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BUCS Draft thoughts

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Just thinking, with no obvious immediate needs for the BUCS, what will they do with that second round pick. With the signing of the two OL as well as Oben, the O-line isnt in as bad as shape as first thought (especially with the way they started playing towards the end of the season), with Rudd replacing Singleton (a very nice upgrade), with Booger being back and healthy --- the only needs I see are a speed receiver with return capabilities, added secondary depth (departure of Jackson as well as legal matters now with Smith), and some OL depth still. However most of that can be found in the latter rounds, such as the 4th round which we have two picks. Since Gruden is an offensive minded coach and with the possibilities of some impact offensive players slipping towards the BUCS pick, you could see a QB, even a RB taken. Players such as Simms and Fargas could possibly last until the BUCS select. I think QB is a definite possibility considering its obvious King is no longer the QB of the future and Johnson only has a few good seasons left (if that with injury), as well as this being called the deepest QB draft since 83. Either way its going to be interesting.

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