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  1. Yes, as in your lack of taking action will be interpreted in that way from the many Bulls fans on this site.
  2. I also never stated that I was a “hate speech lawyer”. I simply stated, as an attorney hate speech is not protected speech in case you had any concerns. I am all about moving on to talking g about my Bulls, but I am not going to sit back and let you misquote me in public.
  3. The above is a copy & paste of our two messages. Your interpretation of a threat is misguided.
  4. Hello Brad - I find the referenced post extremely insulting. I strongly urge you to not condone antisemitism and delete the post or entire thread if you have to. I know you have worked hard to build a unified forum for Bulls fans. You do not want your site to be know as a place that supports antisemitism. Please delete this thread/post. This type of offensive and insulting behavior should not be tolerated. Please note that as an attorney hate speech is not protected language. Thank you. Quote Report reply Brad 3,122 Replied: 9 minutes ago In no way to I condone antisemitism or any of the "antis" for that matter. I'm not concerned anyone will think the site condones antisemitism because some yahoo let his autocorrect expose him. Thanks, Brad
  5. Threatening you or the site...really? I never threatened you or this site. Is that how you interpreted my message?? Because I said you worked hard to build a unified Bulls forum and that I asked you to remove the referenced word or thread if needed, and that I do not think you want this site known for anti-Semitism. You interpreted that as a threat...come on.
  6. Thank you. This is the one place I can go and escape from all the nonesense going on. I would hate for this forum to be dragged into that.
  7. Looking forward to seeing him in action.
  8. Mistake? Yes, a mistake not to edit the word after finding out the meaning of it. If it was truly a mistake the highly offensive word should be edited/deleted. I don’t believe this forum condones antisemitism, racism, prejudice or hatred. Please do not prove me wrong. I sent you a message. I strongly suggest you take action.
  9. Seminole Heights...is that where Ulele is located? Which by the way was fantastic.
  10. twitter.com 1 StateOfTheUSF (StateoftheUSF) @SHPawdcast @StampedeSBN @casekeenum @wholeteamDot @UHCougarSoccer The 4th quarter should be must see TV! https://t.co/S8uy6oMKrf 12:21 PM - 25 Oct 2018 6 4
  11. twitter.com Phil Steele (philsteele042) The top offenses in yards per play 1. Oklahoma 8.69 2 Alabama 8.3 3 Memphis 7.67 4 Ole Miss 7.67 5 Houston 7.39 6 Clemson 7.24 7 Georgia 7.13 8 Purdue 7.07 9 West Virginia 7.05 10 Ohio U 6.98 11 UCF 6.92 12 USF 6.9 13 App St 6.89 12:38 PM - 25 Oct 2018 430 140
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