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  1. ****.. I was looking forward to watching him play.
  2. Football

    that is good to hear. Hopefully he signs with us
  3. Football

    Hes the only one left that I can think of that would be a "suprise". All of the recent 24/7 crystal ball ties him to Georgia though.
  4. Football

    Awesome. The day keeps getting better and better
  5. Football

    I really thought Davis was going to sign with us
  6. this is huge
  7. how long before recruiting websites drop him to a 3 star?
  8. Mack looks like hes climbing the mock draft on a few websites. Went from 5-6 round to being a 3-4 round projection now.
  9. looks like he commited to Oregon last night
  10. Excited to see our first commit in quite some time
  11. more room for better recruits
  12. He'll remain a 5 star. It'll be too obvious if they were to drop the #1 DT in the nation.
  13. I'm hoping for a strong finish. Lets go Bulls!
  14. Great!! Now lets see if Strong can finish off this year with a strong recruiting class.
  15. I think DT is one of the position that can dominate anywhere you go as long as you're good. Seeing how Oliver got national recognition should be a reason why Wilson is giving us a chance.