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  1. Maybe we'll get Greg Auman back one day with a beat from The Athletic. We can dream, right?
  2. pacificd

    Blake Barnett

    It's encouraging that he shows up in the 4th Quarter. On a day where he clearly struggled early, he made the plays when they mattered. I have to imagine we will be in at least a few more dogfights this year and I'm pretty happy that we have a dude who will keep battling.
  3. pacificd

    Anyone in Nashville?

    I will be looking for a place to watch. Haven't picked a spot yet.
  4. pacificd

    Anyone in Nashville?

    Anyone around for the Illinois game this Saturday?
  5. pacificd

    Caption This...

    "I'd kick to him again."
  6. It needs to be said regardless of where that happens to be. I will never understand split allegiances and things like 2nd favorite teams. As far as I'm concerned it's the Bulls and everyone else. I could care less about any other team unless that team's performance affects us. The day I enrolled at USF I became a BULL. For life. Cue the "but I was a Gator/Nole fan since I was 6" crowd.
  7. I met him in San Jose last year too. He was giving Harlan an earful at the Alumni Meetup the night before the game. It was great.
  8. pacificd

    Anyone in Nashville?

    Oh great! Let me know.
  9. pacificd

    Anyone in Nashville?

    I live in Nash. I won't be able to meet for the GT game. But I would love to get a group going.