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  1. Depth Chart 8/28 Stony Brook

    Is Mccant being punished?? I hope Barr gets it together soon.
  2. Week One in the AAC

    Going to the UCF/FIU game tomorrow. Am a UCF student but will be silently rooting for FIU!!
  3. Depth Chart Released

    I think he was referring to Ryshene Bronson
  4. Predict how high USF will go in the polls this season

    I think we'll get into top 10
  5. Who's going to play in the NFL next year?

    Nichols - top 3 round Senat, DJ, MVS, Flowers - 4-7 rounds Might be missing a few linemen
  6. 2014: Players who Bullieved & signed with USF

    i want to see Bayes have a nice season. I remember he help recruited a lot of local prospects.
  7. Supporting USF

    I want to get a USF license plate so bad! However, as a UCF student, I wouldn't want to potentially put my car at risk while on campus.
  8. Tajee Fullwood injury

    praying for no injuries to start the season
  9. Coaches Poll

    Was hoping for top 20 but i'll take it.
  10. We lost Dixon

    ****.. I was looking forward to watching him play.
  11. National Signing Day '17

    that is good to hear. Hopefully he signs with us
  12. National Signing Day '17

    Hes the only one left that I can think of that would be a "suprise". All of the recent 24/7 crystal ball ties him to Georgia though.
  13. National Signing Day '17

    Awesome. The day keeps getting better and better
  14. National Signing Day '17

    I really thought Davis was going to sign with us