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Graham Twins a Double Threat


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By Brian Nachtwey Daily O'Collegian

(U-WIRE) STILLWATER, Okla. -- Meet the Graham twins, Joey and Stevie. The two brothers will be the starting small forward and shooting guard for Oklahoma State basketball.

Both Joey and Stevie are junior transfers from Central Florida and plan to fly high in school and on the court, literally.

The aviation management majors have high expectations for themselves and plan to have many Cowboy fans wondering if this season is supposed to be one of rebuilding or reloading.

"We felt like we were above the playing level in the Atlantic Sun Conference," Joey said. "We need the challenge of playing against the best players in the country and will get that in the Big 12 Conference."

Two seasons ago Joey and Stevie proved to be too much for the ASC, which saw Joey and Stevie scoring 13.3 and 12 points per game, respectively, for the Golden Knights.

The Cowboys are looking for size in their backcourt and that is exactly what the Grahams bring to the table.

Joey is 6-foot-7 and 220 pounds and brother Stevie is a shorter and lighter 6-foot-6 and 212 pounds.

"We have all new guys playing point, shooting guard and small forward for us," assistant coach Sean Sutton said. "Joey and Stevie will give us tremendous athleticism and John Lucas III will be the perfect guy to set them up for a great year."

Joey and Stevie both realize the expectations that are on them and are convinced they can reach those expectations.

"We know the expectations are high for us," Stevie said. "We think we can surpass those because we have higher expectations for ourselves."

The two natives of Brandon, Fla., plan to stay level-headed about their instant fame at OSU.

"We know what our task is this season," Joey said. "We will do whatever coach [Eddie] Sutton asks of us and remain humble."

Being from the East Coast, one might wonder why the twins didn't stay closer to home.

"Not many schools in Florida or on the coast recruited both of us out of high school," Joey said. "We wanted to play big-time NCAA basketball, but we wanted to stay together."

Both twins appreciate whatever leisure time they have with hobbies such as listening to music, reading the Bible and talking to family.

"We are real close with our family," Stevie said. "We talk to our parents every day."

Joseph and Rose Graham plan on attending all of the home games this year.

"We love the support we get from our family," Joey said. "It helps us stay on track and gives us motivation to do well on and off the basketball floor."

Though the Graham twins may appear to be all peaches and cream, the two have a fire in their bellies.

"We came here to win and to help the Cowboys win," Joey said. "We want to come in, score 10-15 points per game, get some rebounds, assists and victories."

Both twins are extremely competitive with each other and when it comes to one-on-one: "I would definitely win," Stevie said.

"Let just say that I win every time," Joey said. "Lets put it that way."

The Cowboys are coming off a 20-win season and an NCAA appearance, OSU is hopeful that the Graham brothers can help further that success this season.

"With the Graham brothers size, strength and poise," Sutton said, "We have the opportunity to be one of the top three teams in the Big 12 this year."

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Too bad for UCF that they left.

They might have won the Atlantic and gotten an NCAA bid last year.

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I hope Stevie sucks as bad for OSU as e did for UCF. Those jerks cost us bigtime on schollys as we will be stuck for a couple more years with the stupid scholarship rules in place. Joey shoots every time he touches the ball.

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how can they say they were too good for the ASC if they were only averaging 12-13 ppg?  I could understand if they were both averaging like 20 and won 20 games a year, but last i checked they didnt make UCF that much better....  not a slam against UCF just a slam at those guys for sounding like pricks in the article

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You know who this reminds me of? Doug Gottlieb. I'll leave it to my esteemed colleague/Notre Dame fan Bien to tell that story.

Not to mention how laughable the whole "too good for the ASC" thing sounds. Not that these guys can't play, but give me a break... 13 PPG in this league doesn't make you NBA material.

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