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Friday's USF Club Event - 5/17/19 - NEW LOCATION BURGER FI
This is a great time to join the USF Club with our summer promotion taking place now.    For those of you who are not familiar with the USF Club, please visit our website at www.usf.edu/usfclub for additional information.   Our monthly events include unlimited food and beverages (alcohol and non-alcohol).  The dates are already planned for the 2019/2020.   We also have tailgates for the home USF football games, as well as trying to incorporate a basketball event at the Yuengling Center and our annual baseball/softball event.  The USF Club is membership based and is made up of faculty, staff, alumni and USF community members.  We are trying to encourage young professionals to join for this provides great networking opportunities as well as taking advantage of a monthly event at such a great price!   Plus, we need to have the younger generation keep the USF Club fun and active.   

If you have any questions regarding the following, just reach out to me.  

Hope you all will consider joining…..  Membership will be valid through August 31st, 2020!     ONLY $175 per couple for 15 months!


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