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  1. Are those helmets in the background matte green with gold facemasks? Because if they are, and they have a gold outlined U like the green one last week...well, if they are then I'm going to need to change my pants.
  2. Honestly the best helmet we have ever had...although this same look but with the gold U might be a bit sweeter. Too bad the game was unwatchable.
  3. Pretty sure he won a Super Bowl as a Giants coach.
  4. I assume you find yourself hilarious, but this type of comment is just not. Most of us live in Florida and went to college at USF...which means anything in the 60s does in fact feel cold(ish). Some people love that feeling...others don't. "God help me..." Come on man.
  5. Does anyone know if USF gets the suite revenue in Ray Jay and also any portion of ad dollars?
  6. I don't know how to insert an 'eating popcorn' gif but this is exactly where I would do it!
  7. I retract this, but 'look good, feel good' is a real thing.
  8. Thanks Mike, I always respect your perspective. I did, however, note these as 'wild' ideas that were right off the top of my head in a tongue-in-cheek sense. I believe in the GBOWW initiative however...maybe just once but it can happen! As for #2, if there is a USF alum that owns a brewery, something to this effect should absolutely be considered. I don't think it would be intended to be a money maker and people would buy their beer just like they do now, so I am not sure there would be an added liability. For #3, noted. The risk in the flamingos is that this sort of thing gets caught on camera, then discussed in various media outlets, then grows becoming part of our identity. Not great.
  9. You seem like a lot of fun at parties.
  10. Generally, winning. Seems like we should win football games. There are a number of unique elements of our local area that could be incorporated. Sometimes the biggest eye-sores turn out to be a special part of the charm...take for example the South Carolina Cockabooses. It's a bit difficult given our stadium is not exactly ours, but that doesn't mean that we cannot develop unique pre-game and in-game traditions. I think we have all been witness to some positive momentum from VPMK. I will throw out a few wild ideas for pre-game opportunities to establish tradition (all far better and more relevant than a flamingo): 1. Setup the Guinness Book of World Records largest simultaneous bull ride - we get a bunch of mechanical bulls and run them all at the same time. It works out for everyone...kids want to ride bulls, drunk college girls want to ride bulls. Eventually, Madison from Tri Delt gets up the nerve to ride the bull before a statement win. "Oh em gee Taylor!! We won because I rode that bull, it's my good luck charm" and proceeds to ride a bull before every game forever. 2. Pre-game drink - work with the folks at CCB (or some other local brewery) to produce the Horny Bull IPA. Only available in Tampa and during football season, the Horny Bull IPA is available to students and alumni for $5 a 6 pack and proceeds are donated to the USF Foundation. Before long, if you go to a USF game, your beer of choice better be the Horny Bull IPA. 3. Annual flamingo bonfire - Bring all of your weird flamingo decorations to Ray Jay for the biggest Bonfire this side of the Mississippi!
  11. What are you even talking about? There is no way this is part of our culture but it could be. That's my point...would be a very sad day. Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen...it's not happening.
  12. This is another one! This **** wizard is terrible...kind of a creepy to be honest. Not a good look.
  13. This is a weird thing. Every team has lots of weird traditions that fit into their own culture but they are usually interesting...if we don't stop this one soon, it will become part of our culture as well. Same thing with these hideous helmets. They are now part of our culture and people seem to like them (so weird). Our team fell apart when we switched to Adidas from UA. Adidas objectively sucks. Their uniform designs for every team they have are terrible. Their polo's and other gameday fan gear look like rejects from the Bealls Outlet. However, by the time the contract is up, cheap uniforms and gear will be part of our culture. CCS likes mediocrity...by the time he is gone, mediocrity will be part of our culture. Rising up against the 'stronger' teams used to be part of our culture...you could always count on us for at least one upset each year. Now that culture is gone and underperforming against expectations is our new culture. We squandered a good culture and let a bad culture take over. UCF was below us, not even worth having a conversation about as our rivals. Now they are the belle of the ball. Cool uniforms and gameday experience too. They developed weird things that are somewhat cool (to some people I suppose even though I find all of their traditions 'War Flamingo-esque'). The point is, bad things need to be crushed quickly and absolutely. If Robert Barathean ensures Danarys Targaryan is killed when discovered, she never rises to power. A bit of a rambling rant here but we need to stop doing this dumb **** and stop making these terrible decisions. The War Flamingo is a microcosm of the small time ******** that we need to grow out of.
  14. Than the chrome gold? You can't be serious?
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