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  1. I can say with confidence that’s the worst half of USF football I’ve seen in a while. Penalties, turnovers, ****** play on both sides of the ball. Yuck
  2. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    Games To Watch Week 1

    Of course I’m not holding my breath because it’s Uconn but how sweet it would be to have all the gnat fans silenced Thursday night...
  3. Gonna get there a couple hours early with the wife and fire up the grill for some burgers, brats and beer. I hope this game is decided by the second quarter and am really anxious to see what BB looks like as our QB. Will almost feel wrong seeing anyone other than 9 behind center after these last three years.
  4. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    The Deland regional

    Yet again, jack **** out of that. How could we lose in any other way than agonizing, we are USF after all.
  5. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    The Deland regional

    Aaaaand PS hangs a curveball, 2-1 Pokes.
  6. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    The Deland regional

    That's tough. Worked a couple nice at bats and loaded em up and nothing to show for it.
  7. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    The Deland regional

    Great job by PS there getting out of that jam.
  8. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    AAC Tournament

    Cincy hits a dinger on the second pitch of the ballgame from PS. And good lord this video feed is pure crap.
  9. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    AAC Tournament

    84 Pitches through 3, woof. Probably only going to go 4.
  10. God I hope we can keep Collins around. Kid is fun to watch right now.
  11. They're doing all this with a plethora of draft picks they acquired too like from the Bolts for freeing up Garrison's contract. They picked 12 times in the '17 draft, 3 in the first and two in the second. Unreal.
  12. Wow. At least our ladies are a hell of a basketball team, MBB is just depressing.