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Bulls Blog: Junior Midfielder Rodrigo Hidalgo &nbs

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Bulls Blog: Junior Midfielder Rodrigo Hidalgo  

Courtesy: USF

           Release: 08/25/2006



Courtesy: USF

(Aug. 25, 2006) – The season is right around the corner and our team is ready for the challenge. The team is absolutely dedicated this year on making sure we focus every day like there is no tomorrow.  Preseason has rewarded our “family†with the right preparation and concentration needed for the season opener at Florida International University.  The nation has big expectations on our team this year, however preseason honors mean absolutely nothing. It is the post-season appearances that we work for. Of course winning the BIG EAST title and making a Final Four appearance in this year’s College Cup is something every individual on our squad dreams of. But, we all share one thing, the knowledge that to achieve these dreams, we need produce a large amount of dedication and passion on a daily basis. Having said that, our main focus is taking the first step and getting the results at FIU.

Today we all must experience “the hatred of travelingâ€Â, especially on a bus, and did I mention four and a half hours?  It is hard to find something to do on the bus.  Most of the guys kill time playing cards. Dane Brenner, Blake Sharpe and Kevon Neaves are usually the ones involved. If the rest are not sleeping then they are making fun of each other and having a good time. Oh, and of course there are the sleepers. But, to be honest that mainly consists of one person, my man Kris Raad a.k.a. Raady Raad.  As for myself, I usually spend the time talking on the phone or sending text messages. I know most people think it is a girly thing to do, but it is actually something I get a lot of joy out of. Traveling is somewhat exciting, I guess. If you take away the hours spent getting to out destination. Truthfully, the best part of traveling is the moment we get back home.

So I was asked to write about what is going through my head and give a little bit on what’s going on my life right now, therefore I hope you are ready to experience the thoughts in my head. To start off I would like to clarify that my knee is feeling extremely well, and I am very content with the job our trainer Brian Simerville and Dr. David Leffers did with me.  I owe them both a huge thanks for helping me back on my feet in such good time. Also, all my teammates, coaching staff, friends and family members deserve a blessing from God for the psychological and emotional support they have offered me every day since I tore my ACL. I am back on my feet and ready to be a part of the success of our team.  As for all the preseason awards that have been handed to me, WOW!  Honestly, I did not expect anything this year and to have been awarded with so many honors makes me one happy and overwhelmed soccer player.  However, at the same time, I feel cheated, not for myself, but for all the amazing players on this team. There is only one trophy I truly wish for and that is the NCAA Championship Trophy.

Well, that is about it for today.  Our team will continue to work hard to bring smiles to the faces of our dedicated fans and  to represent of our wonderful university.   Make sure to come out to the USF Soccer Stadium and enjoy the games. They are very exciting.  Until next time .... Much love, respect and happiness.

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Very nice... these blogs are becoming the "norm" for USF athletes.

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