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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. Discuss the merits of petitions. And argue over Firecharliestrong.com.
  2. Oh, is that what everyone means by "Bagman"? We need one of those.
  3. If there really are wholesale changes on the horizon, especially with the Staff, it will be interesting to see what that will bring. I feel like we've been hearing about massive changes for months now. Hell of a time to come on as AD. The guy has a myriad of critical things on his plate all coming to a head at once. What a great opportunity. Hoping we look back at this critical juncture and see the beginnings of a real plan. It would be cool to have a direction, at least a defined one. Maybe that would help with identity or lack thereof.
  4. “I baked the cake at Texas. Now it’s Tom Herman’s job to put icing on the cake & win a lot of games.” - Charlie Strong What is he baking here?
  5. He should have the opinion of every Bulls Fan. I believe a large part of his job is to connect with the fan base. Of course, he makes his own decisions. But, we need to be considered in that decision-making process. After last night, it's pretty apparent that he knows what the larger fan bases' opinion is.
  6. I've said it before on the boards, Harlan told me the night before the SJSU that they wanted to slow Q down. That is the moment my doubt about that regime set in. How could you even conceive of putting reins on the most dynamic playmaker we have ever had? Or might ever have. Everything else since that day has just reinforced the fears I had after those seemingly innocent comments. When scoring too fast is the problem to fix...
  7. The only thing we have going for us is the unknown that is Kelly. He has such an opportunity to do something huge here. He's either going to be another Harlan, or he's going to build a monster. He says he's a Bull. Prove it!
  8. This guy gets a perverse thrill by going against everything Bulls fans say or want. We are all delusional and he has "reasonable" takes. Sure, Joey. I consider his work amateur clickbait. Never misses an opportunity to mix in a dig on us. lol
  9. CHRIS TORELLO‏ @TorelloSports Just received a note that most of the #USF coaches kept wanting Chris Oladokun back in the game. There was one guy who kept sticking with Kean. You can all guess the coach. #WarOnI4 #UCF 3:59 PM - 23 Nov 2018 9 Retweets 10 Likes 3 replies 9 retweets 10 likes
  10. That's basically what got me thinking about it. Yeah.
  11. At some point in the future coaches will be using AI to call plays. I'm genuinely surprised teams haven't looked more into it. I'm not advocating for it. Just wondering if anyone has tinkered with the idea yet. I think getting access to real-time data would be a pretty big problem. I would be curious to see if an AI would value the HB dive as much as others around this program do. I would love to see an AI simulation of a game and compare playcalling with actual OCs. Might be interesting. What type of offense would it run? Run a comparison and see if a bot would punt from the 41 yd line. Does Artificial Intelligence play not to lose? Would you trust a computer to call a game over the current folks? Not just play-calling, but all in-game decisions. Lots of interesting questions.
  12. FInd it fascinating that you're saying we should leave and let UCF and other teams win this weak conference. The weak conference which we have never won, by the way. They are currently winning it. How many of those other conferences that we've been in have we won? If we can't win a weak conference how are we getting to the top of the college football landscape? National Championship contention? Umm what. Maybe we should concentrate on winning this weak conference first before we start thinking that getting into another conference will cure the things that ail us.
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