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  1. TExpress

    New AD Search

    It's Jurich or bust for me...
  2. TExpress

    JK breaking news

    What, must have at least 6 girlfriends and not sleep with any of them?
  3. TExpress

    Men's Golf Regionals

    I'm seeing some brown stains on the sheets...
  4. TExpress

    Couple of Bulls Don’t Make NFL Cuts

    I’d feel better if I knew the actual attendance of people witnessing these events...
  5. TExpress

    Couple of Bulls Don’t Make NFL Cuts

    Did this actually happen or was it only announced?...
  6. TExpress

    Men's Golf Regionals

    Gotta hope they don't win this tournament or they will probably declare themselves national golf champions too through transitive properties...
  7. Definitely has a good arm and nice touch...
  8. TExpress

    Men's Golf AAC Tournament

    Live scoring link: http://results.golfstat.com/public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=team&tid=14398
  9. TExpress

    USF new requirements

    The GPA's nowadays are just ridiculous! When I graduated in 2000 the highest possible GPA would be 5.0 if you took all honors or AP classes (which weren't offered for many classes). Now the advanced classes have a cumulative effect on GPA's so people are graduating with GPA's over 7...
  10. Gingers are allergic to beaches and sunshine so I think his health takes priority over his wife's desires...