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  1. I had to go back and reread my post. As I thought, and as is par for the course we have “word stuffers” responding. No where did I say hire him. He’s got a background and I would sure have a conversation with him. USF in 23 years of football has won nothing of significance. A game here or there that raised an eyebrow, but beyond that nothing. Even the God of Football, AHCJL won nothing here or any where else for that matter. Keep things in perspective. Perhaps a radical departure is what’s needed here.
  2. If you missed Tuesday today is your mak up day.
  3. He would be a solid choice based on his football acumen, recruiting chops and he knows how to win.
  4. Hey, dummy, the list is in alphabetical order. No wonder we can’t get $50 to start digging a hole for an IPD.
  5. Tough to come up with an answer for why USF when you exclaimed countless times that FSU is your dream job.
  6. On TBP there is a button to donate. USF AA is on their site.
  7. He grew up in Pinellas Park and went to Dixie Hollins. His mom still lives there. Trolling USF? You’ve been listening/watching to much leftest media.
  8. Giving Tuesday is upon us. Today I made a donation to the TBP, USF Alumni Association and WBB. Today is the day. Every bit counts. Forgo the latte today and make the donation instead. Go Bulls!
  9. Now that football is over and our focus shifts to hoops I wanted to again toss my offer out to the group. Thanks to those who have already reached out. Some games are already spoken for, but if you'd like to see a game let me know. Go Bulls!
  10. Outstanding! Hope the rest do as well.
  11. Great opportunity to give tomorrow. Go Bulls!
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