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  1. Just wonder if they would be OK putting themselves on such a big island (no conference opponents even remotely close). I think if you want Boise, you figure out what 14 team expansion works for atleast keeping the conference contract at the same per team. Maybe adding Boise, Colorado State, and BYU (and if you can't entice them, then Air Force)
  2. Most of those can't do a 2020 game. The Big 12, Big Ten and PAC 12 all play 9 conference games. So they only have 3 non-conference games they have to fill.
  3. I tried to look ahead to see what team would be best guess for "one more big splash", and FSU appears to be the most likely. I'm assuming Kelly would love to get a P5 team at home here for 2020. FSU is about the only big team I can find that still has an opening in their schedule for that year, and they are also one of the few P5 teams that still has a lot open beyond those years. Say a 2-1 where FSU opens that deal up by playing in Tampa in 2020, and then road games at FSU in 2023 and 2027 (we'd have to move or buy-out the road Northern Illinois game) or 2028 (although we'd put ourselves in a bind already having 2 road games then). And looking at future schedules, it looks real likely that no matter who it is, that away Northern Illinios game in 2027 will need to be bought out. Need that year for the flexibility in signing a big 2-1. If 2020 is out, and we fill that with an FCS team at home, then other possibilities would be: Georgia (home in 2022, away in 2023 & 2027) - they seem most likely in this scenario as they already have 3 home non-conference games in 2022 (can afford to schedule an away) and need home games in 2023 (have 2 away non-conference games scheduled). LSU (home in 2022, away in 2023 & 2027) Auburn (home in 2022, away in 2023 & 2027) That might be about it. The Big Ten is tough as they play only 3 non-conference games now, and the big teams only schedule big non-conference P5 on the road. Michigan and Ohio State have openings, just don't see anything in their scheduling philosophy that would have the play a road game against a non-P5. Clemson is filled up nonconference through 2025, Va Tech is filled through 2024, WVU is filled through 2024. Oklahoma's openings as far as away vs home just don't seem to match up to our needs, and the same with Tennessee.
  4. I'm not happy with yesterday's press conference nor what I've heard from former players. That's not even getting into the product on the field. But i'd be: 1) Holding closed door meetings with current players, making sure to have a sampling of players graduating (those who can speak their mind now), and freshman/redshirt freshman in the program. 2) Making phone calls late tonight or tomorrow to former players (MVS, Q, etc..) who played under this current regime. I'd need to know whether this locker room has been lost from top to bottom. I don't see a recovery being possible if Charlie has a mutiny on hand. Or I need to find out if its just a few bad apples (Gilbert) poisoning the whole well. There's something rotten going on in the locker room and no system change is going to work unless you rectify that first. I see zero reason in waiting til after the bowl game to make a decision. I need to know if this locker room is lost, and we need to cut ties now and do damage control to keep the talent on this team together, or I need to give a Charlie an ultimatum in getting rid of those bad apples. Wait too long in this process and you run the risk of not only losing current players, but have recruiting take a dive. What offensive talent in Florida is going to see that offense and be like thats the system I want to play in. We wasted tremendous offensive talent last year under this system. No one wants to see a repeat next year with all the talent that is returning.
  5. Just as a reminder that we were a 9-2 team last year (regular season), who lost the following: 3-year starter and All Conference starting QB Top 3 rushers, including all rushing TDs Top WR Top tackler and starting MLB Top D-lineman That's not including that our new starting QB has only been with the program for a few months and that we seem to be unlucky with the injury bug this season. All that, and this young team still has a possibility to match those 9 regular season wins - I'd consider that a pretty good rebuilding year. I think we've been spoiled the last couple years since the core of that team was starting when they were freshman/sophomores and haven't witnessed a rebuilding team in a while. Its definitely frustrating to watch at times, but new starters and freshman are going to make mistakes. All things considered, no matter how heart-attack inducing some of our games have been, I'd call this season a fair success at this point (and likely the same by the end of the year).
  6. War Flamingo aint havin none of it from the no fun police
  7. Winning a conference championship means didly squat if you don't get the NYD bowl. Who cares if we win the conference but are relegated to the who cares bowl vs 7-5 Duke.
  8. I'll never get the people who are determined not to admit this is a rivalry. IT IS. And that is good. College football is about rivalries. Thats what keeps fan ticking even for teams that never accomplish anything. You always have that rivalry game to root for. And the whole thing smacks of our fans thinking small time. Just like we hate the whole P5 thing, its time to move past the "big 3". The reality of it is that the USF v UCF game was the biggest (most impactful) rivalry game in the state of Florida last year. More important than FSU v UF. More important than FSU v UM. And for the 2nd year in a row, thats likely to be true again this year. The arrogant big 3 fans can scoff all they want, but both UCF and USF were better than both UF and FSU last year, and likely again this year (and arguably as good or better than Miami both years). And the way both teams are constructed, they very likely may still be better than them all for the 3rd year in a row next year. Ask yourself....what would mean more this year? Beating UCF on Black Friday, or beating FSU in a bowl game this year?
  9. The only thing that matters about that ranking is if you're listed 1-4. Anything after that is as relevant as the AP or Coaches poll.
  10. Except the ACC is never going to happen. If they ever go to 16, it will be ND and one of UConn or Cincy.
  11. Not just the numbers and font, but seems the recycle uniform designs as well. (same road tread or whatever its suppose to be design): Would not be a fan of the move from UA to Adidas
  12. We had a lot of our second string playing in most of those games 4th quarter as well. To account for that: After 3 quarters, USF led those opponents by +97 After 3 quarters, UCF led those opponents by +106 A 9 pt difference, or again, about 2 pts a game. Also, USF out-gained those opponents by 891 yards, UCF by only 464. Not trying to do an indepth analysis here, just really pointing out that by common opponents, these are two very evenly matched teams, and any perceived "divide", may just be that.... perceived.... and not reality. We'll find out in a few days.
  13. Didn't see anyone do this yet, but when comparing our divisional common opponents, the "divide" that some seem to perceive between us and them really isn't there. Yeah, they've had the opportunity to prove themselves vs a couple more solid teams than we have (but we don't know how we would have faired vs Memphis, SMU or Navy this year). So looking within our division: vs ECU; USF (61-31) + 30 pts; UCF (63-21) +42pts vs Temple; USF (43-7) +36 pts; UCF (45-19) +26pts vs Cincy; USF (33-3) +30pts; UCF (51-23) +28pts vs UConn; USF (37-20) +17pts; UCF (49-24) +25pts USF (43.5 - 15.3) + 113 pts; UCF (52 - 21.8) +121 pts So in 4 games, UCF only outscored those opponents by a difference of 8pts total (2 pts each). They've been better on offense, but worse defensively against those teams. I really think we have better talent then them, the question will be, whether we get out-coached (which seems possible).
  14. Until the playoffs are tied to conference champions, then none of the them truly matter.
  15. They have only 5 eligible as of now with Texas, Texas Tech and K St at 5 wins. And they all (Texas - WVU/Tx Tech, Texas Tech - TCU /Texas, and K St - Okie St/Iowa St) end the year with a difficult path. Very possible that the Texas/Texas Tech winner is the only add of eligible teams to bring them to 6. And if they place Oklahoma into the playoffs, then they only have 5 available for 7 agreements. You also have a similar case with the Big Ten. They currently have 7 eligible teams with Minn at 5-5 (and they close @NW and Wisc - two possible losses). If Minn doesn't get another win, and if Wisconsin or Ohio St make the playoff, they will have 6 eligible teams for 8 bowl agreements. Anyway, hopefully this is all for other teams to care about and we handle business in Orlando and against Memphis.
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