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29 days to go: Stupid exercise #2

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There are always a couple games that are surprises, so come up with two games that you think will not go as planned and explain why. Here are mine:

#1: USF beats WVU

I think that the Bulls have it in them to shut down the WVU running attack because thier passing game is weak and no team can afford to be one dimentional against tat B U L L S  D E F E N S E. The USF QB and RB situations should be set by that point and CJL will discover a way to kill Rodriguez' offense. All he has to do is watch how others are stopping ours and apply a heavy dose of Florida speed to Slaton and White.

#2 USF loses to Rutgers

Rutgers is a better team than we suspect. They are a mature group and many will be looking to make a semi-homecoming and will play thier best game of the year. You can bet we dont get 6 turnovers again.

just my opinion of possible (even if improbable) surprises.

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WVU will be tough to beat in Morgantown in November.  Those fans will be rabid.  That has to be one of the toughest places to play in all of college football.  I know they always played V Tech tough there at home.

I kind of agree with you about Rutgers.  They are no joke.  I put UCF into this type of scary game.  I think we'll win, but it will be close.

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Guest Sprtsfn627

We actually had more first downs than West Viriginia last year.  We just have to stop Pat White, we can't let him run all over us again.

Pitt, Rutgers, UConn, and Cincy will all be tougher teams.  I think we're a tougher team as well, but we have to take each game serious.

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I was just thinking about the West Virginia game the other night. I think it all lies on their offensive line. I think it's absurd that they can run all over everyone with no passing game to speak of and it's only a matter of time before someone shuts them down completely. I think we can beat them if we've got some momentum, but if we're out of it they'll take us in a walk...kind of like Pitt two years ago.

If we can win some on the road and take care of business at home we'll be just fine. Having a solid defense should prove to be a real luxury.

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