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Couple notes/thoughts

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Congrats on the win...

Grothe is going to be a great QB for you guys.  He has the accuracy and the quickness.

I still think that on paper, this was the year that UCF had the best shot at taking you guys out.  Our quarterback didn't show up to play, and our defense...while they looked better than in previous weeks, were still befuddled.  USF wasn't doing anything that was rocket science.  It was either a screen pass, a short pass over the middle, or a QB draw.  The worst is knowing what's coming and you can't stop it.  Not sure if that's a personnel issue or coaching issue.  I hope for our team's sake...they figure it out.

I didn't notice it last year, but I did notice it this year...your band was awesome.  It kicked the crap out of ours.  Sorry to all the current and former Marching Knights I know, but it was the truth.  The enthusiasm was there, while the Marching Knights were in a coma.  We need to get out act together on-and-off the field.

I saw that USF returned 2k tickets back to UCF, and I thought that was too good to be true.  Turns out that it was...because you guys had just as many Bulls fans here than we had Knights fans at the Ray-Jay last year.

Sure, I didn't like the outcome of this game, but after witnessing two of these games with the atmosphere and the hype surrounding it....there needs to be a permanent rivalry.  Let's face it...for both of our programs right now, games that feel like traditional college football games are few and far between.  When USF plays some of the bigger name opponents you get that...as it is with us.  Today is about as close as you can get...and it felt like a true rivalry game.  We've been through the pros and cons of this in other threads before tonight, but I just wanted to echo that it was a great atmosphere out there.

I know people (sadly) that threw eggs at USF fans today.  While there are idiots that are fans of every program, I apologize for the BS.  See you next year.


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Matt, great post.  Thank for showing up and giving us the props we deserve.  

As you said, there are idiots at every game on both sides.  99.9%  of UCF fans were cool, though, and aside from having to park in the ghetto I had no problems yesterday.

Great game,


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