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  1. You don’t have to pay for premium seats to have access to the club section. You do however have to meet a minimum donation level. We enjoy our seats in the south end zone. But having club access really helps out if it’s too hot or if my 18 month old needs a nap. Also Go Warflamingo.
  2. I’ll be at Disney this weekend. Planning heading over the ESPN cafe to watch the game.
  3. Georgia tech only has white uniforms. 2 different white uniforms at that. Both a home and away.
  4. Yogi


    It’s a bacon and bourbon kind of morning. Nah folks, It don’t get much more better than this.
  5. Yogi


    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Publix chicken tender subs.
  6. Yogi


    Ulele. You can walk the river walk with beers afterwords.
  7. The best way I found. Post on Twitter then share the twitter post.
  8. I hope y’all are ready. There’s no preaseon in college football you know. And with only 6 games this year every tailgate means that much more. Btw. Free beer to anyone that visits us in lot 6 before the game that has a war flamingo with them. *while supplies last Just look for the war flamingo flag.
  9. Yogi

    Season Tickets?

    Yes. No fancy adidas box. But Both Usf football and Michael Kelly responded to my tweet apologizing and offering to send a new box.
  10. Yogi

    Season Tickets?

    I posted this question on Twitter. From what I’ve gathered was everybody was sent the same thing. But if ups damaged the box. Ups repackaged it.
  11. Yogi

    Season Tickets?

    Same here. Really disappointed in what came in the mail compared to seeing what was already posted. I guess my 8 tickets with club access isn’t enough to get a nice box presentation.
  12. Yogi

    Season Tickets?

    It’s the 14th. I hope I get an email today with my tracking number.
  13. Seriously if all the coaches wife’s knew Doesn’t this make him just as guilty. Or am I too drunk to make this connection. It’s ok if I’m wrong. #blametheyuengling
  14. Yogi

    Season Tickets

    Holy crap, we get a car magnet too? Hell yeah!