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  1. The Vipers logo is the worst thing I have ever seen.
  2. Coaches didn’t want to reward someone who couldn’t stay off the weed. Every time I saw him walking around on campus he was high as hell.
  3. We will never have the capabilities for a pocket passing QB. How many times do we need to try this failed experiment? We need to mentally prepare for a losing season next year. Not trolling, just stating the truth though it hurts.
  4. The need for a pro-style QB worries me. Coach Scott is in for a rude awakening.
  5. Its going to be a loooooong season next year... Don’t expect us to be good for at least 2 years with a complete overhaul.
  6. Very reserved. I’m getting Skip Holtz vibes. I don’t know if this guy really fits USF’s urban metro identity. Like some poster said - he’s had the best HS players in the nation to work with so far... Hope I’m proven wrong.
  7. I know the guy comes from a winning program and probably knows his stuff... but does anyone else get major Skip Holtz vibes?
  8. Must’ve been a 24 hour rollercoaster of emotions for you diehard Leavitties. I feel for y’all.
  9. Curren Ph.D student at UF, so I guess go Gators? (Ugh) But not even close to my Bulls!
  10. Welcome coach Jeff Scott! Hope you lead us to many years of success!
  11. By winning all of their regular season games in back-to-back years.
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