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  1. Football

    What stars were they when they were recruited?
  2. Nikola Scekic just committed via twitter.
  3. He just committed to USF per twitter. Coach is on a roll!
  4. Is he eligible this year?
  5. Better odds than vegas
  6. Great for basketball. If Memphis, UCONN, and even Temple get back to their winning ways we could have 5-7 teams in the tournament.
  7. I heard the vote is happening at 9:30 AM EST
  8. They are likely to be a top 10 basketball team next year. With practically their whole team coming back. If they make a deep run in the NCAA tournament the AAC could get some $$$$$$.
  9. It's a basketball only addition. What is not to like? They are a basketball powerhouse.
  10. Good hire. I can't believe he got kicked off the team for drinking a beer back in the day.
  11. I hope Wichita gets added. They have a pretty huge thread and it looks like the shockers really want to join the AAC...
  12. We are one of the worst division 1 programs. Who really want's to come to a toxic situation like this? I think you guys are expecting Coach K to come here. Give this guy a shot and see what he can do. This reminds me of the Dawkins hire at UCF. A few good years, some bad, and/or average...And they made the NIT when they expected to finish 8 in the preseason projections.
  13. I will make the trip. I live in Pensacola now so it's maybe a 3 hour drive.
  14. Stan Heath anyone?
  15. Go Bulls from Pensacola!!!! Just woke up haha