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  1. I don't know how likely this would possibly be, but man, one can dream
  2. **** that previous coach and the offense that was putting up 40+ ppg and 500 ypg with relative ease
  3. Same here. The kids love going to the games (what have I done to them), so at a minimum we'll be at the last two because they're already paid for and the kids have a good time either way
  4. How pissed do you think everyone would be if it wasn't King, and instead was someone like Burke?
  5. Welcome to the board! Also, you're frozen and can't post! But welcome to the board!
  6. I though I read somewhere that they're both technically supposed to be penalized, but for the sake of the rivalry, they both decline or waive it or whatever. Did some digging, and the rivalry's Wiki page had this: So they used to both accept the same penalty and the NCAA decided that wasn't supposed to be how things work and changed their rules
  7. I can dig the white with green shoulders. Wouldn't mind seeing what that would look like on a football uniform
  8. FFS I just got mine. We couldn't do the green thing earlier?
  9. You're both wrong, he's an OL. Just ask Athlon
  10. He had some good passes dropped against Maryland. Then you had the BS with Tags bringing in Bench after the offense started finding its legs and completely ruining the rhythm. I mentioned taking the gig full time because the SMU game was just a crap situation for Q and he was definitely not made for that offense. Memphis was tough, but some of that too was Tags completely tanking the offense in the second half. He certainly had some tough games, but Tulsa was the worst game I can think of, where he was pretty much completely off. Wasn't hitting the deep ball, wasn't hitting the short stuff, seemed like he had no rhythm. And the usual Anti-Gilbert brigade was out in full force, but that was actually a pretty decently called game on his part IMO, but Q just wasn't hitting it
  11. Tulsa was probably the worst game he had as a passer after taking the gig full time.
  12. We didn't do him any favors with the O-Line either. Mike routinely got his ass beat in the pocket and I think that had an effect on him (unsurprisingly)
  13. I believe I saw someone on Twitter say it was at least 50 scouts
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