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Injury bug hitting BUCS

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Its not looking good for the BUCS so far this year. To win a super bowl a team not only needs to be good, but lucky also. The BUCS were very lucky last year in that they had virtually no major injuries throughout the year (outside of Booger). This year it seams half the starters have missed atleast a half a game. Take todays lost to the 49ers, Alstott and Jurevicious were out, and Keyshawn, Kelly, Rice, and Lynch all sat out a series or more due to injuries. Kelly is probably gone for the season now after aggravating his injury. Still holding out hope that the BUCS will somehow weather the storm and atleast make the playoffs, but with a tough schedule still ahead, things dont look good.

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They looked horrible today. I'd like to think it was just a hiccup, but with the injuries on defense and the commissioner getting Sapp off his game, I don't think it is.

I'm not looking forward to this week in DFW, with every Cowboys fan I know telling me that they're going to Tampa to deliver a kill shot to the defending champs.

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I think this game could be classified as a "must win". Losing two games in a row and especially losing to an inferior Dallas team, may be something that the Bucs can't recover from ....

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