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I have to get some sleep so my golf game isn't like our first quarter today (long and ugly).

Can I get a show of hands about who thought we would be better without Amarri?

Is Courtney Denson the replacement you had in mind? Anyone think AJ's leadership was missing tonight?

Anyone notice that Edwards (who has been ugly catching punts all year) dropped a punt, and doesn't have nearly the explosiveness that Amarri has?

Sorry, but we needed Amarri tonight, he would have been the difference it that game.

I also wanted to bump the "how to carry the football" thread. Mods, can you unlock that one?

Not trying to be fecisious here, but two weeks ago, it was Amarri's PI, Delbert, and Refs. Last week, Gregory, Jenks, and Delbert. This week, it's all Grothe? Injuries are killing us. Huners and Walker on the line. Amarri, TJ, and Erskin. Gregory isn't helping the situation because he doesn't play to anyone's stregths.

Grothe is a **** of a QB, get off your high horses, and realize that sometimes we get what we ask for (see Amarri injury), and the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.

But, by all means, don't let me deter the anger. If you all could work it out, maybe you can turn us in to FSU or UM where we don't know who our QB is on a week to week basis. It has worked out so well for them.

I hope Walker, TJ, and Amarri get well soon. We desperately need them.

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