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  1. Wooden Bull

    WBB v Tulane

    Thx for update. Go Bulls
  2. Wooden Bull

    Sooo next season...

    maybe you should invest in a boat. for me, it's all about the tailgate.
  3. Wooden Bull

    UNOFFICIAL Baseball Schedule

    Something to look forward to. Thanks for the post. Go baseBULLS.
  4. Wooden Bull

    Bulls Happy Hour Friday

    we are planning on attending. alumni meet and greet is always a great way to kick off a roadie. GO BULLS
  5. Wooden Bull

    Audio replay on now

    Thanks Brad. I hope they sound better than what i saw saturday night.
  6. MLB, you know it is all about the cash with them...so my guess is loyal ticket holders "will get nothing, and like it"
  7. Wooden Bull

    In other news Oregon lost to ASU

    been there, california. done that, san jose. great to meet other tbp fans, including you char but not going back. good for the schedule but if scheduled probably would be a tuesday game on the ocho.
  8. Wooden Bull

    Quiz: USF vs ECU

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 73 seconds  
  9. Wooden Bull

    Attendance is an embarrassment

    Just got home from the game. Really, I'll tell ya what an embarrassment is: the Athletic Director who does not stand up to the conference.Screw the local season ticket holding fan, sell out to the devil for televised inventory and play half our home games on non Saturday. Bet atleast one of our two remaining Saturday games will be the ever popular noon kick off. Continue to cater to the televised audience and loyal ticket holders like us will join/become that audience.
  10. what's the ole saying, "it's not all bad if they "spell" your name right"? there within is our problem. i only listen to da douche on wednesday at 3 to hear chris landry's takes. understanding the host has experienced recent health issues, he cannot complete his thoughts or sentences to the point of it being almost un-listenable. bad press is, none the less, press...
  11. Good- we didn't play Liberty or Howard. Bad- we played Stony Brook. Ugly- Dreadful "W".
  12. Wooden Bull

    Schedule Alert

    what little hope for a tailgate is gone. I HATE non saturday games as much as espn.
  13. Wooden Bull

    Girls of Stony Brook

    nicely posted, thanks for sharing.