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  1. Come on man, this is the stuff right here. Puc seemed to be sincere...CR leaving is a really big deal. I feel like we need to try to sway him back. Lots of wisdom there, I have personally refined my views based on some of his points. Challenging me might be exhausting for him but it was effective and if the goal in the challenge was to sway, then mission accomplished. I am sad.
  2. I have no idea what your profession is but in mine, this is a regularly debated topic. To be fair, as a CPA in the healthcare space, I do recognize my perspective and close associations are likely not a fair reflection of the average person.
  3. I assume this is a joke? Price caps on drugs are frequently argued about...like all the time. You think the drug manufacturers that sell drugs at a loss are just a-ok with that? What happens is the other drugs that they make see increases in their prices to offset the loss on arbitrarily price capped drugs. So now instead of a relatively small subset of the general populace paying a 'market rate', a much larger group has to pay an otherwise above-market rate. It's far worse for the average person. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills with some of these conversations.
  4. The water comes from the city, at least in Tampa, and I would NOT have a problem with TECO charging $10k for power AS LONG AS a competitor is able to operate. I would be willing to bet that if TECO was charging $10k that a hoard of competitors would emerge rather quickly and spur any combination of the following: 1. Solar 2. Battery-type solutions (i.e. Tesla) 3. Power lines that are in the ground rather than the ones that are currently touching the tree in my front yard I don't think you recognize the err of your perspective. By supporting a government-mandated monopoly, you are directly standing in the way of meaningful progress. If electricity really cost everyone $10k per month, the rate of innovation would be incredible. Separately, if the government is so concerned about people getting water at a reasonable price, then they are free to use our tax dollars to stock pile water and give it away for free. Why are we comfortable with all sorts of other demand-based pricing strategies (uber surge, airplane seats, cruiselines, etc.) but not with other things like water? I assume its because water is so important to our livelihood and survival. To that point, my response is that we live in a region that experiences at least the risk of hurricanes literally every single year. If you are not being a responsible person and ensuring you have enough water, etc. to handle a disruption that should be expected, then I don't know why the government should impose arbitrary rules to bail you out.
  5. It's a real tragedy. I suppose the melt time is really proportionate to how quickly you drink...but I can tell you that for me, the paper straw is worthless 2/3 into a Venti Iced Coffee. So now I take 2 straws and switch them out...inevitably, the first straw sort of 'snaps' off of the lid which flicks some of the coffee at me and others around me. Fortunately, everyone has facemasks on so no one is really effected much.
  6. Care to enlighten us on what gay porn does have going on?
  7. I personally don't care what the straw is made of, but the fact of the matter is that paper straws in their current form are barely functional. Completely ruin the experience of a refreshing Coke on a hot summer day. If the best straws were made of unicorn fur or the tears of virgins, I would use those. I am indifferent as to the material used...I simply do not want to be forced to use something because 'Big Paper Straw' spent a bunch of money on lobbyists.
  8. Plastic straw or Paper straw? Because the City of St. Petersburg infringing upon my rights and banning plastic straws is another topic I am a bit feisty about.
  9. I'm not disputing that fact, I am say that statistically if a large enough contingent does't take the vaccine then at some point they are likely to be caught without a mask and succumb to the illness (which for the vast majority is not life threatening).
  10. The number is zero. There is absolutely no reason for a government-mandated shutdown. Could be a nuclear holocaust...store owners can decide on their own if they want to shut down.
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