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  1. zarnozdabull

    UCF Hate thread

    Size DOES matter...
  2. I’d be curious to find out how many people would rather have championships and NYC bowl trophies in the USF trophy case over our handful “marquee wins.” I know I would. I can’t think of ONE thing that our program is currently doing, or has done, better than the people in Orlando, and that really sucks (besides not killing someone of course).
  3. Your animosity towards them and their program proves me right. Do you feel this way about any other of the 120 fbs teams in the nation?
  4. zarnozdabull

    We are all UCF fans this week

    Funny to see everyone say this was a bad attempt at trolling and yet it got them all pissed off lol. Succesful troll is successful. No true exisiting USF fan would ever do such a thing as OP proposes. Good work Terrence, now go back to the UCF rivals board to show them what you’ve accomplished.
  5. UCF is our natural rival. Anyone who disagrees is delusional. Everything from our similar names, to our proximity, to the whole Tampa vs. Orlando - Disney vs. Busch Gardens. I’m glad this game is played and is a conference game. Sucks they’re so good right now but oh well that happens sometimes. #WarOnI4
  6. Heres my prediction: Blake Barnett will throw an INT to close out this game reminiscent of Mike White. Screenshot this post.
  7. zarnozdabull

    Promote Shaun King

    Right. I never said otherwise?
  8. Has there been ANY kind of update on the OCS situation besides that one thing where they showed what it would potentially look like or not really? We need one, pronto. Screw Ray Jay.
  9. He seemed to do fine with Teddy Bridgewater at the helm.
  10. Not to stir the pot but I remember a good amount of you talking **** about Taggart’s field presence and “deer in the headlights look,” and now we all wish he was still here. All it takes is for that ONE recruit (aka Flowers) to change a program and perception of a head coach around. I hope Charie can get him, not cause I like him, but for the sake of USF football.
  11. zarnozdabull

    Promote Shaun King

    He was an offensive program coordinator at USF in 2009. While technically not a positions coach, we kind of just called everyone around the athletics building and football program “coach.” I was star struck when I first met him, but it kind of went away after trying to hold a conversation with him. Still, he IS a playing legend here regardless.
  12. Ding ding ding. Unfortunately, you guys have the silverware to back your point. Ray Jay supporters can only offer assumptions.
  13. zarnozdabull

    Promote Shaun King

    As someone who used to work for athletics when I was a student, I can tell you that I never understood a word that came out of Coach Blackwell’s mouth. He also seemed lost all the time. I’m grateful for what he did as a player, but he’s not our savior as a coach by any means.
  14. zarnozdabull

    My email to AD Michael Kelly

    Fixed it for you. Holtz was more like 3-9.
  15. Smaller than I thought.