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  1. Calibull

    Duke Transfer

    He's really good, likely our best pass rushing DT and really solid in the run game. He has a first step that's almost impossible to catch up with. No.. he's under 270.
  2. Calibull

    Bowl projections after week 7

    No doubt... but I can see them beating Wake, BC (not an easy task), and Florida. I don't think they will... but it's a crazy year.
  3. Calibull

    Bowl projections after week 7

    It's college football though, stranger things have happened.
  4. With that many young guys and first time starters, I can see why we've had some slow starts and played down. They're getting better though, they're getting their footing and should be ready to make a move. We indeed have a very bright future.
  5. What's cool is it literally doesn't matter what anyone here thinks. Seems like the students have taken to it and to be honest, that's all that matters. It's here to stay... and rightfully so.
  6. Calibull


    I remember a year ago people thinking we'd never have another back as good as Mack anytime soon... well... for those who thought that... wrong. To me Cronkrite might be better. Breaks more tackles, still has explosive speed, and is a good receiver and pass blocker.
  7. No... you're not going to get away with that. I remember when the Soflo uniforms first came out, actually the basketball team wore them first. So nah... can't rewrite history, there was a big overreaction. Everything from it looked like a box of crayons to highlighter. So I call BS on your hyperbole. BS... you're literally dead wrong and just typing to type, because more hated it than liked it. And if you want to split hairs about what 'everybody' is... it was more people who didn't like it than did. So again... NO ... in this either you don't remember, don't know, or just playing ignorant.
  8. Baylor ran it just fine under Briles... there are actually quite a few teams running it... but you knew that. I don't have to run the teams off right?
  9. That's why we're brothers
  10. Calibull

    Houston Game Time

    I'm glad it's later, noon games have me watching football at 9:00 to 10 a.m...
  11. And no statistic, opinion, or prediction ever won a game. If so, we lose Tulsa... in the fourth before that first TD, we stood a 96% chance of losing that game. But we didn't.
  12. I know, didn't mean to be rude or anything... it just gets old sometimes. Ok we get it, there are people who don't think we can win out. There were also people who didn't think we could get to 6-0 either. After a while you get tired of reading the same thing. I get why this team is so resilient, when your own fans dont believe you can do something, it makes it easy to be against the world. But like I said, didn't mean to be rude.
  13. It literally means nothing. It's why we play the games.