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  1. Used to play the 49th Street Mining Company and Clancy's. Outstanding! Billings still plays. Saw him at Cuso's on the beach not to long ago.
  2. Bausfkid

    Fire Skip Ho.. *cough* CCS

    These are same uneducated fans who wanted CSH terminated because he won basketball games 49 - 43. The same idiots that scream go for it on 4th and 8 from your own 22 on TBE first series. Dumb!
  3. Bausfkid

    Matt Baker's Worst Nightmare

    Baker values close losses vs wins. That tells me all I need to know about him. His vote should be removed. Dumb!
  4. Bausfkid


    It amazes me how people on this board beat other people up for their lack of attendance, but they quit on the team when the game is still going on. Fans? C'mon man.
  5. Glad this team didn't quit like the fans. Go Bulls!
  6. The HOT band was playing and they were set up outside the Marshall Center. It was really cool.
  7. Live remote on MSNBC talking about getting out to vote. Great to see the USF logos splashed all over the screen. Great branding opportunity. Go Bulls!
  8. Bulls 38 - 31 Cronk St Felix 470
  9. If you hate the UF reference you would really hate being called the Bulldogs in the local paper this morning. Twice no less. Who cares. It was a historical night and was fun, fun, fun. Now off the Basketball HOF. Go Bulls!
  10. Cronk was gracious enough to take a few pics post game with my girls. What a night! Go Bulls!
  11. Bausfkid

    Bulls Fans at UMass

    Beta represented! Go Bulls!