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  1. Seminole Hard Rock Sun Dome Our new Native American sponsors will perform a ritualistic spiritual cleansing on our Sun Dome, which is obviously built on Indian burial grounds. If USF men’s or women’s basketball makes it to an elite 8 by 2022, which would confirm the angered spirits have been quelled, we will refund the first 2 years of the deal to them.
  2. Picked up one of the signed jerseys for $50, will look great framed. Had to have something from the best QB USF has ever seen. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263510812118
  3. I do know plenty of friends who don’t currently donate that absolutely would shell out for an OCS. 200k? I don’t know, but I do know it would be substantially more than the status quo
  4. Figured I'd toss this in here as it can go right into the rumors bin. Had a conversation with a high level USF employee who wrote the following when I asked about any good news they'd been hearing: "Fund raising campaign with a focus on small donations can have BOTH IPF and OCS paid for, in full, in record time. With very small individual investment. Alumni must be ready to activate. Critical for conference realignment. Shovel in ground once a certain level of fund raising occurs." Now I'm not here to say whether this is going to happen or not and I wasn't about to argue counterpoint with a high level USF employee, but with the projected price tag of an IPF and an OCS you'd think it would cost a lot more than a bunch of small donation, especially when we are only talking what...25k die hards? Maybe more would come forward for an OCS but hey what do I know...just tossing out what I hear.
  5. Yea it's a 4 pack...you have 3 others that will go? Just want to make sure they get used...
  6. Hey guys, won a social media contest where I was just trying to raise awareness about the upcoming game...ended up winning the tickets. Message me and I'll put your name down as the winner and you can pick them up at will-call!
  7. Keep doing your thing Hymo, proud to know the guy who's starting USF's first organic football tradition
  8. BYU doesn't have a choice to leave for more money. Their contract is up in 2018 and ESPN is aggresively looking to save money, I doubt they'll see those same numbers they've been previously gifted.
  9. BYU and Boise offer a strong national brand, they'll raise what the conference is worth. BYU is currently making somewhere between 800k-1.2mil PER HOME GAME. Their contract is up in 2018 with ESPN. The MWC will be worth pennies without Boise, SDSU and Col State. We would absorb some of their equity. It would more than make up for it.
  10. Back to the original point...kinda. If Aresco wants to be serious about further separating us from the G5, he needs to gut the G5 and expand. Offer BYU, Boise, SDSU, Colo St. BYU and Boise are having down years and seeing if they aren't perfect they're nothing in this landscape. Why not bolster an already stronger conference and make it respectable. Heck SDSU and Boise were set to join until that got blown up in the past...showing they at least WERE willing to do it. Then you'd REALLY have separation and a "Power 6".
  11. ^ Huh didn't know that, learned something new today!
  12. When you go 11-2, only get ranked 19th for it and end up playing a 6-6 SEC team as one of the premier bowl offerings available to your conference, the conference isn't great. Just my opinion I suppose. Yea I agree Burnham leaving to Iowa State was a head-scratcher at the time Canales went to North Texas...that wasn't because we were in the Big East and he was looking for a better gig McCarney left for the same job at UF, if UF wanted Strong tomorrow and we were in the ACC, we'd lose him.
  13. How do you figure? Unless you're joking we fired the only 2 we had during those times...1 was quality but a maniac and the other one was hot garbage. Our money deal was better back then, and we could hold off lower tier and even mid-tier ACC/B12/B1G/SEC programs. Hell Leavitt turned down Bama multiple times amongst other programs Now? We will lose coaches to garbage P5 schools.
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