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  1. The offense is having an off night... but not the defense. I get the panic... but we're up 33-7. It's ugly on offense but that won't be the case every game. What seems to be the case every game is the defense is dominant.
  2. We're a second half team anyway. We've been this way for 2 years now. The defense though... the defense is ridiculously good and I don't think the announcers are pointing out how good they've been all season. They keep focusing on the offense and what they're not doing... w'er a complete team, lets see what we are doing and have been doing.
  3. Observations from first three games

    Would you be surprised if I told you Flowers numbers through the first three games are better this season than last?
  4. Observations from first three games

    A lot of that is defensive coaches defending against Q running. Because he's a threat to run and pass, the secondary has to maintain assignments even when he's on the move. So not a lot of people over committing this year because he is a dual threat. There are three years of tape on Q, it's not going to be as easy unless he's doing what he's doing, getting better. That said, there is no indication he's slowed or that the downfield blocking has gotten worse. His rushing numbers through the first three games this season is better than last seasons. We are actually having more explosive plays this season than last... at least as of beating Illinois. Down field blocking has been excellent.
  5. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 139 seconds  
  6. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    Exactly... now that they're comfortable with what is being asked of them and they know what they have to do, it's starting to look effortless. Hustle plays look effortless... On defense we are swarming and disruptive... the offense to me has found it's groove. The Oline is finally settled and the group has all kinds of chemistry. After watching that game for a second time, I see the offensive line dominated for start to finish. Get the WRs to cleanup the drops and I think the special teams got all of their goofs out of the way. If someone was going to get them, it was going to be in the first 3 games. Now... I honestly don't see anyone beating this team. I think we have the best team in the state of Florida.
  7. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    We've never had a squad like this. Never. All of the old rules are out of the window. I don't see this team losing. This is the most complete USF team we've ever had. They will not lose to a team on our schedule. These kids are winners and nothing seems to shake them. So I don't think they'll lose.
  8. Playcalling

    oops... that one went over me... my bad.
  9. San Diego State

    I think we were supposed to also have MIch State this year... but they bought out that game.
  10. San Diego State

    Primarily the former. But other things happened... Cancelled games that were bought out and postponed games. It wasn't by design, it was by circumstance.
  11. USF's Defensive Turnaround

  12. Playcalling

    The first page of this thread literally has the first reference to it. I'm not going to call anyone specific out... but just a casual read through of the first few pages will answer your question.
  13. Playcalling

    Very true... I remember when the early hiccups with Taggart when he installed the GCO... we started off 1-3. I think we've worked through that now and the guys are ready.