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  1. I teach K-5 Science but have taught in elementary school for 25 years (USF College of Ed. Class of '94). If you have a need across the curriculum, I can help find you resources. Stay healthy!
  2. D***, I was going to comment on the Skip Holtz thing! BTW I think the ______ will destroy us was the poster with the tag __________eats it.
  3. I live just around the corner. I might stop by.
  4. Hey Brad, how do these tickets show club access? Is it the shaded part at the bottom. They don't say access anywhere on the ticket.
  5. Being in Doak for the FSU win was something, but that year we beat the crap out of Louisville at home was really fun. And WVU was rockin'.
  6. 1. No 2. UL, UM, FSU ,SU, Pitt, NCST, Clem 3. Moose 4. Tackles (There will be a bunch) 5. My best man lives in ATL, so maybe.
  7. I don't remember what year it was, but the home loss to Army was a bad one! I remember being up by 21 or something, then the defense melted down and they came back and stunned us. I remember yelling at the wife because she was wearing a BLACK sweater over her Bulls gear. That one stung. But yeah, the Rutgers game sucked.
  8. Took my son over there to get spray-on tattoos, throw the football, and go in the jumper. There wasn't anything there! Slacking! Anyone know what's going on?
  9. Did I miss something or are we still waiting for the season ticket packets. The season is right around the corner.
  10. They're closing the one at University Parkway in Sarasota as well. Their quality of food and service has been in decline for years. Hard to find good help...
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