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  1. I second this comment. McCall needs to be Harlan's no.1 target especially with that Florida resume.
  2. at least we'll be going to the NCAA tourney while ucif prays for a NIT berth. Even if we lost, Tamara Henshaw was the MVP for her impressive toughness. We need to recruit more physical players like her.
  3. Houston 2 years ago begs to differ. Although they did drop one to Uconn. I do agree with your 11-1 prediction. we should still be in contention for the Peach Bowl with one loss.
  4. hmm I kind of like the straight to business approach. The differences between coach Strong and Taggart are starting to show
  5. He's an attention whore and I'd rather not bring that drama to USF. He can follow his "main man" taggart for all I care.
  6. His mugshot is here..
  7. Will Adam's ankle injury hurt his NFL prospects?
  8. Those are some juicy highlights. I really hope he makes it in the pros
  9. Underrated but i'll take it
  10. Well they lost to Pitt so...
  11. I saw a birmingham bowl shirt at Sam's Club yesterday out of all places.
  12. Make that 5 new head coaches for the AAC next year...