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This win equals recognition

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I have been driving around Central Florida since the game(Tampa Bay to Orlando) and work in Birmingham, Pittsburgh, and about 15 other places and have noticed a trend this week.

This win has given USF real recognition for the first time IMO all over the country. In the past people would say you guys beat WVU or UL followed up by Dante went there didn't he. More recently it was you guys are the ones that had a big fight with UM right? They knew that USF was USF but tried to give us credit for the other schools in the state.

That has all changed this week and this is what I have witnessed:

In the Tampa Bay area on Sunday while wearing my Bulls stuff every place I went someone said go Bulls or great game last night and then most spoke for a while about the season and beating WVU this year at home.

In Orlando I was on a job site with about 40 people and they saw my USF plate and some (about 15-20) came over and started talking at length about the game and the current players on the Bulls. These guys were CFB fans and knew most of the guys on our defense and knew our schedule this year.

I have received calls and e-mails form all my job sites with congratulations and also a lot of detail about the team and the University. Many were not aware of the size of the school. I have also been getting a lot of where did you play before you guys were able to play at RJS or what did you do with your on campus stadium when you got a chance to move to RJS. A lot of people seemed shocked that we do not have a stadium and would want to move to a campus stadium from RJS. This seems to be a bigger issue in towns with no NFL team; some have said they have never been in an NFL stadium and would love to come down to see Bulls play.

I have called some people this week around the country and when the topic of where I live comes up I get a did you go to USF? and then the game comes up. This has happened about 60% of the time this week and mostly with in Texas, Alabama, and NC.

All in all I am just stunned how much this win has had an impact on the National image of USF and can only see it improving with the rest of the season.

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