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  1. You always have a big dump in your pants. We need to get you some drugs or a puppy (or both). You belong on one of these Progressive commercials. Probably own a ton of cargo shorts. I'm talking about throwing the party and you are just shutting everything down. Such a sad sack.
  2. The Buffalo Bills were horrible for 20 years after spending decades mired (mostly) in mediocrity and a handful of years as a very good team, but never quite good enough. Somehow, in that miserable 20 year Siberian hell, the lowly people of Buffalo banded together to build a culture of tradition and excitement. It is a terrible city with terrible weather with a terrible economy and, up until recently, a terrible football team...and I love everything about them. That terrible city and terrible weather and terrible economy and terrible football team is THEIRS. They owned it, the invested in it an
  3. I have quite literally never heard a single positive thing about Joe Hice...ever. Evidently he is leaving his post and for some ridiculous reason, this is the only coverage we ever seem to get from the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Very irritating...I think behind a paywall. This question/answer was the most strange to me...how did he not prioritize this in his job?? What steps should USF take next? That’s one of the areas I wish we would have been able to do more, is telling the story beyond the USF area. We got started and excelled in a few areas; Covid is a good example, of the US
  4. A polo only someone like NewEnglandBull could love, it even has a zipper: null efollett
  5. Excitement? When has this ever happened? Guy is extremely monotone.
  6. I generally think its a good idea to give your waitress, particularly the Hooter's waitresses, the tip. Just the tip...just for a second...see how it feels.
  7. I guess let me know where this other USF Board and SM is so I can help balance the scales! Can I bring Puc?
  8. The current vote total suggests you are mistaken, sir. Perhaps not overwhelmingly positive, but certainly not '****'.
  9. At some point, someone on this board posted a list of all players in the Portal. I cannot seem to locate this via the Google...can anyone help?
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