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  1. @Brad also, is the page gone with all the relevant Twitter feeds? I liked looking at it since I don't really use Twitter.
  2. If you like Columbia shirts, than yes. The shirt model is called "Tamiami II". They should have it at Dicks Sporting Goods or Bass Pro shop that you can try on before buying to see if you like the fit and material. Very breatheable, I own the USF one and wear the same model for work daily.
  3. I still don't understand why we couldn't have gotten the newer prime A1 kit and got stuck with their old kits. Georgia Tech signed thier contract the same time we did and they got them. The only reason I can think is because they have a traditional look that isn't going to change much in the future and we are hopefully working on a rebrand.
  4. I kinda posted that on page 2. Should I have posted a link?
  5. I believe this is what it will look like. Not bad, definitely better than the last one.
  6. According to the report, to maintain a debit service coverage of 1.65 we could afford about $100 million in bonds. At 4.5% for 30 years, that's an annual debt service payment of $6.1 million.
  7. "I have the old USF license plate and am not scheduled to renew my license tag within the next 3 months. Can I change to the new USF tag now? Yes, once the new design is available, it will cost approximately $36.40 per tag to upgrade." https://www.usfalumni.org/s/861/02-alumni/index.aspx?sid=861&gid=1&pgid=4741
  8. Can't wait! Here is the website with more information on getting one. Available mid August. Click Here
  9. When I read the ECU press release I believe it said it took them 18 months to do the branding and design. Given the same timeline, I would think we would have these non-custom ones for the next two seasons since the contract was just signed.
  10. Also, I was hoping we would get similar effort put into our brand as ECU got this year. Although it looks like they have an agreement to change uniforms every 2 years, and this branding took them 18 months to complete. So I'm guessing we will have to be pretty generic for a couple years. Watch the video in the link below to see how much more attention they got on their uniform vs. ours. Also, after doing more searching it looks like they are getting the new uniform template this year, so it's not just P5 schools getting the new stuff. "This innovative development is an example of how the multi-year partnership with the sports brand can, and will, further ECU's brand recognition and national exposure." https://ecupirates.com/news/2018/4/24/general-ecu-and-adidas-partner-to-create-brand-pattern.aspx
  11. Did some research on Adidas and it seems like it's not even the newest technology for this year according to this article. Looks like only P5 schools get the new stuff. I kinda agree with the poster above, they look pretty generic. Someone even posted on Twitter how similar they are to a local high school. My issue is, the font, most schools have a certain trademarked reconizable font that matches their branding, and I've never seen this font before. https://news.adidas.com/us/Latest-News/adidas-to-debut-the-primeknit-a1-football-uniform-for-the-2018-army-all-american-bowl/s/3992901a-6da2-457c-abc5-92ba8c7caa0d "The new adidas Primeknit A1 Football Uniforms will be featured on several adidas collegiate programs for the 2018-19 season, including Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, Miami, Mississippi State, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Rutgers and Texas A&M."
  12. OMG. I have the same recurring dream! Except I forgot about a class and it's my last semester and I can't graduate because of it.
  13. "A transfer decision is in for former Alabama and Arizona State quarterback Blake Barnett. The former five-star recruit is headed to his third Power 5 school in roughly four years....." Guys! We did it, we are in the P5!!!!!!
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