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  1. Watch parties for away games

    Anything in the panhandle?
  2. We won? I need a highlight video!!!
  3. I will be happy with a near .500 record.
  4. USF MB NCAA Sanctions

    We have to let one of our new recruits go?
  5. Is our 2017 schedule really as bad as it seems?

    Let's not play down to our opponents. I expect blowouts and destruction.
  6. Head Coach Basketball

  7. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    I sent emails.
  8. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    This new coaching staff has done a tremendous job! It's nice to see players who actually want to come to USF instead of wanting to leave.
  9. The University does not comment officially on pending litigation. It's not because they don't want to stand up for Charlie or the school.
  10. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    Do you think the addition of Wichita State to the American helped us land any of these guys. I imagine the coaches pitched it in the recruiting process (playing time, location, conference foes).
  11. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    Do we have any other open scholarships?
  12. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    I know we have been bad lately but I like our chances.
  13. Two transfers from Duke

    What stars were they when they were recruited?
  14. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    Nikola Scekic just committed via twitter.
  15. Flowers gets 80-1 odds for Heisman

    Better odds than vegas