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  1. What would you like addressed? He was terminated. Ten years ago.
  2. History can always be interpreted. He should have never walked so close to the edge to slip.
  3. He was terminated. Maybe USF could have a promotional theme with terminated coaches? Heath, COA and Jim. It may put butts in seats.
  4. Everyone play hard and may no one get hurt. Go Bulls!
  5. Now we are agreeing B3. My grandmother before she passed always said, “getting old ain’t for wimps”. Now it’s another family member. Thanks for the kind words Brad. One day at a time.
  6. It’s a good question. I absolutely would have gone, but I’m dealing with a very ill (terminal) relative and that’s why I’m in town. The games were an add on. I’m making frequent trips here that are not good or fun. Today was dealing with issues and family with zero time for anything else trip.
  7. When my 5th grader (girls) consistently play from March to June in front of 300-400 on the AAU circuit it’s embarrassing we can’t get 5K to watch a solid team in an OCA. People still think we should build an OCS for football. Emotion far outweighs logic. Go Bulls (oh wait, even this is ********)
  8. Hardly. I was at the Women’s Final Four and keeping an eye on the Bull’s game. I’m super happy they won. I’m sure you were there to greet the team with the other 14 or so fans. Why is it so hard to understand this tournament was third rate? Attendance and interest certainly spoke volumes. Are they on their way up? Yes, I think so. Will attendance improve? History says no. Go Bulls!
  9. Watch out. You’re very close to hating USF and not a true fan. This a GREAT accomplishment and should help propel us into the Final Four if the NCAA Tournament next you. Anything less would be a failure. Heck, we may even get 3K to show up for games once or twice next year based on this year’s championship. Go Bulls!
  10. If you guys are cool with a cut rate tourney and 1,800 showing up I'm cool with it. On a different note, the city of Tampa and it's population does not support USF thru athletics. I'm not blaming anyone, just making a factual observation. Here's another fact, "Go Bulls"!
  11. Ok, then I'm good with 1,800 attending. Thanks for setting me straight. Forget that DePaul's student population is half of Usf. Go Bulls!
  12. Yes, that was me. I don't think it does much for us. It's a third world tourney. Did I watch, yep, because I love USF. As I said in an earlier post the leadership at USFAA knows far more than I do. Nothing more than my opinion. This team has far, far exceeded anyone's expectations and they should be supported by our fan base. The fact that only 2,500 people showed up last night is a total embarrassment. I've been very critical of the Tampa area and the lack of support for a university that has such a massive financial impact on it. Heck, my 5th daughter's AAU team played in a Championship game last weekend and I would estimate the crowd around the court to be 400 or so. BTW, someone in an earlier post questioned or commented on my "Go Bulls" as my sign off. Go back and do some investigation of any of my posts. The vast majority have "Go Bulls" as my sign-off. The ability to not fill a 10K OCA shows exactly why we don't have an OCS and why one will not be built until we consistently put at least 40K in Ray Jay no matter the opponent. Go Bulls!
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