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  1. At least he can handle a press conference. Would be super dope to have a former Bull as HC.
  2. This look away by Conkrite after answering the question says it all. Players are done with this, they know it runs deeper than it should. Man, that is tough.
  3. Dude just buy like two $5 ones at the Ray Jay box office and sit wherever the hell you want.
  4. What could’ve been...sigh. I remember in that game when he went for two for no reason and got it. Showed CWT-like swagger. What a shame.
  5. Nah man. Good HC hires really saved that program, first and foremost.
  6. Leavitt's peak was in 2007 - more than ten years ago. The game might have passed him by as well. Let's look to the future not to the past.
  7. Screw Taggart. Never forget: “All I can say is, some people assume things will happen just because they’re there. I knew things were going to be tough, at my first press conference, when someone said, ‘Coach, we can’t wait to get back to No. 2 again!’” Taggart said. “I’m like, you were No. 2 for a week. The program had a lot of success, but when they got there, they didn’t know what to do with it or where to go. They had no plan.”
  8. I hope this means we can hire Kendall Briles as our next Head Coach.
  9. What a great class! Selvie’s name needs to be the first to go up on our future ring of honor whenever we get an OCS. I mean, ****, a two-time All-American (one time CONSENSUS) - unfortunately it’ll probably be a long time until we see a USF player get that kind of accolade again.
  10. I like Wilcox. He’s definitely a key player on this team. But if he ever sees the field on an NFL team (not preseason) I’ll be incredibly surprised. I don’t know why everyone here acted like he’s the second coming of Gronk. Even his “decision” to come back seemed over the top. ^ That being said, he’s still severely underused.
  11. This is a fantastic idea. I would seriously donate if I saw it. On another note, I'm currently at UF getting my Ph.D. and it is very surreal to see them currently putting the set together and stuff outside of the library. I would do anything for one day to happen on our campus.
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