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  1. Huge deficits. Dline had 3 first time starters and 2 were true sophs... we had true freshmen in the rotation. LB depth... well we had none. We were using a small safety at LB, Love McGee but he was 5'10 199 on his best day. Yeah... we had major holes. They were a gritty bunch though. They never gave up and the guys that stayed played hard... I think that grit with experience and more talent is a nice mixture. I like where we are legitimately
  2. I mean last year we were looking at Brett Kean and Oladokun coming out of spring ball. We'd just lost 2 DTs to the NFL and 3 guys on the oline. When Barnett won the QB job in 2 weeks basically, I don't think anyone thought we'd win more than 8 games... so a conference title wasn't really talked about. I mean I rode that wave at the start of the season but we had major holes and everyone knew it. We also had an incompetent OC. I mean Strong kept saying it... we aren't that good, but they found a way to win early. Wasn't sustainable.
  3. No you didn't. Not last season, not from me. Two years prior... yes... I thought we'd be average last season but I thought Barnett would light it up... This season I think he'll light it up and we'll be last man standing.
  4. I 100 percent agree. I'm a big time fan boy but this year... it's different. I think this team is different. We hit the sweet spot with coaching hires and use of the transfer portal. We brought back a lot of talent and it looks like for the first time in years we're going into the season healthy (knock on wood). Now we have leadership and experience at every level and the talent is there. We just gotta execute. I think some of our fans will be surprised by the Wisconsin game.
  5. Me to. B2 to Mitch is going to be something to see. The talent level on this team is crazy and I think they're going to get better as the season goes on. But I think we're actually lined up good for a fast impressive start.
  6. I didn't think they set a date until spring when we signed the new deal with ESPN... they announced it wouldn't be a Saturday game but rather a Friday.
  7. I keep saying this team is not the same team as last year. All bets are off... this team is a lot better than last years team.
  8. Larkin was never the starting center and he was a guard. That was also 2 years ago, he quit that summer.. I remember because Ruff started at guard the San Jose game and then they moved him back to center. Larkin was mad because he didn't think he got a fair shot which was ridiculous.
  9. Used to party in Madison. I spent a year living in Menomonie... I dated a girl from UW Eau Claire. State and University... yup... drank an awful lot in Madison... but to be honest the most fun I had was in Lacrosse.
  10. tell that to Gilbert. I actually don't really remember any of our recent coaches being that great with red-zone conversions with the exception of Taggart because of Flowers. Aside from that, I don't really think our OC's mentioned a lot about it. Not that I can recall. Bell was the first coach I heard say his entire red-zone offense changes week to week depending on the foe. We're literally in uncharted waters with this.
  11. the defense was better then. But I remember our offense. Just take a look at our school records. We've been OK... but I expect more now. I'm tired of not playing for anything.
  12. agreed... which is why I'm happy Bell puts a big emphasis on red zone offense.
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