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  1. And if I had a 9-inch hog I'd be married to Kate Beckinsale. At least USF can fix their problem.
  2. While I don't think their QB is bad, he's not McKenzie Milton either. The strength of that offense was their O-line. This is often overlooked unless its terrible (see: USF). They will not be able to simply reload that line. I expect 7-9 wins will become their new norm for the next few years at least.
  3. Seems like these recruits are really positive on CJS...hopefully Gatorbull doesn't scare them off by calling them 'fan boys' since CJS hasn't proven anything yet.
  4. Are you using the term 'fan boy' on a board literally for fans in a derogatory sense? Are you also aware that your username has 'Gator' first?
  5. This is some interesting revisionist history...I guess xCSH should be in this category as well? This is a fan-based message board. 90% of what is posted is debated and driven by schizophrenic levels of faith and excitement. It's either Armageddon or Christmas. Was absolutely no different for any new coach...everyone was excited before the games were played. Everyone hated the new coach after some of the games were played (see: McNeese State, Houston). Some are all over this board saying that CJS should be focused on USF and not coaching his team in the CFP so its not like CJS is devoid of any criticism. I bet we lose to FAU next year. But just like I didn't burn my USF gear after our last loss to FAU under the much 'scrutinized' xCWT, I won't burn my USF gear this year either. I don't really understand the constant refrain that CJS is getting special treatment...he's not. Honestly though, he deserves a little bit of special treatment. Exceptions should be allowed for exceptional people. Not one previous head coach energized the fans or immediately tried to connect with the alumni/boosters the way this guy has. Based on week 1, if you are debating that CJS is not exceptional compared to our previous head coaches then you are just delusional. I am a die hard King Jim Leavitt supporter and even I had to take a step back in awe over CJS.
  6. UCF is paying them $1M to play them. That's insane!
  7. Not really? You could make the best product in the world, but if no one buys it then there is no money to get paid. In Texas, where 15k fans come to the stadium and sponsor high school teams, they have a lot more money to pay their coaches. If only 100 people come to watch the "better" team and 15k come to watch the "worse" team, then I still expect the "worse" team's coach to get paid significantly more. Separately, let's say 15k people went to each game...if someone is willing to coach for $15/hour and they are really good then they are going to have a tough time arguing that they should be paid more than $15/hour, even if the school brings in millions. This is largely why teacher salaries will have difficulty increasing in Florida...the average salary is very low but there is not a massive teacher shortage which means that there are enough people out there willing to teach for a small amount of money.
  8. Don't tease us like this John! Too much suspense this week!
  9. I assume paying now and any upgrades/seat moves will be invoiced later?
  10. This was when he was terminated, not necessarily what would happen now. That was a different administration and a different time. I don't have a copy of the agreement but I cannot imagine it said that "USF is required to reject and disregard". I don't read this language as anything that is different for any other person applying for any other job. I would personally love to see CJL back. I do believe he was a 8-9 win a year coach and I think he will remain that, unfortunately. We will beat Texas but lose to Tulsa. But the fire for the team...the excitement...the fan engagement...I really can't say enough about him.
  11. Are those helmets in the background matte green with gold facemasks? Because if they are, and they have a gold outlined U like the green one last week...well, if they are then I'm going to need to change my pants.
  12. Honestly the best helmet we have ever had...although this same look but with the gold U might be a bit sweeter. Too bad the game was unwatchable.
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