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  1. Thank you so much for your dedication in writing this! Really enlightening to see passion for the team!!
  2. Thanks Brad! I appreciate that you care enough to experiment instead of just sticking 100 ads on every page like one of Puc's stripper girlfriend's websites.
  3. This is wonderful, thanks so much!
  4. Thanks, seems like you are fairly close to these folks. I would be happy to volunteer to support this had I been aware...how does one get involved?
  5. Exactly. I am really disappointed. The Green and Gold Gala thing was also rather underwhelming.
  6. I reached out the Alumni Association and they indicated there would be no block party this year due to the limited time post-COVID to plan. I am, for one, rather disappointed as it appears UF and FSU will both be having theirs.
  7. You seem like the kind of guy that would call a shirt a 'top'. "Cute top NEB!"
  8. Seems like you should? You're an attorney right?
  9. I think a lot of schools do this...at my son's elementary school the winner paid over $7k. It was also a live auction during a casino night fundraiser with open bar so perhaps that had an impact.
  10. And you are sure he hit that student right? Because that evidence somehow exists right?
  11. You generally do not pay commission on the 're-buy' part...the seller does.
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