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  1. it's okay. Not that many people read the newspaper anymore. Only us die hards keep up with Joey Knight and the times. What really matters is getting local TV recognition. That's what brings the bandwagoners back to 2007 levels
  2. At the 1:09 mark the bottom banner shows Charlie will be on the show this Friday.
  3. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Fennelly strikes again:
  4. Never Again

    I don't see anything wrong with the article. The Orlando Sentinel writes good articles about USF all the time...
  5. the team is absolutely oozing with talent
  6. The New

    Still don't like the lime green colors athletics has been trying to implement
  7. Caption this...

    "You really are as short as they say" "Right back at ya"
  8. We need exposure for QF and the schedule does not help. We have to win out or go on a long enough win streak to get people's attention.

    Coach Gregory is doing such a great job. Future looking bright!
  10. USF press conference 2:30 today

    Local news was streaming the press conference live on Facebook. here it is
  11. Tulsa now a Thursday Game

    Not sure if I like this. Attendance numbers will slide but I guess that's okay if we're getting prime time exposure.
  12. Breaking News

    He has good hands and has similar qualities as D'Ernest
  13. Rod Strickland offered HC position at FAMU

    Ex-Kentucky assistant without HC coaching experience. What's the worst that can happen? Oh wait...