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  1. Selvie over Raymond. Allen also needs to be included. How did that kind of talent barely go 8-5? Almost even lost to NIU had it not been for Mike Ford.
  2. Holtz’s biggest demise without a doubt was choosing Chris Cosh as his defensive coordinator his last year. We lost almost every game in the last minute or so, but the offense was scoring points each game. Had he picked someone competent he might’ve still been here.
  3. Just sucks knowing all these wins have never led to jack squat in the bigger picture.
  4. There is 0 chance. Zero, nada, silch, that we win this game if it happens. I admire the size of your green and gold goggles but absolutely no way we win. Wisconsin part two for sure. Now, give Coach Scott about 2-3 years of recruiting/system coaching and I think we’ll be back to winning like the late Taggart teams.
  5. If this game happens we will get stomped.
  6. lol I remember people last year making a big deal of McDoom calling out Strong for having shiite practices and wondering: "Is this the beginning of positive change/mentality??" Obviously not the case.
  7. At this point I'm cool with just an AAC schedule, sucking for a year, and moving on to 2021. Realistically, the only way college football will be played would be if each conference creates a bubble like the NBA for its conference members and play all games in a neutral field without fans. That is the only way any kind of CFB season actually happens, anything else, COVID will cancel it.
  8. The uniforms have sucked ever since adidas took over. That green makes me wanna puke. Bring these back!
  9. While this upcoming season will be a dud it'll be great for us to just move on to year 2 of the CJS era as soon as possible. Sucks for the seniors but it is what it is.
  10. We should’ve built an OCS when we had the chance.
  11. Gonna be great watching him upset UF in Tampa.
  12. Cade Fortin will finish the season as the starting QB.
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