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  1. I had the same thoughts. I could only imagine the meltdown USF fans would have had if that foul with .8 seconds left that sent Collins to the line was called against us if the roles were reversed. Three guys going for the ball and the ref calls a foul. Wow.
  2. Through the years we have had many online battles and have viewed topics differently. Not her. Your comment is spot on. BTW, in regulation and in hindsight how big was the very first Bull’s missed free throw? That one and every subsequent miss counts just as much as the last two. Go Bulls!
  3. Correct. He won't sleep a wink tonight. Go Bulls!
  4. Wouldn't have been there without him. Can't put it on him. Team game.
  5. Collins will remember those misses for the rest of his life.
  6. I didn't see any of the game. After reviewing the box score it looks like after we got punched in the mouth we settled down and responded. Stats, other than shooting percentage were very competitive. Go Bulls!
  7. Bausfkid

    2019 USF Football Schedule

    Hahaha. This is because you are still a prospect. Once you become a client the game changes. congrats.
  8. Bausfkid

    This is funny

    Nah, that’s a BIG step up from ASU, but he has the pedigree.
  9. Bausfkid

    This is funny

    That’s a creative stretch for sure. Hurley will be pointed in the correct direction, back east where hoops matters. To even call it hoops west of the Mississippi is a creative stretch.
  10. Bausfkid

    This is funny

    I missed the part of the tweet where he said the lack of student attendance contributed to the loss. 1% must be acceptable to some as a good turnout. Doesn't seem so to Hurley.
  11. Bausfkid

    This is funny

    Seems like a reasonable observation by Hurley. ASU's student population is listed at 70K+. Less than a 1% turnout isn't good. Sounds like Tempe is the West's answer to Tampa with support. I had more than that show up to watch games on the courts behind the Sundome back in the day.
  12. Wait, you used the words “attorney “ and “truth” in the same sentence? Hahahaha. I needed a good laugh. Thanks much!
  13. The allegations were enough to get him fired. I’m still disappointed Jim would put himself in a situation where others were called in to determine his fate. Judy is the ultimate boss and has final say, but you should have issues with Jim for his poor decision making.