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  1. South bound. Right below the written message “for a man-handling good time, meet here at 7 pm”...Let me know if you need anymore info. As for now, I’ve gotta run. Supposed to be somewhere in 15 minutes....
  2. On the rest area bathroom wall near mile marker 276...
  3. Was he the father of a kid that can do the splits?
  4. Kade certainly overachieved as an OC. I really like having him as a Bull!
  5. TExpress

    Transferring players

    The offense didn’t become dominant until Kade Bell took over as OC. Might be just a coincidence...
  6. All those that want to meat up can communicate via Grindr! I'm Heftypecker69...
  7. TExpress


    Nice! Thanks for the insight! Have you heard anything about locker room morale and what the players thought was the problem the problem this year?
  8. TExpress


    How did you get this info?
  9. Johnny Ford’s last 2 tweets have been ominous...
  10. Has anyone confirmed that all 11 of those players are gone? I really liked Duran Bell and Elijah Mack and both of their twitter pages still have USF listed (though they haven't posted in a while). Maybe Strong had a change of heart and is giving them another chance...