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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. Ok, so I agree we are the worst 6-0 football team Quarters 1-3, but we are the best 6-0 football team in the 4th quarter. This team does not flinch in the 4th quarter when down by 2 scores and pulls out the victory. Bulls 4th quarter football is very very entertaining. Some of my humble points on the teams wins: 1. The coaching on the offensive seems predictable, close to the vest and execution is not that great Q 1-3, when we are down in 4th Q, the coaches have no choice but to open up the playbook and let our players out skill our competition. Yes our receivers and running backs are very good and better then the other team 2. Even thou at times the QB seems timing on throws are off, he gives us the best chance to win. He also makes some great runs when needed to keep drives alive. Some better coaching and he can improve quickly. 3. Our run defense is Swiss cheese. I have no answers here. We need a mean streak. 4. I loved big east football with Jim L. Teams, but face it after 5-0 start we would have lost this game. 5. 6-0 baby, just win.
  2. It's obvious this coaching staff is not impressed with Flower's as a passer. Run, run run...
  3. B- Need to win the conference championship in at least football, basketball (men's or ladies) or baseball for a higher grade.
  4. Leavitt would slap the smirk off his face
  5. Was the punter last year a fan favorite? I think Mack would be available in 3rd or 4th round.
  6. We are talking baseball Burbon Butt, football has a lot more cash to get their early, practice, etc.. 3. The crowd is usually bigger for home team, the players can feed off that energy Go look at the statistics between home team and visiting team. Let me give you something easy that your brain may comprehend. Would you rather sleep in your own bed, have your normal routine and go to a business meeting or travel, sleep in hotel room, not be your normal routine then go to meeting I totally understand if your a fry cook, none of this will make sense to you Go Bulls
  7. The advantage/disadvantage is the following: 1. Your more familiar with the ball park if your the home team. Advantage home team 2. If your playing at home, your not traveling. Traveling and sleeping in hotels you will be more tired then if your home and sleeping in your own bed. Advantage home team
  8. In conference play at away games we just need to win the series if 3 games or tie if 2. It's hard to sweep away games in conference play. It's a long season, but we have to dominate at home games, including at UCF.
  9. If he gets drafted in 3rd round, then he made the right decision. Anything later and not a great decision. However, I would love the Bucs to select him if he slips. I would love to pick up Rodney Adams undrafted and place on practice squad and work on hanging on to the ball. Maybe use the same sticky on his hands as the New York Giants receivers.
  10. The successful coach had a losing record and has never won a bowl game..we lost a good upcoming coach, not a successful coach just yet. If he had left with the conference crown, then I would have a different opinion.. He made a mistake making Woodie defensive coordinator. He did not make that mistake at Oregon.
  11. This game we needed to win. The win streak looked nice but we have not turned the corner yet on beating ranked teams consistently.
  12. Heath had some good recruits. Big mistake firing him. That's what happens when the President who is an old lady gets to fire the coach. She said at one time he got fired because he played boring basketball. She did not understand he was trying to slow down the game, play tough defense and win close games. Back then we were playing Big East basketball and he was playing to the strength of his players. Let's fire Judy.
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