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  1. If anyone cares, HCC is now opened 5 hours before. The parking guys said that it opened 5 hours today and is expecting to stay that way due to all the complaints from people regarding the closure of lot 14. So for those that complained. Thank you!!!
  2. Bump again. Will try HCC again today. Beefy620, would you mind sharing where exactly did you park? Thanks!
  3. Was it the parking lot that has lab corp and a bank (Iberia bank)? If so, how much was parking and at what time did they allow people to start parking? Thanks.
  4. I first became aware of this back when season ticket and parking renewals were sent out. When I saw that lot 14 wasn't on the list of "cash overflow areas", I called and was confirmed that it was closed. Five months later we were still hoping that it would be open. Then the official tweet came out late Friday night to dash those dreams. The backup plan was to go to HCC and then we were turned away because they didn't open until 4pm. We ended up in lot 8/10 which was horrible. You are flagged to your spot, grass lot, mud due to the recent rain and a lot of our folks had ant bites. More than 2/3 of our group were spread out in different lots. It was miserable considering what we were used to in lot 14. We want paved lots and plenty of room to tailgate and throw a football. I plan on calling RJS this week to see if HCC opening 3 hours before kickoff is standard. On their site it's listed under "5 hours before kickoff." Been at lot 14 since '01. Sad tailgating day yesterday.... That's for sure.
  5. Very interesting... and potentially controversial. I like it! http://www.usforacle.com/new-policy-to-expedite-time-to-degree-1.2820627#.UVmA_G_D_4Y
  6. I think USF friends, students, admin, and alumni will be heard loud and clear if Florida Poly goes to UF. It should go back to us... period!
  7. skip holtz was not a high profile coach Agree, why do people continually dismiss the fact that we beat his Ars! in a bowl game? What's so High Profile about that? Oh, his last name is Holtz +1. And no state income tax in Florida...
  8. You MUST do well on your finals. You need to graduate, get a good job, and help us pay for this buyout. But most importantly help improve our 6 year graduation rate.
  9. Yea... it truely isn't official until then. Let's hope they don't wait until the last second.
  10. We weren't dominate in our exhibition either... We have lost the rebound battle in both of the games where stats were tracked (if I'm not mistaken).
  11. Miami lost to FGCU today 63 - 51. Reports had us losing to Miami in our closed scrimmage.
  12. Same here... just curious, do you live in a neighborhood with the initials WH (two words)? Ours is having one on the same day.
  13. Kickoff is at Noon. Hopefully we get a win... we need it badly.
  14. On the east coast, I believe in Daytona. It's a great aviation school.
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