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  1. I didn't ask you that... I like it and that's really all that matters to me.
  2. I'm not sure if you can use the word 'fact' with this statement
  3. People (not you) are acting like we've not been good for the past few years. We beat them one other season, we've been pretty good for a few years now so this doesn't surprise me.
  4. I'm wait and see... but we'll get more money so that's always good. It's crazy people are prematurely trashing it without knowing anything at all about it... except some conjecture which is likely off.
  5. I think we'll go 4-1 but win at Houston. No... fk that... 5-0!
  6. Calibull

    More Impressive Turnaround

    I'd still have to say this team. The 2011-2012 team had played together the season prior, even though they finished with an abysmal record. This team, most of these guys are playing together for the first time. They had to find chemistry on the fly, that is difficult Also, this team has more hustle imo ... but that 2012 team was my favorite team until this seasons.
  7. Calibull

    MBB Postseason Projection

    We're stealing one on the road in Houston.
  8. We have an excellent coach and a team that has continued to get better as the season goes. We've tightened up in most aspects of the game and won this one, as you pointed out, without one of our best players. These guys are accepting their roles and winning how good teams win. Guys step up when they need to but more importantly they seem to understand the flow of the game now. That's been the most impressive thing to me. They adjust in game and go with what's working. They're not forcing it anymore. Gritty well coached team. I like our chances.
  9. Do you Bullieve me now? AAC tournament...
  10. Nobody in all hell would want a class of 25 two stars. That would literally be a shatty recruiting class and the entire staff should be replaced for incompetence. In recruiting terms it's a stupid question because I'd rather have 10 3 stars than 25 2 stars. I'm not sure you understand the ratings...
  11. Makes up for the Charlotte game that got cancelled earlier this season. Will likely draw more people now anyway... also the guys could use the work. +1
  12. The new transfer rules have changed the way many coaches recruit. I didn't like it at first but I do now. It's almost like a waiver wire... except voluntary. There are some pretty good ball players still available for teams with room. This is where I think we can find a real gem.