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  1. We lost Dixon

    ****.. I was looking forward to watching him play.
  2. National Signing Day '17

    that is good to hear. Hopefully he signs with us
  3. National Signing Day '17

    Hes the only one left that I can think of that would be a "suprise". All of the recent 24/7 crystal ball ties him to Georgia though.
  4. National Signing Day '17

    Awesome. The day keeps getting better and better
  5. National Signing Day '17

    I really thought Davis was going to sign with us
  6. Mack looks like hes climbing the mock draft on a few websites. Went from 5-6 round to being a 3-4 round projection now.
  7. Great!! Now lets see if Strong can finish off this year with a strong recruiting class.
  8. 5* DT Marvin Wilson

    5 Stars DT usually makes the NFL no matter where they plays. Come here, dominate for 3-4 years, and build something special.
  9. Will Charlie's impact on recruiting be Strong?

    If i was a recruit, I would love to play for a big time coach like Charlie Strong.
  10. I grew to like Taggart

    I like Taggart. He made me forgot about Skip Holt
  11. I want Charlie Strong!!!!!

    its really happening!
  12. I want Charlie Strong!!!!!

    What impact do you guys think Strong would have on our recruiting compare to Taggart? Would bigger prospects come aboard to play for a big name like Strong?
  13. Next coach?

    Don't really follow football outside of USF, but why does everyone hate Kiffin?
  14. If another job offers me life changing money, I'm gone tomorrow. This is the life of not being in a P5 program. Lets just thank him for making our football program relevant again