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  1. A lot went into the defense collapsing last season including starting a safety at LB. Too many first time starters and guys who just weren't ready to be every down players. I think we're much bigger and stronger up front and we not have a good amount of experience. I feel like they could resemble the 2017 as opposed to what we saw last season. Something to be said when guys get comfortable with what they're doing. I think they'll be some bumps but I think the defense will be formidable. I think in two years they'll be dominant. But next season I'm betting we see them getting better as the season goes on.
  2. I actually think the Defense will be pretty good this season
  3. McDoom had 200 and some change total scrimmage yards at Michigan and 124 during his sophmore year. He wasn't a high profile transfer, I mean to us maybe but he hadn't put up great numbers. If he puts up 500 plus yards it would indeed be a breakout season. I'm not sure if knew his stats or that he wasn't a starter or not... but yeah, he'd definitely be a breakout player because he hadn't really done anything except show flashed prior.
  4. I'm not saying he's not going to put up good numbers. A breakout season though? I mean everyone knows who he is and have he comes into this season with big expectations. He had 5 last season. He played it some in high school and he caught a touchdown out of the slot last season.
  5. Johnny Ford had a breakout season last year. How can he have two? I get it, he may have a better season... but to call it a breakout season is a little ridiculous. Mitch Wilcox? I mean breakout? really? Cronkrite rushed for over 1000 yards last season and broke a single game record. St Felix? I'd say him Mossing people last year a breakout season. Barnett?... maybe, solely because of how we ended the season. The others are legit and from that list I'll take McDoom but cheering for Clerveaux. Watched him on the sidelines during scrimmage and spring game.... he's vocal... he also plays with a serious attitude. He's a guy I can see playing at the next level.
  6. We better hope not because he's not gotten any better in 3 years. I'll just say from everything I heard out of camp, Billy would be better served on the bench.
  7. I don’t think Billy will be a starter. no matter where he’s moved to
  8. I'm cool with being the underdog... we tend to play with a chip on our shoulder when there. I like our chances. I agree.. especially the way we closed out the season Also agree with Temple... they are a 5 or 6 win team this season.
  9. That literally sums up my feelings about Billy. I'm wouldn't be upset if he loses his position, that means the Oline has gotten that much better where a senior starter got beat out by guy who has 2 more years to play.
  10. I think his (Waller) weight and conditioning were something the coaches wanted to get under control because of health and mobility issues. The fact he’s down 20 pounds shows he’s putting in work. You can see how physically imposing and strong the kid is and this is only his redshirt freshman year. Hopple is an imposing guy and he plays with an attitude. He’s every bit of 6’7 320 lbs and he can move. I think he’s going to start this season... nothing against Billy but Hopple is bigger and better. Hopple plays grown man ball and that’s exactly what we need.
  11. John Waller is going to be one of our best run stoppers next season. I think he'll see the field some this season. I watched the plays he was in specifically and while he didn't get a sack, but did get a pressure and read a screen pretty well, he occupies a lot of space and is very strong. He's a huge human... I get the feeling by fall you could see him push for time. He'll be able to hold the middle... I just think it will be a year or so before we see what he's really capable of. A lot like Pork Chop when he was a Bull. I think he's develop into that type of player... I'm high on the kid. Hopple is going to start... Billy is terrible and he looks good. I wouldn't be shocked to see Norman moved to LT and Hopple started at right... Or Hopple may start at left tackle, which he's played before.
  12. It happens a lot in the pros... guys just get overlooked sometimes and never heard from until the pros. Talent is talent... This kid has a lot of talent.
  13. I try to never judge skill positions by their stature anymore. Seen too many fast athletic ballers looking like they should be at the science fair instead of the field. People get caught up too much in metrics and not talent. Being able to move in crowded space big for me also.
  14. Great athletic ability and moves well in crowded space. Catches with his hands and runs crisp routes. He's a guy who got overlooked. I like this kid...
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