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  1. Football

    Charlie has turned down transfers in the past so I think whatever it was, it wasn't something he thought was detrimental to the team.
  2. All up in Baltimore... nice... this is a great place to recruit. If we can get one of the really good guys out of there, that would be money. Especially Dunbar. Would love to snatch a guy from there. But they play a high level of BBall there.
  3. He's legit. I know a little about him and he can play. I look at him much like I did MVS when he came in from NC State. He was just in a bad place, never diminished from the fact that the kid was, and is still, an excellent QB.
  4. I actually think we might and should sign him. He was actually performing better than Woulard. I don't think you guys know how bad Woulard was at UCLA... I kept telling anyone who would listen he was not good at all. Throws a pretty ball... but not good. I feel differently actually about Allison. He has a level of QB intelligence AW never had. He's played the position longer and quite frankly is a lot better than Woulard ever was. This new offense is a perfect fit for him. That kid can sling it. I hope we get him. I'm not big on transfers but he would be a difference maker. He's better than Kean and Oladokun.
  5. Hey... I'm just glad we ended up with a good coach and from everything I've seen, a better overall coaching staff because Taggart left. I know nobody has played a game but I do know a good team when I see it. It looks like we are poised to be better than last season. Thanks to Taggart for the players but I actually don't care about what he does at Oregon. Love CJL but I didn't root for the Buffs or the 49ers because he was coaching there. I will actually be rooting against him because Oregon is one of my least favorite Pac 12 schools... along with Stanford, Wazzu, Arizona, and Colorado... Taggart coaching there isn't going to change that. But I wish him no ill-will. I thank him actually. He fixed our broken toy and made it better.
  6. One thing I did see is he can put the ball on the floor and has a post game. That already puts him ahead of Guerrero.
  7. Agreed... For USF it's now or never. I feel we've assembled one of the best Athletic Departments we've every had. Success is so many sports... I'm not one for talking about expansion but if we keep an upward trajectory across the boards, we can position ourselves well for the future. I'm just enjoying seeing things go right for a change.
  8. If his past and how he's come in are any indications, this guy may have been a steal for us. I guess in some way I'm grateful Georgia Tech was so shortsighted.
  9. Coach Gregory is putting in work. I have faith in this coach, blind as it may be. I think we got the right guy.
  10. Coach Gregory is just what USF ordered up.
  11. Willie broke that curse already with that 65 point game against cincy... sense then we've actually been pretty good on Thursday nights.
  12. He was no Egbunu buy any stretch. The reason I think he looked as if he was improving was because he started off so bad, anything was better. In three years he had not made any significant improvements. You'd think by the junior year a guy would start to get it. Not all big men are good though. Coaches gamble a lot on them and it doesn't work out. I just don't think Rubin was that good.
  13. He was a nice guy but he sucked. He had no hands, couldn't play with his back to the basket, wasn't that great of a rebounder, average shot blocker at best, and couldn't put the ball on the ground. Also had bad hands. Wish him the best... but he won't be missed at all.