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  1. Message board fodder. But from them, so figure they may be more likely closer to it then us just wishing that were true.
  2. Rumors from Clemson that Chase Brice may transfer and follow Scott. They believe he may be on track to graduate this year, so could be a Grad Transfer.
  3. After I thought about that, I kinda started leaning the other way. Scott was more the program "manager" then while Elliott was the playcaller. As far as experience for a head coach, thats probably more beneficial then the gameday play calling experience (as long as he brings in a good OC that is). I think his dad coming along is another nice little cherry on top of this hire. Brings a ton of experience to help mentor his son on being a first time head coach.
  4. https://twitter.com/MiNombreEsTommy/status/1202239096145494016 Don't know this guys contacts, but interesting...(sorry couldn't figure out how to make the twitter post just appear in here)
  5. Yeah except that is not remotely true. Again, for those of you with difficulty reading, when we joined the conference, the upperclassman were recruited when USF was just a I-A independent. A vast majority of the remaining roster was recruited when we were just CUSA. So we had a roster of 90% players from "G5" level recruiting going against teams with full "P5/BCS" rosters. It would be no different then taking our current team and throwing them in the ACC or Big 12 next year and then wondering how we haven't won that conference in the first 3-4 years. We are not on the same playing field. Being on the same playing field is brought Leavitts highest recruiting class in 2009. And the roster he left Skip still had talent like BJ, Barrington, Kayvon Webster, Lindsey Lamar, DeDe Lattimore, etc..
  6. Or....Or.....have a realistic understanding of the situation back then. Leavitt Era (2005-2009) Big East - 5 Seasons : Faced 17 teams who finished ranked : Faced 6 teams who finished ranked in the top 10 : Conference Champion Avg finishing position #8.4 (5, 6, 6, 8, 17) Post Leavitt Era (2010-2018) Big East/AAC - 9 Seasons : Faced just 15 teams who finished ranked : Faced just 5 teams who finished ranked in the top 10 : Conference Champion Avg finishing position #15.8 (and thats being generous as twice the conference champion has finished unranked and I assigned a #26 value for that). The conference was much more difficult back then. You had peak level WVU (rich rod years), peak level Rutgers (Schiano), peak level Cincy (Mark Dantonio and Brian Kelly years) and peak level Louisville (original Petrino years) in that span. The 2005 team had upperclassman who were recruited when USF was an independent who just moved up to I-A football facing off against teams who had been recruiting for "BCS" level forever. We were a completely unknown commodity back then. Leavitt was just starting to hit strides in recruiting in the later years. We had the #29 recruiting class in the nation in 2009 with 5 4 stars.
  7. Ive seen a lot of people say this on here and twitter, but realistically thats just not true. From 2005-2009 USF lost a total of 24 games in 5 years. Of those 24, half (12) were against teams that finished the year ranked. And of those 24, only 3 losses came against teams with losing records. 2 of those ( 5-6 PITT & 5-6 UConn) came in 2005 when we were just a 6-6 team and first year in the Big East. The only "bad" losses really were maybe in 2006 against 6-6 Kansas (and that was on the road) and 2008 against 5-7 Louisville. Our schedules were just much more difficult back then.
  8. Its actually not a bad idea. Spurrier and Kelly together would be huge for fundraising (ensure that the IPF gets built (groundbreaking) next year). If you bring Larry Scott in as OC / Head Coach in waiting and somehow keep Shaun King on board you'd have a seriously strong recruiting staff as well.
  9. Just wonder if they would be OK putting themselves on such a big island (no conference opponents even remotely close). I think if you want Boise, you figure out what 14 team expansion works for atleast keeping the conference contract at the same per team. Maybe adding Boise, Colorado State, and BYU (and if you can't entice them, then Air Force)
  10. Most of those can't do a 2020 game. The Big 12, Big Ten and PAC 12 all play 9 conference games. So they only have 3 non-conference games they have to fill.
  11. I tried to look ahead to see what team would be best guess for "one more big splash", and FSU appears to be the most likely. I'm assuming Kelly would love to get a P5 team at home here for 2020. FSU is about the only big team I can find that still has an opening in their schedule for that year, and they are also one of the few P5 teams that still has a lot open beyond those years. Say a 2-1 where FSU opens that deal up by playing in Tampa in 2020, and then road games at FSU in 2023 and 2027 (we'd have to move or buy-out the road Northern Illinois game) or 2028 (although we'd put ourselves in a bind already having 2 road games then). And looking at future schedules, it looks real likely that no matter who it is, that away Northern Illinios game in 2027 will need to be bought out. Need that year for the flexibility in signing a big 2-1. If 2020 is out, and we fill that with an FCS team at home, then other possibilities would be: Georgia (home in 2022, away in 2023 & 2027) - they seem most likely in this scenario as they already have 3 home non-conference games in 2022 (can afford to schedule an away) and need home games in 2023 (have 2 away non-conference games scheduled). LSU (home in 2022, away in 2023 & 2027) Auburn (home in 2022, away in 2023 & 2027) That might be about it. The Big Ten is tough as they play only 3 non-conference games now, and the big teams only schedule big non-conference P5 on the road. Michigan and Ohio State have openings, just don't see anything in their scheduling philosophy that would have the play a road game against a non-P5. Clemson is filled up nonconference through 2025, Va Tech is filled through 2024, WVU is filled through 2024. Oklahoma's openings as far as away vs home just don't seem to match up to our needs, and the same with Tennessee.
  12. I'm not happy with yesterday's press conference nor what I've heard from former players. That's not even getting into the product on the field. But i'd be: 1) Holding closed door meetings with current players, making sure to have a sampling of players graduating (those who can speak their mind now), and freshman/redshirt freshman in the program. 2) Making phone calls late tonight or tomorrow to former players (MVS, Q, etc..) who played under this current regime. I'd need to know whether this locker room has been lost from top to bottom. I don't see a recovery being possible if Charlie has a mutiny on hand. Or I need to find out if its just a few bad apples (Gilbert) poisoning the whole well. There's something rotten going on in the locker room and no system change is going to work unless you rectify that first. I see zero reason in waiting til after the bowl game to make a decision. I need to know if this locker room is lost, and we need to cut ties now and do damage control to keep the talent on this team together, or I need to give a Charlie an ultimatum in getting rid of those bad apples. Wait too long in this process and you run the risk of not only losing current players, but have recruiting take a dive. What offensive talent in Florida is going to see that offense and be like thats the system I want to play in. We wasted tremendous offensive talent last year under this system. No one wants to see a repeat next year with all the talent that is returning.
  13. Just as a reminder that we were a 9-2 team last year (regular season), who lost the following: 3-year starter and All Conference starting QB Top 3 rushers, including all rushing TDs Top WR Top tackler and starting MLB Top D-lineman That's not including that our new starting QB has only been with the program for a few months and that we seem to be unlucky with the injury bug this season. All that, and this young team still has a possibility to match those 9 regular season wins - I'd consider that a pretty good rebuilding year. I think we've been spoiled the last couple years since the core of that team was starting when they were freshman/sophomores and haven't witnessed a rebuilding team in a while. Its definitely frustrating to watch at times, but new starters and freshman are going to make mistakes. All things considered, no matter how heart-attack inducing some of our games have been, I'd call this season a fair success at this point (and likely the same by the end of the year).
  14. War Flamingo aint havin none of it from the no fun police
  15. Winning a conference championship means didly squat if you don't get the NYD bowl. Who cares if we win the conference but are relegated to the who cares bowl vs 7-5 Duke.
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