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  1. first down, run lef. second, run right. third, sneak. punt.........
  2. usually by ucf trolls who love to mention ucf but pose as usf fans.
  3. Looks like only 1 airing per week. Thursday's at 3 on sunshine, and not on bye weeks.
  4. Checked tv guide on bright house. Does he still do this show? When and what channel?
  5. thanks. On an ipad so flash not working. Not sure where I can hear or see this game. Ugh.
  6. Coaches polls are stupid. They just pimp their conferences and respective teams throughout the season.
  7. If you were contributing any of the money towards the "millions" someone might take your post seriously. But since you don't support your alma mater in any financial capacity, and just hit the message board to complain, we have to ask "who cares"? You want it fixed, try helping in some capacity.
  8. I thought last year's 3-9 season was our low. This year, and today in particular, represent the new low. Only thing worse would be an 0-12 season next year and a loss to UCF. I predict we win at least half our games next year and get back to bowling. CWT will out recruit UCF this year and most if not all other AAC teams. 2 years from now, that talent will be playing and doing the rigth things.
  9. I started drinking right after Thanksgiving dinner. Figured I'd beat the crowd that way.
  10. Seriously? UCF is no better than us overall, just better this season. They will probably win the conference and go to a BCS bowl game, but they did have a decade advantage on us. UF, FSU, Um have shown in the past that a few years of recruiting and a decent coach can change things. Yes, we have a lot of work to go. And it may take a few seasons to dig out, but it is not only feasible it will most likely happen if we have the right leader. Ups and Downs, no team remains up the entire time, ever, in any sport. Just ask the Yankees.
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