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  1. Just wanna remind everyone that Taggart went 2-10 and 4-8 before going 8-5 and 10-2 before we go burn everything down again.
  2. What are the odds it keeps getting later? That would be fantastic.
  3. They were pretty good last year and we were terrible. Hope no one bets their house on this.
  4. Idk I actually think this is a good thing for us. You’re telling Quinton Flowers’s face wouldn’t have been plastered all over the Bay area at the height of his popularity? I’d rather be famous in TB than in Tulsa, Oklahoma or Greenville, NC if I was a college kid.
  5. He can join Jose Fernandez (R.I.P) in the “almost enrolled” USF athletics hall of fame.
  6. Vasilevsky is incredible. Very entertaining series. Best of luck the rest of the way.
  7. Spencer Knight. South Florida legend. See you all for Game Six! 🐀🐀🐀
  8. What a game. What a series. Let’s go Cats!
  9. I've been the only Panthers fan in my groups of friends since moving to Tampa to go to USF. It has been the worst for a very long time but I'm proud to not have jumped over to the Lightning just because of success. I am really pumped about this series and have been talking smack to all my TBL Lightning friends all week. Game 2 of at least 6 guaranteed tonight. Let's go Cats! P.S. Been debating going to the St Pete Fergs to watch the games with my buddies in Panthers gear but don't know if how much of dbag move that is, but whatever, at least I'm a real fan. If you guys are ever there for the series feel free to say hi.
  10. Unfortunately we’ve seen how far an undefeated team in our caliber of conference can go with UCF’s undefeated seasons and it’s not very high (except on their minds). So for now, we are a sleeping {that}.
  11. Question is, how would the fan base react to a 5-7? We’re improving or CJS sucks?
  12. Pro: we’ll be decent as long as Fortin stays healthy. Con: Fortin is made out of glass and will probably get hurt against UF.
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