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Postgame Leavitt - "That is a good win"


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Courtesy GoUSFBulls.com

USF Head Coach Jim Leavitt

“That is a good win. That is an understatement. We had guys battle. I’m so proud of them. I was frustrated with how they were moving the ball on us in the second quarter. We missed the one field goal. What made me mad was they had a pace going with their offense.  We weren’t disrupting it any. That was disappointing. But at 20-10, I knew it was going to be a heck of a ball game. I knew it could be if we could begin to move the ball. Our offense had to really get in there and move the ball on their defense, which is not easy. I think that Greg Gregory and the offensive coaches did an outstanding job. Matt had a great game. He threw extremely well. Our offensive line protected well, and the receivers made some really key catches. In our kicking game, we were offsides too many times on kickoffs. The coverage was pretty good. Delbert I thought did some really good things. There weren’t any big punt returns. Our kickoff returns we need to work on. Maikon, to came in and drill that kick. I did think about moving the ball forward some more, but I thought, well, we got the ball now we have to try and win the game. I knew that if he hit the ball right that would be the deal. We just put it in there, and I told them I wanted a timeout with two seconds left. Maikon went in there a hit a good kick. That was something we really needed. Mark Mangino is a great friend of mine. We had a chance to talk at length before the game. What he has done with that program is remarkable. We beat a very, very good football team tonight. They won the Orange Bowl last year, and beat Virginia Tech. They rolled the first two teams they played.  They are an outstanding team. Their quarterback is as good as I have seen.     

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