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  1. we suuuuuuuuuuck!!! I’m literally over USF football. It’s been too much. Strong needs to be fired. But I don’t actually care anymore. I’m literally done with USF football. They lost a good fan. I’m not wasting any more time worrying about our football team... not even sure I care how basketball does. Sucks... but I'm out
  2. this is ugly... probably not the year. Defense isn’t the problem... but it is..lol
  3. hmmmm not sure I remember us having a cramp problem. Maybe but I don’t recall seeing it. I remember Illinois have a serious with it... Northern Illinois too. Definitely remember Syracuse had a bunch of guys cramp... also Cincy... maybe I just ignored us.
  4. you get props!!! Maaaan... its brutal but if you’re conditioned to it, it’s not so bad but playing out of it can be an advantage too... im pretty sure when I get back my body will appreciate the extra air and Ill be better than fine.
  5. it is... Very real literally me right now!
  6. hey...OT... It’s humid af here! I forgot how this sh@t feels. I was sweating balls working out this morning... and it’s hotter in Southern California than it is here. I was drenches 5 minutes in and it only got worse. I honestly didn’t know if it would affect the game but thought it might... now... yes, the humidity will definitely be a factor. The Bay is wet af... there are some from the board who met me at the San Jose State game and see that I maintain the fitness of a pro athlete... when I say working out in this sucks... my god... it’s brutal if you’re not used to it. Body’s first reaction is to dump water and salt. I was working out at 5:00 a.m. not far from the Stadium. I don’t even know what to say... this will be interesting to see how they deal with it. But I see cramps... and a lot of them. Seriously dehydration will be an issue.
  7. I don’t even care... I’m here with my girl in Wesley Chapel and I’m ready for the game!!! We will be the last east division champion to win a conference title!
  8. would normally be funny... but not here. That's terrible. I feel for the young man. But next man up. Good thing we did get Macon.
  9. We'll let it speak for itself. I think you'll change it again after we beat Wisconsin.
  10. Oh I am right there with you. I think it was nice win but I'm like... meh... we started off 4-0 an finished 5-7. That season was the beginning of a long stretch of misery.
  11. Charlie mentioned as much in the presser. They mentioned when Thaxton arrived, they said he's rusty but has some tools. I think Zebo had an article up or either JK. I know they mentioned him and I wouldn't be shocked to see him play once he's up to speed and in shape. He missed the first half of camp. I think they'll be a lot of guys playing this season. We're really that deep
  12. If we were in a multi star solar system, night may not exist except for the occasional eclipse as a planet blocked out one of the suns lights. But we don't, and it does.
  13. True... we were actually starting to put the hammer down on them when that rain delay saved them. They had no answers for anything that was going on and BJ was having a game. Even then they went out to warmup and left us in the locker room so we were cold coming out of the rain delay.
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