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  1. The Muma Basketball Center: Don't fault reporters who point out obvious facts concerning USF men's BB. I haven't stooped to paying for tickets in two years because I go to sports games to be entertained and have fun not to be depressed due to the complete suckage on the hard court. Once they get their collective **** together, I'll be back but not until then.
  2. You're wrong, Mr. two or four seater. Money greases the skids to move things that otherwise won't move because I have eight seats that I want to begin in an aisle. I'm tired of having to explain things to someone as thick and dense as you appear to be. Now run along and browbeat others with your stupidity.
  3. You still fail to listen to what anyone says as you're stuck in the mud of your own arrogance and ignorance. I would just prefer that you stay away from and stop responding to what little I post anymore on this site. Your constant stalking of my posts makes you appear unstable...........you might need professional help.
  4. Nope, when you want eight tickets in a row with the end being the start, you've got to sometimes take seat locations you might not necessarily prefer. You also sometimes want to stay in the same location because you know all the people around you. Last season (not as much) and the season before, it was like a ghost town around my seats. I hung up in the club section for a long time even though I could have relocated because I liked the people around me. But you seem to think you know every machination and iteration of everyone's decisions and what they actually contribute. Your arrogance is preceded only by your ignorance in the assumption that you know all. You're a bad Great Carnac because there is no humor to counter the ridiculousness of your poorly founded opinions.
  5. I was donating more than $3200/yr and now I am donating more. Do you think you're the Great Carnac or something?
  6. Retained my 8 seats and upped my donor level to get at the 50 yd line. Still don't like Taggart as a HC but I love my alma mater.
  7. My USF donation is corporate and tickets are in the corporations name. Can't agree with your take above.
  8. Lurking and stalking.........I'm unsurprised that TB continues to make this a personal war. A lack of couth is not a positive trait TB and you seem to want to direct vitriol in my direction at any and all opportunities. I worry for your health and well-being and hope you'll try and be a little more even handed and less harpy than in years past. It will benefit you immensely. Good day and good health to you in the New Year and beyond!!
  9. When that prediction was provided, he absolutely....positively, had one foot out the door. You can believe me or not, but those are facts. He finished the regular season on a positive trend and then the defense and offense devolved into the same sand-lot game we saw at the beginning of the season in their bowl game. I was there and watched the whole thing unfold. With that said, we certainly have more indications, through recent history, that the glowing results some of you expect may not come. Does that mean I want him to fail, HELL NO, I am a USF Bull first and foremost, but that also means I value the university, its students, its alumni, the donors, and even the fans well above highly paid coaches and administrators!! I hope he succeeds (and touches the moon...not literally chaps) so that no one can second guess Harlan's decision (yeah, that includes me too!!) to extend Willie while he had two full years on the current contract. We may disagree on the best path forward but I do believe we all have the best interests of USF and USF Athletics when we discuss things on this board.
  10. And when next season happens, I assume you believe that the Taggart fans will be doing no scrambling? I hope your prognostication abilities are spot on but I can tell you from experience that NO ONE knows how next season will shake out. My prediction, which should be weighted just as heavily as the Taggart fans, is that it will look similar to Willie's 2nd year and not his 3rd.
  11. And again, taking it to a personal level. Keep up your great moderating.........you're doing such an outstanding job drawing USF athletic fans to TBP
  12. Always taking things to a personal level...........it's the Triple B way. Great moderation there moderator.
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