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  1. I still think BB is a stud. it was dismal play calling and an unimaginative offensive scheme that held him down. Flowers did well because of his legs. BB has a better arm and is more accurate.
  2. He is so freaking shifty and will be a nightmare for other teams to defend in open space!
  3. When you make false claims about winning a national championship, having a parade, rings made, and taunting Alabama at one of their games, one can become popular for all the wrong reasons. UCF is the college equivalent to the "Cash Me Outside" girl right now...
  4. Not sure if it’s already been talked about but at the very end of the press conference yesterday CCS said that some of the suspended players are trying to make it back on the team.
  5. South bound. Right below the written message “for a man-handling good time, meet here at 7 pm”...Let me know if you need anymore info. As for now, I’ve gotta run. Supposed to be somewhere in 15 minutes....
  6. Kade certainly overachieved as an OC. I really like having him as a Bull!
  7. The offense didn’t become dominant until Kade Bell took over as OC. Might be just a coincidence...
  8. All those that want to meat up can communicate via Grindr! I'm Heftypecker69...
  9. Nice! Thanks for the insight! Have you heard anything about locker room morale and what the players thought was the problem the problem this year?
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