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  1. "2016 Stats: 543 rushing yards, 293 receiving yards, 231 kick-return yards, 213 punt-return yards, 14 total TD Rushing ability: Though he has returned more than 50 combined punts and kickoffs in his career, D'Ernest Johnson is more of a bruiser than a cruiser. As just mentioned above, Quadree Henderson ran for at least 30 yards on more than 13 percent of his carries, but in 228 career carries, Johnson has not had a single run go for more than 24 yards. And yet, he was a consistent source of good yardage last year, averaging 4.9 per carry with eight scores. Receiving ability: Over the past two seasons, Johnson has 54 receptions, with nine of them going for touchdowns. The last time he was on the field was his most impressive performance of all, finishing the Birmingham Bowl win over South Carolina with six receptions for 95 yards—setting a new career high in both categories. And with 2016 No. 1 target Rodney Adams out of the picture, Johnson had more receptions last year than any other returning Bull. What to expect in 2017: After three years of patiently waiting while Marlon Mack rushed for more than 3,600 yards, it's finally Johnson's turn to shine. He may well still finish behind dual-threat QB Quinton Flowers on USF's rushing board, but there's no question that Johnson will enter the fall as the No. 1 RB and one of the top options in the passing game. Whether he continues to serve as the primary kick- or punt-return man remains to be seen, but he should put up big numbers regardless. And considering South Florida is one of the top candidates for an undefeated season, it just might be worth your time to look up Johnson's odds of winning the Heisman."
  2. What are the big 3?
  3. I agree. He has that type of speed that will be hard to redshirt. There are likely no teams on our schedule with someone as fast as Smart. He gets a small opening and he's gone.
  4. It's really nice to hear a competent coach speak about USF basketball. I'm looking forward to seeing CG work. The Antigua years were akin to sending a drunk 16yo to Tijuana with 20k and no condoms.
  5. And think my post workout meal had me drunk... I mean Publix... lol
  6. Public... winning hearts, minds, and recruits... lol USF is becoming a destination for these recruits. Back to back coaches that can recruit, but I think what Strong is doing is really impressive. He's getting these guys who are not borderline qualifiers... guys make it to campus and that's important. If were going to fault Taggart's recruiting here that would be where I'd do so. He got a few big time guys who never made it to campus, or they didn't make it past the first season. Charlie is building off a strong foundation. He is constructing a behemoth! With the help of Public that is.
  7. This kid is going to be a big time player. He does a lot of things good on his tape. He understands leverage at the end position, he tries to push everything inside which is what good ends do. He has a really fast spin move and he's a good bull-rusher. Long and rangy and has great athleticism... great get! Charlie Strong is killing it right now. I'm loving these guys. Normally I nitpick with picks... but so far, I'm like "in Charlie we trust." lol
  8. I agree. I'll add a one caveat, last season the defense was so bad because they were always out of position. Woodie didn't know what he was doing, the defense did what it did last season off pure athleticism. They never put 3 quarters together more or less 4. I think the coaching on the defensive side of the ball will be huge. I also agree on the losses of Adams and Mack. Adams was good but there were younger guys more talented, just not ready. As explosive as he was, I think VS, Salomon, McCants, Dukes, Antione, as well as a couple of others are better pure WRs. The same way we saw Adams step up to being the man, I expect others to jump at their opportunity and I think we saw flashes of that in the spring. For this offense, I think Johnson is much better suited than Mack. This is more an inside out game. There will be a lot of between the tackle stuff and Johnson is a better inside runner than Mack was. He has that low pad level and breaks tackles. Also he is the one of the best pass catchers on the team. I think he's poised for a big season. I don't think it's throwing all our apples into one bag, I'm just looking at how he's played in games. Each season he has shown significant improvement and would have been starting for most teams last season, but we had Mack, too. I also don't think Taggart was a huge X and O guy. He didn't want to be. He kept hiring OCs for a reason, he wanted to try and concentrate on the big picture... but he never found an OC who could run his offenses so he called the plays. Gilbert will be in the booth looking down, he'll have a complete picture of the game he's calling. I think the offense can be better and I'm sure the defense will be. Schedule sucks, but win the games we play and we get to get to the place we want to be. Talent wise this team is the best we've ever had. Now they just have to go play like it. This I think they'll do because of the ease in transition. Similar defenses but this one is based on attacking and pressure. I think CJM will have those guys playing out of their minds.
  9. I bet Gilbert found him scouting Carvers RB... They have a 4 star RB who everyone is looking at. Gilbert being a QB/OC probably got wind of him like that. You never know because Charlie recruited Georgia, also. So Gilbert likely has some people there who throw names his way. This was the first thing I thought looking at his tape. I was like he is smooth just like Flowers. He has Flowers'esk similarities. He threw for 2100 yards, 16 TDs, and ZERO ints last season. He ran for 437... this kid is legit. It appears these kids are also committing to the coach... they love them some Charlie Strong. I thought Taggart had some mojo... the way Strong is recruiting is pretty impressive.
  10. Battle is a remarkable athlete. He pitches on the baseball team, plays guard on the basketball team, and starts at QB on the football team. He's an under the radar guy because he doesn't camp. This will be his first year so there are no real valuations on him in terms of how many stars he has... but this kid is a natural. I'll go so far as to say he'll be the guy after Flowers is gone. I really really like this kid. I think after his redshirt year, he could seat whoever the starter is.
  11. 13-0 or bust. That would mean we won the conference championship.
  12. Yup... I think Woodie... wait... I know Woodie was in over his head. He was not capable of making any adjustments. It was crazy...