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  1. Or, depending on whose side you’re on, in the best/worst case, ruin their “National Championship” push. Say what you want, that is usually our most competitive game of the year, even in our lowest of down years. I’ll gladly take that over a yearly showdown with FL powerhouse….FAU. 🙄
  2. I know this is a running joke on TBP, but how much does this add to the cost? I don’t visit many other universities (these Green and Gold goggles are pretty difficult to take off; sadly, especially during football season) but is this not a thing at schools with bench seating?
  3. Fair enough. I would think that the board would be dictating these things. Basically, I’m saying that it would make sense if the President of the University would be more cautious around the board instead of vice-versa. But again, that’s fair if your speculation is accurate.
  4. Different designs after MK took over from my observations.
  5. May God grant rest to the dead, but he ain’t here no more. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Times have-a changed (but so has the price of steel).
  6. I’m not saying that it’s the end-all-be-all to wins. But it will help with what the program needs: more efficiency while practicing (that hopefully translates on the field: Fortin) and better talent recruited.
  7. Other than building an OCS and fostering an SEC style of recruiting (Brown Paper Bag Scholarships), I believe that decision has been made with shovels going in the ground this week for the IPF. I think people are forgetting how beneficial that will be for the program.
  8. I hope so too. And I could be wrong! I don’t have an issue to admitting that, if so. I’m not a CJS homer (I’m even worse; bring back Jim 😈), but I won’t call for his head for at least another year. All I’m hoping for is some progress this season. It’s unfortunate that we have to play UF and suffer that before we are able to truly see what we have.
  9. Yet, Strong was so bad, he was fired. Trying to address the rest of that might give me an ulcer.
  10. Number 1: Our defense showed that it can be considerably better. It was bend-don’t-break until the end of the 2nd. By the 2nd half, the QB miscues finally broke the defense. Number 2: We may have something with McClain. He made a bunch of “freshman-thrown-into-the-fire” mistakes. If Scott ends the musical chairs before it starts, and sticks with him, we may have an FBS QB in him next season. Number 3: We still fought to the end. Strong’s team would’ve quit after 2 scoring drives by NCState.
  11. Look at who we played! Dave Doeren has been HC there since our 1st year under TAGGART. Our program is in a complete rebuild. Come on! —— And, of course I did. As agonizing as it was. I saw quite a bit that I liked and a decent amount that I’m concerned about.
  12. I’ve resigned to the fact that I won’t/can’t help y’all understand, and consider, context. There were many team’s “results” that were skewed last year. BAMA and their ilk were able to withstand the attrition. We were already whittled down before we had our spring cancelled and playbook installation OVER ZOOM in the summer. Again, Strong was the one who cratered the program. He was unable to fix it. That’s why he lost his $5 mil/yr. job. THERE WERE, and are, ZERO INDICATORS THAT STRONG WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER THAN SCOTT, especially in a pandemic year.
  13. I didn’t see a pandemic coming. I didn’t see how poorly our country would handle it. I didn’t see spring ball being cancelled. I also didn't see how poor of a team Strong left behind, where those aforementioned circumstances would’ve been less impactful on a better team.
  14. His resume and former boss say otherwise! 😂 I’m confident they would take him back in a heartbeat if he wanted to go back. Also, AS AN HC, he doesn’t have the responsibility to call plays anyway. To your last point, MOST coaches would be looking like they’re in-over their heads considering the complete mess our program (not just team) was just a year ago.
  15. No shots at anyone, but we just have a better site (Thank you Brad and everyone who contributes). I was lurking this site in high school before even sitting for the SAT. It’s better than any of the other school’s fan forums that I considered attending (never looked into UF’s ecosystem, cause…you know….eff ‘em?)
  16. Wait, so you’re telling me that hiring a highly-touted, OFFENSIVE minded (a criteria I remember everyone here placing at the top of their wishlist) coordinator, from the (arguable) 2nd best program in the country, with said program’s HC’s personal blessing…was not a home run hire? At least an actual attempt at one? Chuck Strong was considered a “home run”, Taggs was considered a “home run”, I was a teenager during the CSH days, but I recall him being considered a “home run” hire. Hindsight is 20/20 but “revisionist” history is complete denial of context (there’s that word again) around the events of our past (*cough, Afgh*****an, cough*).
  17. Based on what evidence? Strong is the one who destroyed the team. He couldn’t fix what he messed up. That was literally the reason he lost his job. He was given an entire additional year to turn the Titanic around; he just couldn’t and didn’t do it. There were ZERO indications that Strong would have navigated us back from the situation he led our program to. Especially during these times! With Scott, and all our our medical talent on campus, we barely have 80% vaccinated. You think Strong would’ve managed anything better than that? I know that has no direct tie to X’s and O’s, but it does indicate (even at a minute level) dedication to the team. We have hit the iceberg. People are wet, cold, mad about the lost time and money. Some will be lost along the way as we paddle our way back but, like many people who were on the Titanic, we will eventually make it back home. We will be more cautious about our boat and who’s navigating, but we will make it back eventually.
  18. Context: We only won 1 game, in a COVID year, with no spring camp, with a new head coach, after firing a coach that completely cratered the program (fired an entire year too late to stop the bleeding sooner)… —— I think these facts are being completely lost in all of these threads.
  19. I think it can be said that our coaches have been pretty efficient at the “take their money and run” game; not so sure if that skillset translates well to “take the money and help our run” game though... maybe a feasibility study of some sort will help us get a feel if it’s possible? 🙃
  20. Most of it is about context. A lot of current students are unaware that this plan was in place since 2017, and also don’t understand the projected value of an IPF on student-athletics, and (potentially) the greater university in general. My youngest sister (current USF senior) put it into perspective when vocalizing her anger about the building. I explained the aforementioned elements to her (at a bird’s eye level), she started to understand, reluctantly, after explaining that this project is all private donation based; not funded by students or the university directly. These “kids” need thorough explanations in the “instant outrage” era we’re in to combat misunderstandings that can/should be cleaned up with an hour or two of research.
  21. Not gonna lie, that was pretty fun. Sending it to a few of my PoliSci friends. 😂
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