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  1. Well then, Cronkrite is not going to rush for 150+ yards every game along with McCloud passing for 300, and I don’t have a 13 inch dong...
  2. All he had to do was let TJ Weist run then offense and we wouldn’t likely be in this situation! But instead we are left with frustration ever since CCS took the reigns.
  3. Watching UCF reminds me of how the USF offense use to run. It pisses me off so much that CCS came in and said the defense “needs a drink of water”. Why change what worked?! He screwed himself and can only blame himself for turning a winning game plan into garbage.
  4. Charlie had the world in his hands with a high flying offense but decided to slow it down so the defense could “get a drink of water”. It seems the game has passed him by.
  5. I was thinking McCloud would save him but now I think I was wrong!
  6. I’ll give Kerwin a pass as this is his first year but this team has progressively gotten worse under Strong.
  7. Barnett is light years better than Kean and Oladokun and he still looked pretty bad against SC State... And we are a MUCH better team with McCloud starting over Barnett.
  8. McCloud looked a lot better than Barnett in the spring game also. I’m not sure why it took the coaching staff this long to go with McCloud.
  9. So far! It’s gonna get better! We’ve got 4 years with McCloud!
  10. We’ll have to meet up at some point, you along with skingraft, share my sense of humor!
  11. Without Brad and the creation of the Bullspen it’s hard to get the entire family out to see a game. Especially paying over $2000 a month for daycare. We were fortunate enough to win the 4-ticket raffle and got to witness the future of USF football! Go bulls!
  12. Just got home from the game and this thread is why I don’t read it until the game is over! We have 4 years of McCloud! And that is something to look forward to!
  13. I am fairly confident we would’ve handled GT easily had McCloud started.
  14. Hopefully they get McCloud's helmet issues resolved. Otherwise the dude needs to cut his hair! Hard to get keep drive going when you have to sit out every few plays.
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