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  1. To answer OPs question: 10/24/20. Just shut down the rest of the season at this point.
  2. Tulsa is going to blow us out. NEVER thought I would type that sentence. They are surprisingly good.
  3. You gotta throw the ball in the situation. Even if it’s a screen. A QB draw might be the worst call ever.
  4. The reality is that our O-line simply is not good enough for a pure pocket passer like Fortin to succeed. McCloud has the “ability” (sort of) to scramble when needed to, which seems like is the majority of snaps.
  5. The offense is fine (besides some of the playcalling in timely situations.) The defense needs work. Have we gotten a sack all year? Used to be a time where opponents feared our pass rush, now it's a joke.
  6. As a graduate of the USF College of Education, for the first time in my life, I am ashamed to be a Bull. This is disheartening. How do we go from having the fifth largest College of Education in 2009, to completely closing it down in 2020? Admins are blaming a "decline in enrollment due to a decline in the desire in education as a career path," well WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS? Maybe instead of closing down the College, figure out what you are doing wrong as managers by asking students, faculty, etc. what you can do the prevent running into the ground like you did. "Oh well, let's just
  7. I agree with CJS. That one play where he scrambled away from a sure sack was Grothe like. The O-line blows. That is by far our biggest flaw.
  8. Lol at blaming McCloud instead of the O-line. It was actually impressive to see some of the plays he has able to make with that crap protection. You can put Tom Brady back there and even he’s not gonna he able to do anything with that non-protection.
  9. Feel so bad for players like Ford. Dude should transfer out and try to actually win something. He’s special talent. Also, these coordinators... I’m not a fan of running HB dives with under 2 minutes left in the half down 17. Weiss’s play calling is veryyy questionable so far. Spencer has also underwhelmed at every school he’s coached at. Look at the numbers, his defense average several blowouts a season and he’s hardly every retained. Just throwing that out there, they need to be under a magnifying glass as well.
  10. I guess no need for it lately. Makes sense.
  11. Hi all. I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to post this (I’m sure Triple B will let me know soon enough) but I am currently selling two tix at a discounted price in Sec. 127. If you are interested, shoot me a message.
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