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  1. Also, it's funny how for Skip Holtz's last game Judy Genshaft was quoted saying how the lack of crowd was really saddening and therefore they had to let him go. And there was 35,000 fans in attendance, that's how much the fanbase was still attached to the program even then. We would kill for that kind of attendance right now. Good example of the fluid standards we've experienced.
  2. As someone who became a USF student in 2009. It's crazy to have experienced this downfall and what has happened to the entire program. From standing room only in the largest student section in the Big East, to an empty shell of a stadium. It has been unbelievable.
  3. Knowing what I know now, I probably would've hired Tony Elliot or brought back Taggart. Elliot is apparently responsible for recruiting in Florida for Clemson, don't know why we chose Scott (who apparently cant recruit being in Tampa to save his life) when Elliot was a possibility.
  4. Is it really that hard to recruit 11 dudes to play D1 ball being the major university in Tampa, Florida, to beat the likes of tulsa off of a bye?! He's two recruiting cycles in at this point. It's almost harder to not be able to.
  5. No way you can be that clueless as a coach. Gave the dline enough time to get off the block into a sack. Crazy crazy playcall.
  6. Why did we fake an RPO?! Like we would actually run the ball?? Took time away from the blocking leading to a sack. Unbelievably bad coaching. Worse than Holtz and Strong combined, Scott needs to go. He is not the guy.
  7. Just got home and turned on the TV to catch McClain scoring. What have I missed? Is the score reflective of the game?
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