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  1. Bausfkid

    For you Tom Jones haters

    That's a thing of the past with the internet. "Dealer prep" always solicits the comment from me, "Thanks, I'll drive it around front myself". They are harmless now.
  2. Bausfkid

    For you Tom Jones haters

    Objectivity and Jornalists should never be comingled. I rank journalist right up there with attorneys, real estate agents, insurance agents and convicted felons as scourge of the earth. Go Bulls!
  3. Bausfkid

    Gator game is now

    ND crashing the P5 Playoff is a disruptor and change will now happen much quicker. It amazes me how quick P5 ADs are quick to move when their conference is viewed as "marginal". Hahahahahahahaha. I don't like ND, but them making the playoff every year is a great thing for the masses. Go Bulls!
  4. Bausfkid

    USF Bull Statue?

    Yep, this is the one. Thanks.
  5. Bausfkid

    USF Bull Statue?

    Thanks Brad. Not the one I'm looking for. I'll keep trying.
  6. I've looked high and low for the USF Bull's statue. I believe it was done by an artist named Tom Wolfe. I can't find one online. Any help would be appreciated. Go Bulls!
  7. Bausfkid

    USF player in Jail

    Except if he hit you or a family member and hurt them then you'd seek financial retribution.
  8. They are microcosm of the AAC. It's been a great breeding ground for coaches on bigger stages.
  9. What an enviable spot to be in. If CCS takes blame he's awful and if he doesn't he's awful. Perhaps our "fans" weren't prepared for the season. Go Bulls!
  10. Bausfkid

    AAC Not Even a Mention

    The NCAA took another swat at the AAC by pitting UCF and LSU in AZ. They wanted no part of UCF smashing UF just 300 Miles from Gainesville.
  11. CCS likes the gold helmets. No change.
  12. A few more games are spoken for to this point. Go Bulls!
  13. Bausfkid

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I’m just shocked to hear the nothing to play for mantra from you. You’ve referenced you coach and have a kid that plays a decent level of hoops. Life is about going all out no matter the opponent or the circumstances. The nothing to play for mentality is a loser to me. A very small few who have everything to lose with a lucrative pro career in the wings so I get skipping the bowl. For most it’s about competition.
  14. Bausfkid

    Gasparilla Bowl

    We have nothing to play for. Just get the swag and leave.