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  2. Regarding your work, I hope that all works out for you. All these unknowns must put a lot of stress on people. Wish you well on that.. On the football game scenario, I was set straight by Frisco that TX v LSU is no more. Now I'm just adjusting to the reality of that scheduling fantasy. I'll find another to meander on about of this I'm sure.
  3. Dam! I think I'm just going to can this topic I'm batting zero... "gassy"? No not gastric but poss cerebral?? I'm going to give you a laughing hysterically attaboy up tick on your post for helping me grasp perspective...
  4. Don't worry about the brainfart, it happens to me all the time. If I was Texas I would want to keep the LSU game first, unless they are just scared to play them (no god fearing Longhorn fan would ever admit to that, but could be true). Anyway, I hope the game is played, but it seems doubtful at this point in time. There is so much risk involved to so many people and one month away doesn't seem like enough time. In fact my company, we were suppose to go back to the office in September, well they just officially moved that to January, 2021.
  5. The American has a strategy beside posting P6 on everything? Moe Greene has better vision than Aresco.
  6. I'll be shocked if the the Big 12 goes it alone and tries to do anything more than a conference-only schedule. But in the bigger picture this is just a stair step down to what will eventually be the full cancellation of the college football season. The focus needs to shift to trying to save the college basketball season.
  7. What about playing FSU? They also need a non-conference game held in the state. They just revised their schedule for their 10 conference games (includes ND), but no OOC on it. https://seminoles.com/sports/football/schedule/
  8. Not really a mystery moment, Texas-LSU cancelled, SEC conference only. Your brain really has been gassy lately
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  10. Ha!! "will" be bored?? If it weren't for off topic there wouldn't be any topics at all. Posts have been all over the place for months. Everyone on here are trying to pass the time and be cautiously hopeful. IF no football?? Lawdy the posts about bball are going to go ballistic. Along with some recipes, auto maintenance tips, personal hygiene tips, etc etc
  11. Game in Tx...Of course it is?? I poss had a geographic brainfart moment... Anyway, it's still an interesting thought re: if they do cancel some of their non-conf games wouldnt it make sense for them (in the bigger pic) to keep LSU and can us even if it costs them some $$. Never know: new coach, new scheme, many new players, hungry team it might(might) cause them some problems being first game of the year and, the BIG game the next week..? Will Herman go for a dice roll on a tune-up game or opt for another week of practice??? mystery moment
  12. Not putting the blame on Hank, although he looked real slow getting across the crease on the first goal. He played well the rest of the way. Hoping there is more urgency from the team today.
  13. He is 50/50...can’t put the blame on Henrik but Igor can move the move puck significantly better behind the net which is needed to control the aggressive forechecking of the Cane’s D. I am hearing it’s 50/50 That Igor gets the start.
  14. They played like crap. Looked like they were skating in sand compared to Carolina. Hopefully Shesterkin plays today.
  15. I'm not sure about crossing state borders, that seems a little harsh. But traveling out of the USA is already barred by many countries, so that has already happened. Luckily we are not scheduled to play any College teams from Canada or Europe.
  16. Thats true, they are already talking about shuffling some non-conf games to the end the season. I just hope there is a season for us all to enjoy in some form or fashion.
  17. I know we disagree on this point and thats fine....I still think a win over the top G5 conference (which is undeniable) means a little more than a win over CUSA. But to your point, probably not a whole lot more, unless we were somehow unexpectedly end up having a great season.
  18. Yes Texas is football crazy, even at the High School level.....Florida is football crazy too, but I think Texas might have the edge. If Texas wasn't having this spike right now, there is no doubt they would figure out a way to have his game, it just might be out of their control.
  19. Well they are off to a good start, up 1-0 in the series over the Leafs. GO BOLTS!
  20. Wow the last remnants of the "good old days" are all dissappearing.......Is that the definition of us offically getting old, Frisco? Not me, I'm going to try and stay young forever, or die trying -haha!
  21. OK its very easy just to point blame, but not give a solution.....What is your solution? I agree professional players SHOULD be professional and smart enough to do the right thing. But alot of the times they are not. So how do you police it? Just let the inmates run the asylum? We would have an even bigger problem all over (just like the Marlins have now). Management is hired for a reason, to manage situations. I'm not saying they should "run our lives" by any means......I just don't get your point!
  22. there probably shouldnt be any travel in the usa and no one should cross state borders until virus is under control
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