on winning are not the same thing. @Brad How do I downvote your edit?
  6. Do you somehow envision the players and coaches taking hours out of practice to debate whether they should wear the exact same uniform combination as they did in game 1? Is Timmy Mac only taking half reps today so he could take some quiet time in a safe space to deliberate this pivotal decision? Or maybe a marketing guy proposed the set for every game months ago, sent it to the various coaches/authorities for approval, and then went with it? I'm just all fresh out of ***** to give for this incessant "they should focus on winning games" BS. Less focus on an OCS! Who cares about the uniforms! CJS is building a program and a culture. There is more to this than simply winning games, though it sure would be nice to win some. One might argue that a really strong team is really the one that should be less focused on uniforms since they actually have something to play for. Alas, that thread of logic wouldn't fit into your lexicon of misery.
  7. It's a simple finance exercise to demonstrate the monumental value of an OCS. I personally would prefer to go to Ray Jay. I live 4 miles from it, I can access it easily, it has great video screens, great seats, and great clubs/suites. That being said, the monetization opportunity for our own building is **** near infinitely better than at Ray Jay. To those that said tickets will be higher...I'm sure that SOME tickets could be higher but the revenue opportunities outside of tickets should be far greater than tickets alone.
  8. Correction: Sun American USA Conference presented by Spirit Airlines
  9. USF vs. NC State/first half UF is the 'paper straws' of USF Football! Right back on topic;)
  10. If any USF athletics people are monitoring this, please note that if there are paper straws anywhere in this stadium, I am OUT in all ways. USF should be synonymous with freedom and common sense.
  11. The only thing I took from this article is that Timur Kalandarov is a wet blanket.
  12. Honestly I had the best spot I could have asked for. I am very appreciative of them!
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