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  1. UCF. "SI cited multiple sources saying the movement started at UCF." And they've paused their camp? I'd like to see UCF and the AAC comment on this.
  2. I think it's fair to say that many, if not most, knew that 7-0 was a house of cards that was facing its inevitable crumbling. Personally, I was nervous and knew it was a sham. I don't recall being mad at that time per se. But it did lead to being mad toward Strong in the end. Still mad now.
  3. Looks like I'm rooting for nothing but Tigers today.
  4. Let's all hope they drop 60 on OSU. Then we can dream of the coming days when that offense is ours...🤷‍♂️ I'm going to play with the colors on my TV until Orange and Purple looks like Green and Gold. And Scarlet and Silver looks Black and Gold. After a few bourbons I'll be convinced of who is really playing.
  5. Some of us saw signs that it was going to be bad in San Jose 2017.
  6. I think that's true! Including the one I just mentioned.
  7. Does it really matter in the ultimate probability of winning the game? Probably not. In my mind, even if there's an infinitesimal chance of winning I call those timeouts. And beyond that, there's also the message it sends, the attitude behind it, and the feeling that your coach is willing to do anything to try to win (and just maybe the rest of the team will follow suit). Futile, in terms of making a huge difference on the scoreboard? Maybe, but I'd like to see our team go down swinging. EVERY SINGLE TIME. And none of this covers for lack of talent or scheme, of course. But, if you don't have as much of that as you'd like, at least act like you're trying. Yes, it matters to me that he didn't call those timeouts.
  8. A real Oracle would have seen this coming. Many here did.
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