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  1. I may need to rewatch the game, but I recall thinking a few of the shorter passes were placed in places where receivers didn’t have an opportunity to make a play after the catch. Of course that doesn’t include balls thrown to McCants because even when his back is turned to a defender he’s getting some yards after a catch.
  2. I thought I was jaded to the world after working as a prosecutor. However, reading the excerpts from the latest complaint online made me close my browser in disgust. The older players systematically used freshmen players to lure female freshmen students to parties so they could drug and gang **** them. If the ongoing Texas Rangers' investigation determines the allegations are true and if the staff had any knowledge about what was going on, this should be the end of the program. Art Briles should be criminally prosecuted for enabling this behavior.
  3. Since they were dismissed from the team do they get to play this season?
  4. Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully they all come out of this OK, and it can be a learning experience for all involved.
  5. If similar workouts were in place here, is it possible that over exertion was to blame for us falling apart in the second half of games?
  6. I apologize for the horribly worded post. I meant to say, CCS is a very well respected coach that hasn't faced accusations of bad character. The coaches at the other four schools in Wilson's top five have. Stoops is in hot water for the lack of discipline against Mixon, Fisher turned a blind eye to Jameis's accuser, Meyer was at UF during some tough times, and if I recall correctly many years ago Coach O drunkenly assaulted a woman. My only point (which was poorly worded) is that we're the only team on the list with a coach that has any class.
  7. When looking at the alternatives, I take solace that there is no evidence that our coach covered up accusations of ****, murder, or violence against women or that he drunkenly committed any of those crimes. I don't even have a child, and I wouldn't trust him or her with those scumbags.
  8. I expect a four star or two will sign most years, but they will be downgraded by most services as soon as they commit to us.
  9. I hope UCF's recruits were watching to see what they're signing up for. There's still time to save themselves.
  10. I had to look it up. Thankfully Urban Dictionary is around for people that are as uncool and out of touch as I am. Chop it up
  11. I think CCS has a year of eligibility left and will be lining up at DE.
  12. After watching his highlights, I'm ready to overlook his tweets being in slang.
  13. Bruce asked Robert Porcher to Facetime him related to reopening Porcher's recruitment. It looks like he is still on the job for us.
  14. If the "other commitments" include an expanded budget for his staff, who do you think he is targeting?
  15. Tom Korun's last couple of Tweets have been awfully coy. Shall we ready the pitchforks?
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