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  1. pacificd

    We will be back at the top..

    FInd it fascinating that you're saying we should leave and let UCF and other teams win this weak conference. The weak conference which we have never won, by the way. They are currently winning it. How many of those other conferences that we've been in have we won? If we can't win a weak conference how are we getting to the top of the college football landscape? National Championship contention? Umm what. Maybe we should concentrate on winning this weak conference first before we start thinking that getting into another conference will cure the things that ail us.
  2. South Florida 44 - 31 Cronkrite Salomon 507
  3. pacificd

    Fire Skip Ho.. *cough* CCS

    Winning is excellent.
  4. pacificd

    Fire Skip Ho.. *cough* CCS

    That feeling when the board is more entertaining than the game. And we won.
  5. I'm going to avoid any rankings as far as we're concerned. I'll take winning ugly over National respect. Keep winning.
  6. Every time that announcer says South Florida about to bring pressure I expect a 20 - 40 play is coming from Tulsa
  7. Things I've learned by watching this game: 1. The O-line is suspect. 2. We are not a 1st Half Team. 3. Cronkrite transferred from UF.
  8. I'll be back in a few. Going to get my razor blades out of storage.
  9. Was only asking. Not blaming. That was something though.