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  1. Attendance is an embarrassment

    3 years of losing turned whatever fan base we had to mush
  2. I went to Tuscaloosa this weekend to see the Alabama vs Colorado state game. Alabama as you know the #1 team in the country. Granted they were not playing a top team but people left the game early. It happens in all of sports.
  3. USF at UConn Cancelled

    This sucks. We canceled a game in CONNETICUT because of a Hurricane in Florida? Blasphemy!
  4. USF has reached preeminence!

    How much more money would we be getting because of this designation?
  5. Strong jabs back as fans attack USF's offense

    Maybe the more fans that show up = the better we perform?
  6. Week 2 Coaches Poll

    FSU #10 in AP USF #21 in AP UF #22 IN AP
  7. This play calling is pathetic

    For those of us who did not watch the game. Is it just the offensive play calling? How has the defense looked? Better than last year?
  8. AAC Week 1

    Guys - as much as we hate UCF. We want them to win! So it will be so much better when we whip them up come November.
  9. The Bulls Pen's 18th birthday

    Congrats. I'm curious... how many total users do we have? How many active users? how many new users within the last month (for start of the season)?
  10. What do you hope to see Saturday?

    59-14 Bulls. Plus a nice crowd for a FCS opponent.
  11. Week One in the AAC

    We NEED a strong UCF team to make a push for the playoffs. UCF please win now so we can whoop you behind later and look good for the cameras.
  12. What do you hope to see Saturday?

  13. Running up the score

    I think we will put up plenty of points vs stony brook
  14. McCants block

    I love it when we hustle.
  15. Game Ball

    Defense stepped up big time