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I must confess.  I am a typical...


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Florida sports fan.  I currently have hardly any interest in college basketball 'cuz the Bulls are in the dumpster.  I could give a rats ass about the NHL, NBA or the MLB.  My interest in this yr's Super Bowl is mild at best.  I miss Bull football terribly and a competitive BasketBull team.  It appears only FB can truly satisfy my sports fix - Bulls (M-Sat), Bucs (Sun) and 'Huskers (medium interest on Sat.).  I can truly only get interested in college BB if the Bulls are competitive and then nothing else during the winter.

Don't mention FB recruiting 'cuz nothin' really means nothin' 'til Feb 4.  That buzz is only good for 2-3 days of the sports warm fuzzy feeling of victory which fans take w/them away from a home game victory.  Basically, 2-4 Signing Day is just like the NFL draft.  Man, my sports life sux right now.  Sorry but I need to vent.  Dear God give me late July & make it now!

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many of us feel the same way

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