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  1. Ok, thanks for setting me straight on Harlan's responsibilities and our attendance. I'm onboard now. Go Bulls!
  2. I'm terminating a person on my team today for a variety of reasons. One of the big issues is his "average thinking mentality". Upper half of the AAC. Well, we've arrived! Today the entire USFAA should sit back and enjoy the view. Our two biggest donors did not attend USF. Priority 1 is community engagement of a 3M person demo and why we can't get .001% of those entertainment dollars on 6 Saturdays a year. Tampa is an awful fan base and has been since its inception. Got to figure it out.
  3. Ok, subtract the 5K in students from 30K and I missed by 5K. We can't get 25K out of 3M in the surrounding area. This should be Harlan's #1 priority. Terrible with lots of blame to go around. The bet of the year is will the OCS Feasibility Study have more words than we have football attendance?
  4. The surrounding Tampa area is 3M and we can't get 20K. Terrible.
  5. Bausfkid

    Vinik Affect?

    We are not begging.
  6. Bausfkid

    Vinik Affect?

    Good points Mike Stuben. I thought we would see some additional butts in seats at events. I was looking for a big splash, but a few tangible wins in year 1.
  7. Bausfkid

    Vinik Affect?

    I was skeptical of the Sun Dome being named after a beer brand. As I thought, it has not happened. I'd be curious to see what happens in the next few months as we lead up to football. That's a lot of money for no tangible results as we approach the one year mark.
  8. Bausfkid

    Vinik Affect?

    We are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of a ten year deal with the Vinik Media Group. I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of traction at this point. Perhaps JK or even John Lewis could weigh in on what/when can expect more? Go Bulls!
  9. Bausfkid

    Away Game Tickets- Football

    Chicago is a great city and will not disappoint. I hope you get some time to visit pre or post game. Go Bulls!
  10. Bausfkid

    Football: better year?

    4th and 24 was really, really dumb and inexcusable. 11 football players need to make a play.
  11. I think Petrino is a bigger creep based on his body of work. Saban runs a close second.
  12. I stand corrected B3. Saban was the coach who looked into the camera and said he was not going to Alabama. Yes, Wii = quit. My mistake, not sure how that typo happened.
  13. Is that the same Nick Saban that Wii midseason on the Dolphins? Neither UCF nor Nick should proclaim anything.
  14. Bausfkid

    Temple Game 2018

    As a side-note how interesting would this weekend be, if by chance, Q. Flowers makes Cincy's roster as they play at Baltimore on Sunday (Nov. 18th) which is only a 90 minute ride south on 95 from Philly.