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  1. Maybe we should consider the TV exposure when we play a team form a different conference. The way I look at it if they don't want us to watch I don't pay to watch.
  2. The Bucs Wore white...at home. They must be stupid!
  3. I think will wait to see what color scheme the Bucs wear Sunday at home.
  4. I suppose that if two cars with same engines running under a blistering sun, one with a white hood and one with a black hood. The white hooded cars hood would be cooler than the black car.
  5. Maybe proofreading would be appropriate. DARK uniforms!
  6. I don't understand what USF wore the dark uniforms thus allowing Georgia Tech wore all white. Earlier in the week a newspaper story mentioned that GT would wilt under our sun. I did in the stands! Sometimes small advantages make a difference. In this case it didn't. The equipment manager should have to answer.
  7. Wow! we don't want to be a "Directional School". Look what happened to schools like North Carolina, South Carolina, University of Southern California.
  8. when the team runs onto the field, what is the P5 flag behind the Bulls Flag?
  9. This topic may have been addressed the same way I am but I don't have time to wade through so many pages so: Every time I watch a college football game that is being played in a municipal stadium as opposed to an on campus stadium I see the same thing empty seats on the "visitors" side. The cameras are shooting from the "home" side.so it looks bad. However if the game is on an OCS the students will fill in the visitors side. We need an On Campus Stadium NOW!
  10. Any suggestions on where or how to watch the USF Syracuse game?
  11. I am happy with that. I think the "Oregon look" is silly. It looked as if some of the players were wearing TuTu's. We are South Florida!
  12. I say you must give Taggart this year and the next for five reasons: 1. If you fire him this year, no coach of any quality will want to come here. 2. The transfers that have decided to return after committing to other schools will change their minds. (Asianti included) 3. The starters we have now (for the most part) are Skippy's recruits. 4. We have had the best recruiting classes within the conference that last two years. Primarily due to WT's recruiting. And number 5. The previous posts showed the number of coaches we still have on our payroll. We can't afford another! Patienc
  13. You'll know when WT is going to get canned. He will receive a contract extension first!
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