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  1. BullFan98

    Google's QB opinion

    Or google has insights into all things and has more and better information???
  2. BullFan98

    USF vs UF Continues

    Great news!
  3. BullFan98

    BJ Daniels

    A couple of big name coaches in that league, which I never heard of before your post.
  4. Are we going to get any requests to transfer as a result? Is it still an open competition?
  5. BullFan98

    HB QF

    Good luck Q! Make it happen.
  6. BullFan98

    We’re hosting

    You would thing USF would fix things up a bit before the event. We want good publicity, not bad. Also says a lot about the selection process.
  7. BullFan98

    We’re hosting

    Good news. I haven't seen the facilities they use for track & field in a long while. Do we have a good facility?
  8. BullFan98

    NFL Draft

    Congrats MVS!
  9. BullFan98

    NFL Draft

    Congrats to a talented dude.
  10. After reading the title of the thread I thought Mons Venus was back on public access tv...anyone remember that.
  11. BullFan98

    ESPN Top 100 NFL Draft Prospects

    The real deal.
  12. Good athlete & football player, but I still believe Senat is our highest drafted Bull this year.
  13. BullFan98

    Bulls do the rolling today over ECU

  14. Nice hit! Hopefully Culpepper is ok. Looking forward to having the dual threat on offense. It keeps or opponent's defenses guessing.