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  1. BullFan98

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    Anyone have access to the ECU boards? Curious what their fans are saying about this game.
  2. BullFan98

    Nigel Harris

    That would be good news. Keep working at it Nigel.
  3. As much as I would enjoy seeing UCF lose to FAU, it is better for us that UCF wins. We need UCF to continue to win so that when we beat them in our final conference game of the year it helps us with the polls. This of course assumes that we continue to win our games for any chance of a big time bowl matchup.
  4. Not certain, but I believe they are up there. I believe we are 8 - 2 against Syracuse.
  5. Would love another shot at UF.
  6. BullFan98

    Impact Freshman

    St. Felix is the real deal and stands out the most to me as our biggest impact freshman.
  7. BullFan98

    Some Changes for Saturday’s Game

    I think the "why" will give us more insight on how long we have to suffer without a kicker.
  8. Let’s get this win and make it 8-1 all time against ECU.
  9. BullFan98

    Some Changes for Saturday’s Game

    Cloak and dagger on Vivonetto...what is the story on this? He must have really **** his bed. Our kicking game is horrendous and our best kicker is not playing due to a “bug” from two weeks ago.
  10. I hear your frustration, but it is prevelant throughout college football.
  11. Its the coaching val...coaches do not want to broadcast substitutions, injuries, etc. for the coaching staff of the next opponent.
  12. 1) South Florida2) 38-303) Jordan Cronkrite4) St. Felix5) 550 Go Bulls! I hope this game is not as close as the score depicts, but our games tend to be closer than they should be.
  13. BullFan98

    True BULLS FAN!

    Wow...that’s dedication to the program.
  14. Do we become ranked with a win against ECU?