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  1. There was a day..... When USF football was new and exciting....... When thebullspen was irreverent and fun but always hopeful..... When college football was more about football than image and money .... When we had more in common .... We had less family obligations .... We had more hope for the future...... There will be another day and a new hope .....
  2. Now that the Big East is dead and dreams of a lucrative television deal with it, how is the $35 million Sun Dome makeover going to pay for itself? Rent it out for birthday parties. Search for an upcoming televangalist to lease it to for Sundays. Trampolines: Jump in the Sun Aftercare facility. 3000 3-7 graders hooping and hollering. Car shows every 3rd Saturday Battle of the Bands Venue Any ideas?
  3. Can we use these as a floatation device to keep our spirits afloat until USF can find another conference home?
  4. This is a reverse case of its always darkest before the dawn. One last brightspot before being cast into obscurity and categorized as "also rans" and "never was."
  5. I guess "There's a lot of things that I can do that I wasn't able to show ....... because of the team that I was on and the talent surrounding me." I hope someday he finds enough talent to surround himself with so he can really show how he is a great basketball player.
  6. Watch the way the kid hits the holes. No delay, just quick descisions and powers through them. He runs strong and can pick up speed when needed. He is outrunning safeties with pursuit angles in this video. Watch at 1:13 when he pancakes the defender with a stiff arm. I am a huge fan already. Great pick up.
  7. I am very excited about CWT but there are many things that go wrong. He doesn't have a winning record as a head coach. He did some good things at WKU but he was in his comfort zone in a much weaker conference. He has enthusiasm and work ethic on his side, but then again so did CJL and he maxed out without winning any titles of any kind. Who could out work/enthusiasm CJL? His offensive scheme is going to require a great defensive effort in this era of throw, throw and throw some more. It seems like college football is becoming a game of the first one to 50 wins. Running the ball will require some big linemen, some quality running backs and a good defense that can keep the opponents score within reach. Recruiting is said to be his strong suit, but at what level? He is going to need better athletes than he did at WKU. The caliber of athletes are going to be considering UF, Alabama and FSU not Youngstown State, ECU and Marshall. It is going to e a step up, but I think he will do infinitely better than CSH. His biggest challenge will be to reintroduce the USF fan-base to the TE position. He should call Trevor Hypolite in to give us a brush up. Go Bulls! I am on the Taggart bus!
  8. Want a radical line of thought? I think he should get a gold star for extending Skip. What if he saw this fiasco coming and wanted to lock up the best C-USA coach out there. Our hiring and recruiting are taking enormous blows right now. Just as DW said the extension gives us stability going forward. Just a different perspective.
  9. Why is it that the same dozen guys are having the same 4 conversations? Have they discouraged all new member content? It seems that the more things change the more they stay the same. Go Bulls!
  10. What I know is that I am so disappointed inthe progress we have seen since Skip got here that I have to question his ability. I think we are just about (1/2 step back) where we were when he got here but that 1/2 step is a crucial one. His OC his terrible, no argument. His se secondary coach is terrible. His defense waits flatfooted for the ball carriers to come to them. He recruits C-USA guys. His teams plays uninspired, but they do play until the final whistle and having said all that, I still thinks he deserves 2 more years until he hears his final whistle. The program is filling out everywhere else but on the field and with a sense of urgency I thnk he can take the next step.
  11. Super! Missed you and thought of you often worried that the time on the bucket brigade might have affected your health. Sorry about the football team. Not fair. Softball was a great series but even better to hear from a respected rival.
  12. Thanks to all the people that came out last night on such short notice. Lets doo it again on Friday!
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