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  1. This has to be the most depressing front page of a message board from a team that actually won a game. Sure there are things to fix, but yall, we're undefeated and probably ranked soon. Go Bulls
  2. zarnozdabull

    Is it better or worse for USF if FAU upsets ucf?

    Just like 95% of all cfb stadiums. At this point ill take UCF stadium part 2 on the USF campus. Wasnt it only like 60 mil to build that ****? We could pull that off in 1 1/2 years easy. The atmosphere is night and day.
  3. You must be great at parties...
  4. Can’t say Ive ever been to a “UCF hate watch party” and I dont think I would ever waste my time at one if it ever happened. They are a bunch of ex-girlfriends who cant get over it. Bunch of losers honestly.
  5. I dont understand UCiF fans. Theyve surpasses us as a program (that hurt to write) with their conference titles and BCS bowl wins yet they are still obssessed with us for some unknown reason. I mean look at this petty ass crap:
  6. zarnozdabull

    GAMEDAY!!! (New Background for it)

    It's so hard to believe that that picture shows the actual attendance for a real USF game once. So sad now.
  7. Everyone always forgets Cincinnati 2009.
  8. zarnozdabull

    Taggart SBNation Comment on USF

    Dang I wished I'd gone with my gut and bet the house against FSU. Taggart always has a terrible first year. Hope Noles fans can handle it.
  9. Wow had Barnett not transferred we would be screweeeeed. He better stay healthy...
  10. We want Bama. How do you guys feel about the new commercial?
  11. zarnozdabull

    USF vs UF Continues

    I think this would be a better argument had UCF not gone winless under the same coach that they were BCS champs with (O'Leary). They weren't in any kind of transition phase, it was kind of unexplainable why they were so bad that year.
  12. I think the last two seasons have proven that winning isn't the total cure for attendance woes. We need an OCS, and we need it now.