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  1. Calibull

    New kicker!!

    He has made 4 extra points and connected on 2-4 field goals with a long of 39... his true freshman year. To me, he's more solid than anything we have in camp at the kicking position. I watched his workouts he's posted on Youtube and you can see his leg is stronger and he's been working with a kicking coach. I actually expect him to be good, the kid has a leg.
  2. I was trying to play catchup in this and I got lost with that statement, too. lol
  3. Calibull

    BJ Daniels

    I'm on the exact same page as you there.
  4. Calibull

    BJ Daniels

    Athlete... I'd agree to that. But football player and QB... nope. BJ was a great basketball player and who did a lot of things good... that said... he wasn't a better football player than Flowers. He wasn't a better QB. He wasn't faster though. They ran about the same speed. Flowers is just more smooth doing it.
  5. Calibull

    BJ Daniels

    What on earth are you talking about? You are not understanding me. You are talking about **** sholtz.. I don't ever write or mention his name. I don't know why you are unless you're trying to get the emotional support for an argument that is just not true. Daniels redshirted a year and studied under Grothe and then started his redshirt freshman season when Grothe went downs. Flowers played as a true freshman and one could argue that if Taggart had just let him play, he would have been fine. Flowers has put up numbers against both P5 and G5 schools that have been ridiculous. He did it basically creating plays himself. He was just a better player than BJ. BJ didn't and doesn't have Q's instincts... he made bad decisions and really didn't protect the ball. Taggarts offense sucked until he basically allowed Flowers to make plays... so where was all this development? I mean he didn't really start throwing a nice ball until Gilbert tweaked his motion. BJ was good, but he was and is not as good as Flowers. And the AAC teams are just as good as the Big East teams in football. The Big East had more money and an auto bid... that was it. I mean Uconn won the Big East at 8-5 and we sucked the last 4 years we were in that conference. Actually the conference was taking all kinds of hits which is why they plucked the teams out. Many of whom are still not good in football, they are basketball schools. That UCONN team wouldn't have sniffed an AAC title with the current teams. Houston, Memphis, USF, UCF, Temple, and Cincy... are just as good as the Big East was when it was being dominated by WV, Cincy, and Louisville. The respect thing is growing... but yeah... it was just as good if not better now from the middle up. Just as many guys going to the NFL etc... just no auto bid... though we've won basically the same amount of what would be BCS bowl games. I know what I mean and in this one I'm correct. BJ didn't play against greater competition... some of his worst games were against some teams that sucked. Yeah I looked at your SOS... I also know why it was that way. If you're going to mention it... talk about cancelled games. Also go back and look at the teams that were in the Big East and look at our schedule. I'm guessing Ball State, UTEP, FAU, Nevada, Chattanooga, Stoney Brook, Western Kentucky... I mean come on. BJ Daniels would have done exactly what he did... be an athletic guy who's an average QB and good football player. I me
  6. Calibull

    Let's talk about men's bball

    Yeah it would. That would be a huge step. I'll say this, based on the way CBG has operated, if it happened, I wouldn't be at all surprised. I know it's unlikely but I'm all in on it.
  7. Calibull

    Let's talk about men's bball

    and no... I'm not saying any of this with a straight face... unless it actually happens.
  8. Calibull

    Let's talk about men's bball

    I'm talking about regular season. We're going to win 3 in the conference tourney and hit 20 for the season. Then... NIT bid And I'm fully aware that 3 wins in the conference tournament would mean we were in the Semi finals... because that's exactly what's going to happen. 🏀
  9. Calibull

    Craig Watts

    Honestly, I don't think so. I just never thought he was really that good.
  10. Calibull

    Let's talk about men's bball

    NIT this season... bank it! 17 wins🤘
  11. Calibull

    BJ Daniels

    No... I remember his first start when CJL was still coach. He had a big arm... but no... his 40 when he was with the Seahawks was 4.6. He's quick but he was never really fast. I remember BJs entire career... they said he ran a 4.5 in high school... he was a solid 4.6 guy, always was. Coach Taggart never coached Flowers up... he was Taggarts offense. Also... to be honest, the Big East, while a wealthy conference, was not that much tougher than the American. They just had a seat at the table, the teams weren't all that much better. I'd say just look at now the former teams are performing in power conferences. Basketball.... sure... just better and better competition. Football... nah.
  12. Calibull

    BJ Daniels

    I loved BJ but a lot of what you're remember is not true. First he was just as erratic, if not more, passer than Flowers. His numbers were padded by a ton of bubble screens. Also he wasn't as fast... I think maybe you think he ran a 4.3 or something. On his pro day he ran a 4.63 hand time. That was his fastest 40. Flowers ran a 4.63 (same time) at combines on the laser... which is always slower than hand time. B.J. was never faster than Flowers... not sure where you got that from. He did have a stronger arm... but Flowers is just a better football player than BJ was/is. Flowers as a QB in general made better decisions than B.J. I don't think he would have been nearly as productive actually.
  13. Calibull

    Football: better year?

    Yeah.... I do hope they gel right away. If they do, I think they can be a lot better than they were last season. I am of the mind the defense will take a huge step forward this season. I think there is a lot of experience and older guys in key positions... we have a really good mix of youth and experience. We actually have a pretty solid team... guys have played a lot of football.
  14. Calibull

    Football: better year?

    Oline isn't really that big of an unknown. We bring back both tackles and a starting guard. Wiggins is a talented center, raw talent wise he's better than Ruff. The spot to keep an eye on is left guard, Hall's position. I get it... injuries in the spring had the oline thin... but it's a talented group and should be better this season.