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  1. That is fair but, to your point, we also saw an overhaul of the staff to give CCS the chance to improve. I am assuming that “grace” was given to avoid the financial situation that ultimately ensued with his firing. In which case, that decision is reasonable from my point of view. Was it the correct move? Hindsight says “no”. But it’s hard to not see it as the rational decision.
  2. Kelly has a vision and he has been working on it. He has made many moves from (desperately needed) coaching changes to upping the scheduling and securing a surprising amount of sponsorships. Yes, I acknowledge that the CCS one was a year too late, however, Kelly had just gotten the job. My understanding of the professional world has always been to evaluate your department/surroundings FIRST before making any drastic changes. Of which, it seems, he has been doing. I am confident that a budget increase was/is in the works, but, obviously, this year has been one for the 🗑 and has thrown a s
  3. Not gonna lie, that was pretty fun. Sending it to a few of my PoliSci friends.
  4. I personally made sure to appropriately “rehydrate” after it to not remember...
  5. Some friends and I have talked about this numerous times. There’s no consistency between the cheerleaders/sun dolls, band and PA crew. The lack of synergy has caused confusion in the stands. Tradition has fallen to the wayside at the games. Students, and many in the crowd for that matter, don’t know the chants, songs or when/what to yell/cheer most of time. Even when we were terrible in ‘13 and ‘14 (I was a student 2013-2017), I recall the student section knew most of the chants and there being more synergy. I can’t put a finger on what has happened since leading to the change but
  6. Cory, (this is Darnell btw) you of all people know the actives are at the games. Most chapters have their “ joint” alumni-active tailgate just as our chapter does for the first game while the sororities do their thing. Then everyone is there in full force for the other games throughout the season. See you Saturday brotha. (RHGN)
  7. Adam was also very engaged with working with the fraternity community and figuring out ways to bring resolve to some of the issues that manage to be contended on an annual basis on TBP. I share in the hope that someone as understanding and engaging as Adam steps up; he was a proven ally in USF Athletics for our community while I was an undergrad.
  8. I’m pretty sure that the “Vice President” title places the role on par with other university Vice Presidents. So... Judy is President. http://www.usf.edu/provost/resources/leadership-and-contacts.aspx
  9. We had a someone to play fullback?! Who would’ve thought...
  10. And here I am thinking that an insatiable appetite for football was a part of the “hyper-masculinity complex of fraternity culture...” Guess I was wrong.
  11. Nothing. Fraternity rush never conflicts with a football game. Potential new members are only instructed to not drink with fraternity members at the games because it could sway them and give the young men the wrong outlook on what the experience is (supposed to be) about. Sorority recruitment, however, is more structured and does pull interested women away because of said structure. Schools with more established football cultures have come up with different solutions to avoid conflicting scheduling but that had to start from the top and required an investment by admin to allow for said so
  12. First, USF just doesn’t have it. It annoys me how many good things are introduced one season and discontinued the following season. Second, I recognize that going back and forth with those who weren’t/aren’t a part of the Fraternity/Sorority community is a waste of time. So I’ll leave it at this: While I can understand, and to a degree, agree with your (whomever applies) sentiments, as a former high ranking student leader, I must say that trying to work with administration is WAY easier said than done. Have a great day all. Go Bulls.
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