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  1. Yogi

    Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    Man I’ve been wanting to try that but I always just go for the yuengling instead. It’s always the best choice
  2. Yogi

    Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    That would be the safest school in America.
  3. As much as I’m looking forward to watching this game I may just have to record it. The nascar championship race is on at the same time and my driver Kyle Busch is going for the cup. Unless he crashes out and then it’s basketball season y’all.
  4. Yogi


    Long live the #warflamingo
  5. Yogi

    Beach balls in the south end zone....

    We are in lot 6. I bought a pack of 6 blow up flamingos from amazon for under $12. Willing to trade one for a beach ball.
  6. Yogi

    War flamingo

    I was going to make a flag for tailgating but they want almost $200 for a custom flag
  7. Yogi

    War flamingo

    Every time we came up with a big play on defense. The war flamingo was there giving us the strength.
  8. Yogi

    War flamingo

    The tradition is alive and well in sec 123
  9. Yogi

    Men's Bball: What are your thoughts?

    They do already.
  10. Yogi

    Men's Bball: What are your thoughts?

    Btw. I got a email that they are not distributing season tickets this year. But instead a pass like the bucs do. Hopefully this spills over to football next year. Kinda cool
  11. Yogi

    Girls of Temple

    Can we skip temple and move on to east Carolina.
  12. Yogi


    I believe Georgia tech is open
  13. Yogi

    Team entrance