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  1. "A transfer decision is in for former Alabama and Arizona State quarterback Blake Barnett. The former five-star recruit is headed to his third Power 5 school in roughly four years....." Guys! We did it, we are in the P5!!!!!!
  2. USoFlo

    Five 3 loss teams.

    I've been thinking this for years. To make everything fair, the only way you make the playoff is you have to win your conference, and EVERY conference gets a bid. What will happen, over time, you will see some high ranking recruits going to lower conferences because they know all they have to do is win the conference and they get to go to the playoffs. Eventually, you would see more parity in the league and less brand names holding all the power. And hey, maybe some of those brand name teams decide to move to lower conference because they think they can win and get to the playoffs easier. Will it happen? Never, because it's not about creating fairness, it's all about money and TV contracts, and for a sport that is made up of mostly public institutions, that's just sad.
  3. USoFlo

    Possible New SoFlo Uni

    Was the top green or white?
  4. USoFlo

    Uniforms vs Houson

    Can't quite tell in that photo but it looks like it might be the gold helmet that we have worn all year, however the green is reflecting on to the helmet giving it that dim green color. the gold chrome is also reflecting onto the collar of the shirt.
  5. USoFlo

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    My favorite JK moment of the season is when he didn't go to the USF game and was instead at the UF game tweeting out Gator updates. He then had to tweet at his followers and ask what was going on at the USF game. If you have the twitter handle TBT_TimesBulls, then don't tweet out stuff for another team, actually be at the game you are suppose to be covering.
  6. USoFlo

    Week 8 Games of Interest

    So out of curiosity, If we are undefeated and C. is undefeated and we beat them and win the CCG, do you think it will be enough to get us ranked into the top 4 to go into the CFP? Honest question.@USFBulls12 @bullsfan1983
  7. USoFlo

    Week 8 Games of Interest

    I'm confused why do we want UCF to look good? Personally I would like them to lose all of thier remaining games and thier SOS to look like crap. Our ceiling is the peach bowl and with the SDSU loss I could care less about C.
  8. USoFlo

    USF Athletics & Under Armour

    Dear lord please not Adidas.
  9. USoFlo

    Week 4 Bowl Projections

    I heard recently from player who was in that game that they were just physically out matched on the line and that they had never been pushed around like that before in the trenches.
  10. USoFlo

    USF Repped in NY on College Game Day

    Please tell me that is a Judy Genshaft shirt.
  11. USoFlo

    Attendance is an embarrassment

    Has nobody brought up the fact that this was a Thursday game, and only die hards knew it was today? I started tailgating at 1pm, like we always do, and had a good turnout. But it's not about us, nobody wants to go to a weekday game. Choose between a national recognition or normal Saturday attendence. You can't have both at this level.
  12. USoFlo


    Lol I was one of those people. This is why we can't have nice things.
  13. USoFlo

    Wear White?

    They are handing out 4,000 green shirts to the student section this game that say #floridastrong. Safe to say, whiteout is not happening. This is why we can't have nice things. USF doing USF things.
  14. USoFlo

    USF at UConn Cancelled

    Besides a single game refund, what other options do you all think would be acceptable for losing a home game?
  15. USoFlo

    USF at UConn Cancelled

    http://gousfbulls.com/news/2017/9/14/football-conference-makes-schedule-adjustments.aspx We will play all conference games, but they are cutting out UMass.