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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. Bausfkid

    Flowers' First Carry

    Has seen no action tonight vs Cowboys.
  2. Bausfkid

    Season Tickets?

    So you're an actual attendance person? Good to know.
  3. Bausfkid

    UCF - Best Team in FL (CBS Sports)

    Hahaha. So you mean the QB reads the D and reacts. Man, thanks for the football lesson. Mensa just called looking for you. Told them you were playing Madden.
  4. Bausfkid

    UCF - Best Team in FL (CBS Sports)

    This ranks right up there with the reason we lost was humidity. Dumb. They won all their games last year (13 - 0). They were the best team in the state of FL last year and should start off as the best team in the state this year. It's ok to say it. The world will continue to turn.
  5. Bausfkid

    UCF - Best Team in FL (CBS Sports)

    Because we Bull fans are obsessed with all things UCF. Instead of shooting higher, we shoot lower. Never understood it, but it's who we are.
  6. Bausfkid

    UCF - Best Team in FL (CBS Sports)

    It's hard to argue they are not the best team in the state based on last year's result. If FAU beats them then they beat them. Doesn't mean anything for the AAC title.
  7. Bausfkid

    QB battle narrowed to two??

    My hunch is all 3 may see playing time vs Elon.
  8. I'm not sure people in NJ and NY understand there is life outside the Hudson River. I don't hold them to a very high standard. Except you of course.
  9. Just make a decision and go with it. Clarity in branding is a must.
  10. Bausfkid

    2018 FanFest

    If we had an OCS they would have to shut N. Tampa down. Attendance would be HUUUUGE.
  11. A 0 - 0 tie in soccer? Shocking!
  12. I can honestly say I've NEVER in my life spilled mustard on my shirt. Beer, yes. Maybe a USF bib? They're pricey, but may work.
  13. That shirt is timeless and very high quality. If taken care of it will last 10 year's. $15.00 a year seem like a good return. Go Bulls!
  14. I'm always amazed at the irony of people looking for cheap. From gear to seats to fees. However, when it comes to an OCS cheap will not do. Amazing how when it's "my money" I'm fiscally responsible. Go Bulls!