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  1. We're We're going to score over 60...
  2. Likely a blitz every play... it's a signature of the way Strong plays defense and JM basically said there would be pressure from someplace on every play.
  3. Watching the comments and thinking this game will be close is funny. I don't care if we flew to Japan to play them, not enough jet-lag in the world to help them. They are undersized and under talented. Some of ya'll give SJS more credit than their fans and people who cover the team.
  4. I've seen San Jose State play... I don't think you guys have an appreciation for how bad they are. They are not going to be good this year either. This game will be over before halftime for all intents and purposes. I get it, you guys aren't familiar with them... but they are not good. I'd compare them to our 4-8 squad. Actually, that 4-8 squad could beat them.
  5. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    Looks like he's going to be on just about every ESPN show from 9 until 5.
  6. What will it take for Q to win the Heisman

    I'm betting he hits 5k total yards. Think he'll throw for over 30 TDs and run for at least 10...
  7. What will it take for Q to win the Heisman

    Ty Detmer was the last.... may have spelled his name wrong. He won it after Ware did when he was at BYU.
  8. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

  9. Building that wall...

    Some of these kids will be visiting campus as recruits in the future. I like the community outreach and think the school is getting a lot of things right, right now. Harlan is the man...
  10. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    Kid is tough. I would never bet against him. He's the heart and soul of our program right now and he's carrying himself like a champion. Was cool to see him develop as a player, but I'm even more impressed with what he's doing as a young man. Guy obviously loves his daughter and I think everything he's doing, he's doing for her. She's one lucky little girl. I get the feeling he's on a mission. The guy just has that look in his eyes like he's set to conquer the world. He makes me think that we can't lose. He makes me think this team will live up to expectations. Love this guy man... he's f'ing tough and he can flat out ball. Cheers Q... I salute you
  11. Watch List - Summary

    Was told this is the most individual players nominated for awards and the most lists USF players have appeared on.
  12. Ever-improving, deep passing skills

    I think Q is about to shock us all, it that's possible. I think he's about to put of some video game numbers through the air.
  13. I think that's why Strong went after Farrar so badly. Now you can man him up on those big bodied guys. I've seen Farrar in person, he's on the taller side of 6'1, closer to 6'2. Nichols is great and has been great for us. He's the example of a redshirt that used that first year wisely. He's been as solid as any player we've had... but I am excited to see this next generation of DBs come in because I know at least one will be a baller. I'll miss him but the future looks bright at CB. We have some really talented young guys on the roster. I think secondary wise 2018 may actually be a better group. Even with the loss of Nichols, Fullwood, and Abraham.
  14. Oh... in terms of new guys, look out for Farrar at CB. He's a former 4 star guy that didn't like Wazzu... he's out of L.A. and that kid can ball. He's a bigger corner at 6'1 210 and plays really smooth and has a lot of speed. He can also hit... he may be our best corner walking in aside from Nichols. He's great in man to man coverage. I think he'll end up starting as the season progresses. He could end up starting by game 1.
  15. Freshmen wise... I think Kevaughn Dingle is a guy who will make a immediate impact at WR. I know it's one of our most loaded positions but I'm reminded last season we played 10 different WRs in games. I don't think he'll be the primary guy, but based on that kids skill level, speed, and hands I can see it easily. He comes in already built like a college WR and runs great routes. He's a consistent guy who just so happens to be explosive. He was definitely a big get for us and likely the most talented freshman we have. I actually think Salomon is going to have a monster season. Last season he just got his feet wet... now he is up to college game speed, he could have a huge jump that resembles the jump Adams made after his first season with us. Salomon is a better pure WR and I think this offense suits him better than Taggart's did. That kid can flat out play and is a competitor. I think 90% of this class will redshirt, we may see 2 or 3 guys who don't redshirt because of speed... like Smart and Bell... can't teach that kind of speed.